inverse netmask

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How to handle the IP address and subnet mask in PHP

The Ip2long IP address is converted to an integer type.Long2ip integer data is converted to IP. The subnet mask is converted to a mask length mode:$slash _notation = strlen (Preg_replace ("/0/", "", Decbin (Ip2long ($subnet _mask)));$bits =strpos

IP address and subnet division

What is an IP address?We know that the Internet is a general term for a communication network composed of computer connections all over the world. When two computers connected to a network communicate with each other, some additional information is

NAT (Network address translation) implementation

NAT Basic Description:Network Address translation (Nat,network addressing translation) is an Access wide area network (WAN) technology. is a conversion technology that converts a private (reserved) address into a legitimate IP address, which is

IP address partitioning type and subnetting

In the actual network environment, depending on the size of the network, the number of hosts in the network is different, the IP address is divided into A,b,c 3 for different sizes of the network, and the IP address is a 32-bit dotted decimal

Linux Network Configuration Miscellaneous ifcfg View Linux Routing entries[[email protected] ~]# route -nKernel IP routing tableDestination Gateway Genmask Flags Metric Ref Use Iface10.201.106.0 U 0 0 0 eth0

Computer network IP and Subnet masks

Command Subnet netmask{range; default-lease-time 600; Max-lease-time 7200; Said () Assigning networks from to A maximum lease time of

Linux Network Configuration Summary

The IP configuration of Linux is mainly divided into these partsIP configuration, routing configuration, network management toolsIP configurationView IP configuration informationIfconfig: View all active network interfacesIfconfig-a: View all active

Linux Review Memorandum 8

This is the eighth article in this series. Starting from this article, we have basically finished introducing the basic knowledge of the system. The following describes the configurations of networks and related applications. Of course, the previous

IP address and Subnet mask address

As we all know, IP is made up of four numbers, here, let's first look at the Class 3 commonly used IPClass A IP segment to B IP segment to C IP segment to  The

Linux Review Memorandum 8

Linux Review Memorandum 8 is the eighth article in this series. Starting from this article, the basic knowledge of the system has been roughly introduced. The following describes the configuration of the network and related applications, of course,

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