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"Ros" Create a Ros package:package dependencies error

$rospack depends1 Beginner_tutorialsError: erros:could Notn call python function ' Rosdep2.rospack.init_rospack_interface 'Some people say to ROSDEP update a bit,$ROSDEP UpdateError: Permission denied: '/home/xy/.ros/rosdep/sources.cache/index 'Think of before said what things do not have authority, and then chmod disorderly change, maybe then changed wrong.See a hint: Try Running ' sudo rosdep fixe-permissions 'Do it, succeed.Can ROSDEP update,Then R

ROS Learning (III)-create a simple release node and subscription node, ros Node

ROS Learning (III)-create a simple release node and subscription node, ros Node Summer vacation at home is a little slack, no, very slack--|! My conscience hurts and I want to make up the progress. But I suddenly find that I have been interrupted for a while, and I have forgotten some of the most basic symbols. This time, we made a very basic task, restoring the

Write the first Ros (Create Workspace workspace and Feature Pack package)

Just contact Ros, learn to write the first program, afraid of forgetting later, the steps to record it down.First you must make sure that your computer is installed with Ros configured.1. Create a workspace (workspace)The package we created is supposed to be all in one called working space (workspace) in the directory. You can store the directory anywhere in your

ROS Learning Series-using URDF to create a robot model in Rviz 3D observation of the second joint using _ros

We're going to go ahead. ROS Learning Series--using URDF to create a robot model in Rviz one of the 3D observation link uses continue to create a two-wheeled trolley with four wheels to rotate. A set of joint that can rotate 1. Change the joint type to "continuous" so front_left relative base_link is a rotating device 2. The position of rotation is defined by

Introduction to Ros Create and compile feature packs for Catkin and Rosmake _ros

The beginning of the design of Ros robot, from the creation of workspace to compile the running node, because Linux is also a beginner, all kinds of burn, the most basic things first summed up, for future viewing. This is the first time to write a blog, if there are many mistakes in the place, I hope you understand and point out. When writing this article, most of them refer to the following posts:

Create a Ros Feature Pack (iv)

To facilitate direct use of the Ros create-pkg command line toolRoscreate-pkg chapter2_tutorials std_msgs Rospy roscppSTD_MSGS contains common message types, which represent basic data types and other basic message constructs, such as multidimensional arrays.Rospy A pure Python client library for Ros.Roscpp uses C + + to implement various functions of ROS.If all steps are performed correctly, the results ar

(ros/navigation) How to build a map using logged data to create maps with records

download the test package,wget your own package1 Start the robot, release laser scanning and conversion data, joystick manipulation enabled (different robot details are different);2 start recording scanning and conversion (note that the scan topic may vary depending on the robot):The file will be written in the current directory with the name ' Mylaserdata_3 Drive the robot one turn. Common recommendations:? Try to limi

ROS Learning Series-using URDF to create a robot model in Rviz 3D observation one joint use

Let's move on to the ROS Learning series-using URDF to create a robot model in Rviz, one of the 3D observations link uses to continue creating a double-decker trolley with four wheels to turn.a joint that can be rotated1. Change the type of joint to "continuous" so that front_left relative base_link is a rotating device .2. The position of rotation is defined by origin, which defines the new origin of the t

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