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Native JavaScript basic knowledge points (2) Review and review

; default: do some default stuff}*/switch (true) { case90: console.log(‘优‘); break; case70: console.log(‘良‘); break; default: console.log(‘差‘);}ForUse conditional judgment to control the loop to handle certain things./*for (A;B;C) { do some stuff}其中 A 为初始化的内容,B 为循环的判断条件,C 为每次循环执行后会执行的代码*/for (var010; i++) { console.log(i);}WhileUse conditional judgment to control the loop to handle certain things./*while (Condition) do some stuff}Con

[NOIP 2014 review] Chapter 2: Dynamic Planning -- Review of previous problems of NOIP

[NOIP 2014 review] Chapter 2: Dynamic Planning -- Review of previous problems of NOIPBackpack Dynamic Planning 1. Wikioi 1047 stamp face Design DescriptionDescription Given an envelope, up to N stamps can be pasted, and the number of stamps is calculated (assuming that the number of stamps is sufficient) for a given K (N + K ≤ 40 ), how to Design the face v

[Noip 2014 review] Chapter 2: Dynamic Planning -- Review of previous problems of noip

Sequential Dynamic Planning 1. wikioi 1058 DescriptionDescription N students stood in a row, and the music teacher asked the (N-K) students to make the remaining K students lined up.A queue is a formation in which K students are numbered 1, 2, and so on from left to right ..., K. Their heights are T1, T2 ,..., TK, then their height meets t1 Your task is to know the height of all N students. The calculation requires at least a few students to make t

Basic native javascript knowledge points (2) review and review, basic javascript knowledge

Basic native javascript knowledge points (2) review and review, basic javascript knowledgeCommon objects I mentioned the reference object in the previous lesson and gave a general introduction. Here we will discuss three of them in a little more detail.Object Object in the form of a key-value pair, which is mainly used for storage and encapsulation.Create object

Basic knowledge Review Article 2 tomcat and web Application Deployment, Article 2 tomcat

Basic knowledge Review Article 2 tomcat and web Application Deployment, Article 2 tomcat Preface this article describes some of the attributes of tomcat and the simple deployment of web programs, which may be a better deployment method in actual development, but it is also a basis.1: tomcat We all know that tomcat requires a runtime environment, that is, Servlet

2 Linux basic Commands review 2

screenL: Move to the bottom of the current screenG: Move to the specified line, NGW: Move backward one word at a timeB: Move forward one word at a time{: Moves by Segment, move up}: Move down by segment, Move DownCTRL d: Flip down half screenCTRL u: Flip up half screenCtrl F: Flip one screen downCTRL B: Turn up one screenGG: Cursor moves to the beginning of the fileG: Cursor moves to end of file(4) Delete commandx: Delete a character after the cursorX: Delete a character before the cursor, equi

[Department management entry-2] Review System

project, so that corrective measures can be taken in a timely manner when the actual progress of the project significantly deviates from the plan.2. Scope of Application of the review All projects of the software department; Major issues of the software department; (TBD)3. Responsibilities Role Responsibilities and tasks Project Manager 1. Submit a

Linux System Command Review 2

TranslationMangle: Flow coloring, traffic markingRaw: Status TrackingINPUT: The packet is the firewall itselfOUTPUT: The original address of the packet is the firewall itselfFORWARD: Through the firewallPrerouting:dnatPostrouting:snatStatus: 5 speciesNEW established related INVALID untrackedMail:POP: OfflineIMAP: OnlineSMTP protocol:Database language: DCL (Database Control Language) DML (Data manipulation language)Root---"Eight top-level domainsDNS resource resolution record A PTRSOA: Start of

"C++primer" Review--with c++11 [2]

return {};4 Else if(expencted = =Actual)5 return{"Functionx","OK"};6 Else 7 return{"Functionx", expected, actual};8}1 int arr[]; 2 int *p1[]; 3 int (*P2) [P2] is a pointer to an array of 10 integers3.assert preprocessing macro is actually a preprocessing variable that behaves like an inline function, and the Assert macro uses an expression as his condition: assert (expr); First, if the expression is false, Assert output inform

C Language Review 2

operator:P rintf ("Odd \ n");Bitwise operation AAMP;1?PRINTF ("Odd!\n"):p rintf ("even \ n");Writing a binary output function H.char character occupies 3 bytes, cannot use char I. Array special declaration, definition method int ages[5] = {[2] = 4, [4] = 1};int count = 5;int Ages[count]; Error: int D[count] = {1,2,3,4,5}; The array size must use a constant array as a function parameter when the array length array is omitted as a function parameter is

