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IP network telephony differs from VoIP network telephony

Compared to building intercom, Internet telephony can be said to have been in our lives for a short time. Generally speaking, network telephony refers to IP as the network layer protocol of the computer network voice communication system, it uses the technology collectively referred to as VoIP (Voiceover IP), that is,

Interoperability of analog voice switches and IP telephony systems

The SPC has a history of nearly a century, now China has many manufacturing types of enterprises are still using the SPC, which is what we want to say the analog voice switch.When customers find us looking for solutions, especially in the manufacturing industry, and they still have traditional switches, they ask us if we can get a new phone system and a traditional analog voice switch. The answer, of course, is yes. Next, we offer a docking scheme for IP

Consolidate CUCM 8 and polycom IP telephony

/ldap)2. http://documents.polycom.com/documents/voice/unified-communications-software-ucs/5-0-1/administrator-guide/ Set-advanced-phone-features (configuring LDAP and other attributes)3.http://support.polycom.com/global/documents/support/setup_maintenance/products/voice/how_to_provision.pdf (Configuration Provisioning service)4.http://supportdocs.polycom.com/polycomservice/support/global/documents/support/setup_maintenance/products/ Voice/dg_soundstation_ip_conference_phones_with_cucm.pdf (Confi

10 minutes to understand the relationship between TCP/IP protocols and protocols __TCPIP protocol

protocol used by this file transfer process is called the FTP protocol. File transfer in FTP establishes two TCP connections, respectively, to the control connection to use when sending a transmission request and to the data connection that is used when the data is actually transferred. Remote login (telnet and SSH) is a feature that logs on to a remote computer and enables programs on that computer to run. Remote logins commonly used telnet and ssh two kinds of

Protocol forest 03 IP race (IP, ARP, Rip, and BGP protocols)

Author: vamei Source: http://www.cnblogs.com/vamei welcome reprint, please also keep this statement. Thank you! Network Layer)It is the most important layer to implement the internet. At the network layer, each LAN is connected to each other based on the IP protocol and eventually forms a global Internet. Higher-level protocols, whether TCP or UDP, must pass through the network layerIP data packet)To t

Introduction to TCP/IP network protocols

Introduction to TCP/IP network protocols Some time ago I made a development, involving network programming, and the development process was quite smooth, but I always felt a bit confused after the task was completed. The main reason is that you are not familiar with network protocols and are not clear about some concepts. Later, I spent some time learning about

[Transfer] An in-depth summary of TCP/IP network protocols

From: http://blog.jobbole.com/74795/ Some time ago I made a development, involving network programming, and the development process was quite smooth, but I always felt a bit confused after the task was completed. The main reason is that you are not familiar with network protocols and are not clear about some concepts. Later, I spent some time learning about these network protocols. Now I have a preliminary

Three Common network protocols: NetBEUI, IPX/SPX, and TCP/IP

Q: What are the NetBEUI and IPX/SPX TCP/IP protocols ?? In particular, the first two are sometimes installed, and sometimes they are not installed. Why ?? What are their differences and uniqueness? When must I install it? A: A lot of netizens asked this question. I have consulted and integrated the relevant information here to give you a detailed explanation. The network Protocol is a special software and t

Composition of IP switches and GSMP and IFMP protocols (1)

Among our commonly used devices, one is a router and the other is a switch. These two types of devices are all important for network management. So today we will give a brief introduction to the relevant content of the IP switch. These include GSMP and IFMP. To master the GSMP and IFMP protocols, we need to understand the concept of IP exchange. Next, let's take

Check the major protocols in the tcp ip protocol stack

We know that the tcp ip protocol stack includes many protocols. So let's take a look at the functions and functions of the protocols here. Now let's make an inventory check to help you summarize it and hope it will help you. 1. bsd tcp ip protocol stack BSD stack is the starting point of other commercial stacks in hist

Router protocols and IP addresses

With the development of China's routing industry, it also promotes the improvement of router protocols. The TCP/IP-based Internet has gradually developed into a super-large computer network with the largest number of users and the largest resources in the world. Therefore, TCP/IP has become a de facto industrial standard. IP

Introduction to TCP/IP and other network protocols

Introduction to TCP/IP and other network protocols 1. TCP/IP is a communication protocol for the Internet. Computer Communication Protocols are descriptions of the rules that computers must comply with in order to communicate with each other. TCP/IP refers to the Transmissio

Common understanding of TCP/IP network protocols

The common understanding of TCP/IP network protocols was developed some time ago. network programming was involved and the development process was smooth. However, after the task was completed, I always felt a bit confused. The main reason is that you are not familiar with network protocols and are not clear about some concepts. Later, I spent some time learning

Important protocols in the tcp ip protocol family

For the Internet, various protocols are used to regulate its usage, so that this large and complex network can work in an orderly manner. In this protocol structure, the tcp ip protocol family is the foundation. What protocols are included in this structure? In order to allow readers to fully understand some basic network communication

Introduction to TCP/IP communication protocols

This section briefly introduces the internal structure of TCP/IP and lays the foundation for discussing Internet-related security issues. TCP/IP protocol groups are popular in part because they can be used on a variety of channels and underlying protocols (such as T1 and X.25, Ethernet, and RS-232 serial interfaces. Specifically, TCP/

TCP/IP Architecture and protocols

address forwarded to the source host, the source host and the destination host after the exchange of information between the router, The router is called the ARP proxy, and if the destination host is not found, an incomplete table entry record is present in the ARP cache;After the ④ source host receives the ARP response packet, it adds the IP address and MAC address of the destination host to its own ARP list, the native cache has a lifetime, and aft

Analysis of TCP, UDP, and IP protocols

The current operating system basically implements the TCP/IP protocol. The TCP/IP protocol stack is divided into five layers: Application Layer: A group of common applications provided to users, such as telnet, FTP, SMTP, SNTP, DNS, and HTTP, which have a port to identify. Transport Layer: The main protocols are TCP and UDP, which provide application communicatio

What is the difference between Soap, Http, and TCP/IP three basic communication protocols?

the same way as the HTTP protocol, and it is transmitted in either TCP or UDP. A metaphor is a good idea. Both TCP and UDP are highways, and for the moment TCP is considered a general highway, UDP Highway, SOAP and HTTP are all cars, then both soap and HTTP can run on TCP and UDP. Said soap can be transmitted via HTTP, which is actually said that soap is a car, HTTP is a car truck, the SOAP information into the HTTP, and then transport, of course, the road is still TCP or UDP. Said soap can be

Use of the tcp ip protocol and other protocols in the Network

The tcp ip protocol is the basic transmission control protocol that must be used during network construction. How can we conduct modulation and analysis in this aspect during the networking process? First, we need to know some important protocols in the tcp ip protocol and other protocols to be used in the network cons

Introduction to IP Protocols

Network layer—The IP protocol belongs to the network layer of the network protocol stack. The functional goal of this layer is to transfer packets from one location in the network to another, which is the lowest level of processing end-to-end transmission. In the middle of the transfer process passes through many hop (hop) intermediate routers, so the routing algorithm is the core task of its design. (but unfortunately not the core task of this articl

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