interprocess communication sockets

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Introduction to several ways of IPC for Linux interprocess communication __linux

the source of Linux process communication The process communication method under Linux is basically inherited from the process communication means on UNIX platform. The two main at&t that make a significant contribution to the development of UNIX

Linux interprocess communication: Pipelines, semaphores, message queues, signals, shared memory, sockets

The process communication methods under Linux are basically inherited from the process communication methods on the UNIX platform. And the two main at& that make a major contribution to the development of UnixT's Bell Labs and BSD (UC Berkeley's

Running (zssure): ipc=inter-process Communication, interprocess Communication Learning Note (i)

Preface:Blog articles want to organize the logical, easy to follow their own review study and communicate with you. I don't know if you feel the same way? Sometimes busy all day, search for all kinds of information, sometimes ecstatic, sometimes

Deep understanding of Linux interprocess communication __linux

deep understanding of Linux interprocess communication (IPC) 0. Preface 1. Pipeline 1.1. Pipeline overview and related API application 1.2. Well-known pipeline overview and related API application 1.3. Summary 1.4. Reference materials 2. Signal (ON)

Linux interprocess communication-datagram socket sockets (), bind (), sendto (), Recvfrom (), Close ()

Previous article, Linux interprocess communication--using flow sockets to introduce some basic content about sockets (sockets), and to explain the use of the flow sockets, this article will tell you, the use of datagram sockets.a simple review-what

interprocess communication (10)-Network sockets socket

1. PrefaceAll examples of this post are based on the RHEL6.5 platform (Linux kernal:2.6.32-431.el6.i686).2. Inter-process communication in the networkThere are many kinds of local interprocess communication (IPC) methods, summed up, presumably can

Linux interprocess communication (IPC)

I. Overview of inter-process communicationprocess Communication has for example some of the following purposes:A, transfer data: A process needs to send its data to another process. The amount of data sent is between one byte and a few m bytesB,

11. Process relations and interprocess communication

11.1. The 5 states of the process state and system function and process relationship (1) process; Ready state-The process is currently all running conditions ready, as long as the CPU time to be able to run directly, run state-ready state when the

Linux interprocess communication-sockets

Six. Socket (socket) Socket is also an inter-process communication mechanism, but its main difference from other communication methods is that it can achieve process communication between different hosts. a set of interfaces can be seen as the

Windows interprocess communication (bottom)

VI. Dynamic Data exchangeDynamic Data Exchange (DDE) is an inter-process communication form that uses data exchange between applications that exist within a share. Applications can use DDE for one-time data transfer, or they can dynamically exchange

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