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IOS 7:base64 Encode and Decode NSData and NSString Objects

Label:IOS 7:base64 Encode and Decode NSData and NSString Objectsfri, JAN CORE servicestweetWith the release of IOS 7, Apple added support for encoding and decoding data using BASE64. In this post we'll walk through the examples using Base64 to

iOS development BASE64 encoding and encryption-related learning

Label:One:. Base64 Supplement"' OBJC1.base64 Simple ExplanationDescription: Base64 can be a cornerstone of cryptography and is very important.Features: Arbitrary binary data can be BASE64 encodedResult: All data can be encoded as a text file that

(IOS) Base64 encryption and DES encryption, and DES encryption unity issues in Java and IOS

Label:For security reasons, we typically choose an encryption method to encrypt text that requires security, while BASE64 encryption and DES64 encryption are common cryptographic algorithms. I remember what I used in the previous project was the

AES-128-CBC Base64 Encryption--oc,java,golang interlock

Aes-128-cbc First of all, here's the AES encryption principle.The AES encryption algorithm uses the block cipher system, each packet data length is 128 bits 16 bytes, the key length can be 128 bits 16 bytes, 192 bit or 256 bits, a total of four

Organize the Base64 related things (Openssl/go ...)

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Base64 in different languages docking, in fact, there are some small pits, have touched before. What's the first Base64? Nanyi has a very well-written article that is

Encode and decode methods for Python's Str,unicode objects

Label:Encode and decode methods for Python's Str,unicode objectsThe Str object in Python is actually "8-bit string", a byte string, essentially similar to byte[in Java).The Unicode object in Python should be the equivalent of a string object in Java,

iOS version of RC4-BASE64 encryption decryption

Label:On the internet to find a lot of RC4 and decryption, OC write encryption is mainly this article. After I used, and our PHP can not correspond, he encrypted after I decrypt the wrong, I

IOS comes with base64 encoding and decoding

Tags: iOS base64 encoding decodingIn our project we need to encode a nsdata type of data base64 encoded into a string for transmission. Here's how to encode and decodeCoding: UIImage *image = [UIImage imagewithdata:[nsdata datawithcontentsoffile:[

About DES encryption (encryption and decryption between Android and iOS and the background Java server)

Label:About DES encryption (encryption and decryption between Android and iOS and the background Java server)Http:// (2013-04-17 11:47:23) Category: iphone development

Encrypt and decrypt data using RSA in iOS

Label:RSA algorithm is an asymmetric encryption algorithm, which is often used for encrypting data transmission. If the number digest algorithm is combined, it can also be used for file signing.This article discusses how to use RSA to transfer

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