Linux Basics Review (2)--linux system partition two or three things

问题来自Linux教材,答案自我整理难免会有不足之处。这是我Linux期末的总结1. Can there be several types of partitions on a hard drive? How many can each have? (Can each partition install an operating system?) ) The hard disk partition has three types of partitions: primary partition, extended partition, logical partition, one hard disk can divide up to 4 primary partition, or 3 primary partition plus one extended partition, the extended partition can divide multiple logical partitions (up to 20). Can install the operati

SQL Language Review 2

name as expressionCreate default Sex_default as ' woman 'Use default values:Sp_binddefault sex_default, ' Mag_emp.sexinfo 'To view the default values:Sp_helpconstraint mag_empTo dismiss the default value:Sp_unbinddefault ' table name. Column name ', ' default value 'Sp_unbinddefault ' Mag_emp.sexinfo ', Sex_defaultDelete default values:Drop Default Sex_defaultTwo methods for implementing data integrity are compared:1. Object level different database object vs data Table Object2, the definition

2017-10-2: Review Linux commands

process: Bin directory under startup.sh./startup.shBoot process appears java_home:source/etc/profile reboot system fileThe configuration file for the code package is copied under the classes file. War package to work, replace the configuration file, check the process, delete the WebApps process under the. War code package, copy the. War package to replace the classes configuration file to WebApps, and start the process.The replacement configuration file is due to the occasional development of n

Python Learning-Review 5 Lessons (December 2)

single line, it is not equivalent to a C or C + + inline function, which is designed to call small functions without consuming stack memory to increase operational efficiency.Example:#!/usr/bin/python#-*-Coding:utf-8-*-# Writable Function Descriptionsum = lambda arg1, arg2:arg1 + arg2;# Call the SUM functionPrint "added value is:", SUM (10, 20)Print "added value is:", SUM (20, 20)Built-in functions:Common functions:ABS ()Max ()Min ()Len ()Divmod ()POW ()Round ()Callable ()Type ()Isinstance ()CM

2. Review Board Building Station Ubuntu14.04

1. Start MySQL and create a database Reviewboard, create access accounts, and update external access rights. 2. Start Apache2sudo/etc/init.d/apache2 Reload Reload the sudo/etc/init.d/apache2 after each configuration file change restart3. Build a stationsudo rb-site install/var/www/reviewboard· Domain = Root Path =/· Database Type = MySQL Database Name = Reviewboard Database Server = localhost Database username = Reviewboard Database Pass

C Language review: Memory model 2

Function Call Model FundamentalsIt's actually a constant jump from one memory to another.function call Variable pass analysis A main program has n functions, the C + + compiler will build several heap areas? How many stack areas are there?A: A program has only one heap area and one stack area. When a function is nested, how does the C + + compiler manage the life cycle of a variable when the argument address is passed to the parameter?The upper-level variable can be used in the next

Servlet and JSP Knowledge Review (2) Servlet basics

Js|servlet servlet and JSP Knowledge Review (2) servlet base generates HTML servlet tells the browser when to send the next html -Response.setcontenttype ("text/html"); Modify println statement to build a legitimate web page -The print statement applies output to the corresponding HTML tag. Check the generated html-http://validator.w3.org/ with a formal grammar validator -http://www.htmlhelp.com/tools/va

MySQL Review Basics 2

, can be multi-column sorting (text type whether English or Chinese are in 26 alphabetical order)  5, update use, to be cautious, as far as possible to modify a small number of lines, or even a row (plus where conditions, without conditions update all, previously used DB2 in the development of the project by mistake, the cost is heavy)Can be set to modify the Safe mode, set sql_safe_updates = 1; can only be modified according to the primary key and verified correctly. Set to 0 to turn off Safe m

Database Review 2--sql Foundation

Database Review 1)The DBMS does not purge redundant data, and if a select-out attribute is required, no duplicates are required to declare the keyword distinct:select distinct a1 from t1Properties can be manipulated when select, such as subtraction operations on numeric properties(2) WHERE clauseThe WHERE clause lists the assertions about the attributes in the relationship, and the function is to select th

Autoui reconstruction in OEA (2)-overall design before the review meeting

I have written an article about the reconstruction of the command module: OEA autoui reconstruction (1)-Automatic Command generation. Command auto-generated refactoring is a "Forward war" of This refactoring. We try to use OO to optimize the original process-based interface auto-generated process to support better scalability. The Automatic Generation of commands is relatively independent, so the reconstruction is performed independently. At present, the reconstruction has been completed and the

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