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Mongodb-why does php insert integer 8 into mongo and convert it to numberint (8 )?

Php uses the update method in the mongo driver to insert 8 data into an integer array (the array is like this, list: [, 4]) and converts it to numberlong (8 ). Converting 8 to the two classes defined in the driver: Optional int32 and optional int64

Functions of fread in MATLAB

Help freadFread read binary data from file.A = fread (FID) reads binary data from the specified fileAnd writes it into matrix A. FID is an integer FileIdentifier obtained from fopen. MATLAB reads the entireFile and positions the file pointer at the

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        Source code, reverse code, and supplemental code. Original code representation (the highest bit is used as the symbol bit, 0 indicates a positive number, and 1 indicates a negative number): Reverse code representation (a negative

Remote Installation of Linux

I. Introduction Generally, we use a soft drive or an optical drive to guide Linux and then install Linux through a local optical drive. However, this installation method is not applicable in the following situations: No drive and drive: many

Network installation, configuration, and debugging in linux

Article title: network installation, configuration, and debugging in linux. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and

The bitmap of massive data processing

There is a scenario in which a common pc,2g memory requires processing an unsigned int integer containing 4 billion duplicates and no order, giving an integer that asks if the integer is quickly judged to be in the file 4 billion data? Problem

How to remotely install Linux

How to remotely install Linux-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information is as follows. How to remotely install Linux -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Transfer) Generally, we

[Turn] The bitmap of the idea of mass data solution

I. OverviewThis article will describe the related principles of the BIT-MAP algorithm, bit-map some of the application scenarios of the algorithm, such as bitmap to solve the massive data to find duplicates, to determine whether individual elements

WebSocket Summary of Python implementations--wspy

Prior to the PHP version of the WebSocket package, see websocket--php Combat, the recent use of Python to do some functions, need to use the websocket operation, so, referring to the previous implementation, the implementation of this Python version.

Array in PHP

The array in PHP is an ordered ing (1-to-1 relation key-value ). Array is a combination of arrays, dictionaries, and collections. The key can be int or string. Value can be of any type. The key is forcibly converted as follows: 1. A string integer

Wireshark Filter Syntax

Filter Syntax-------------------------------------------------------------The simplest filter allows you to check the existence of a protocol or a field. If you want to see all the packets that use the IP protocol, the filter is "IP" (without the

Reference in PHP4 and PHP5 &

Reference & amp; in PHP4 and PHP5 is reprinted from PHP in Chongqing. The original article address is operator (& amp ;), the reference in PHP means to access the content of the same variable with

Java generic summary and Application

Java generic summary and ApplicationIntroduction: Before JDK1.5, When you store data into a set, you need to determine whether the type is valid. If you know that you are defining the String type, while you save an Integer data, compilation is

Python Standard library notes (6)-struct module

The function of this module is to complete the conversion between Python values and the Python string form of the C language structure. This can be used to process binary data stored in a file or from a network connection, as well as other data

The struct of Python

A struct is a built-in module in Python used to convert between a struct in C and a string in Python, typically from a file or network 1. function(1) Convert Python data to a string in the specified format (the string is a byte stream)(2)

File operations in Python in a small note

Simple to open the head, recently in the study of Python, want to make a simple note, so wrote this articleFirst of all, say that there are many modules in Python, divided into the system and the external, here I will briefly introduce about the

Python read-write Protobuf

0. Pre-preparation Official PROTOBUF definition Usage Guide article/details/6906459 installing Python

Python uses struct to process binary (pack and unpack usage)

Reprinted from: article is very well written, so shameless turn.Sometimes it is necessary to use Python to process binary data, for example, access to files, socket operation. At this

The correspondence between C # data types and SQL and the range of values

Short Name . NET Class Type Width Range (BITS) SQL Datatype (Closest Match) Constraint to use (if needed in table definition) Byte Byte Unsigned integer 8 0 to 255 tinyint

Common classes required in Java (very practical), java is very practical

Common classes required in Java (very practical), java is very practicalCommon classes that must be understood in Java I. Packaging classes I believe that you are familiar with basic data types, such as int, float, double, boolean, and char. Basic

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