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What is Python's job prospects? Three job opportunities to share

![](,size_16,text_QDUxQ1RP5Y2a5a6i,color_FFFFFF,t_100,g_se,x_10,y_10,shadow_90,type_ZmFuZ3poZW5naGVpdGk=) Python是一门面向对象的编程语言,编译速度超快,从诞生到现在已经20来个年头了。Python的排名从去年开始就借助人工智能持续上升,Python的火热,也带动了工程师们的就业热。那么,Python培训班选哪家?What is Python's job prospects? Three jobs to share: Focus on the author needs to learn Python can add my QQ groupOf course you have t

Advice and advice for young engineers who want to engage in software development (turn)

all the problems of your professional development once and for all. So there are a lot of things that you have to learn by yourself, but from the perspective of the company's recruiting software development engineers ' processes and concerns, there are basically two major factors, one is the knowledge structure and basic development skills in a specific area of the individual, For example, the ability of a

Challenges and opportunities for Software testers

Introduction:Zhang Shi (Zhang Shi); English name: Kelly ZhangKellyZ@Microsoft.comSoftware development and testing DirectorMicrosoft Office International Service testing department, Microsoft headquarters in the United StatesEducation Background: Bachelor of Science and Shuo Shi from Beijing Normal UniversityBit. Ph.D. from New York State UniversityExperience: nearly nine years of software testing, testing project lead, and release coordination manager

Discussion on the training of software testing engineers

sense can no longer meet the requirements of various aspects of software testing. Therefore, the use of testing tools has emerged. In order to enable everyone to become high-end testers who will use tools as soon as possible, we should also pay attention to the training of testing tools during induction training.LoadRunner,Winrunner,TestdirectorThese commonly used test tools must be mastered by test engineers

Sorrow of software engineers

development for several years, because they are not special hobbies, or lead the above mandatory work arrangements, they transferred to technical support, service, or administrative work. at least on the surface, their salary was less than development, but the real statistics on these people, half of them were promoted to the service department manager or administrative manager. One of the most experienced friends has been promoted to the Assistant General Manager and entered the senior leaders

Seven skills that CEOs should learn from software engineers

all, they will listen to people's complaints-because they may be pleasantly surprised, which is the same as finding a problem on their own. CEOs of start-ups should learn how to do this systematically and explore opportunities until they find the right problems to solve and use the right solutions for the right market, at the right time. It helps enterprises to gain a firm foothold. The CEOs of well-known companies are doing well in this regard. They

Role Positioning of software test engineers

to complete testing without quality issuesSoftware testing is only a way to ensure quality. The work of software testing engineers will not directly improve the quality of software, because the vast majority of software errors need to be repaired by programmers. Software te

Summary of software testing engineers

【Abstract】 software quality has received more and more attention. software testing, as a new industry, has many imperfections. Many colleagues engaged in software testing are confused about how to improve and solve practical problems in testing. This article summarizes my personal experience and hopes to help you. Key words:

How do I define and differentiate senior software development engineers?

people are not aware of this. Senior Development Engineer Advanced development engineers have abandoned the complexity of dominating intermediate development engineers, pursuing simplicity. Instead of dividing the developers by knowledge, they understand the strengths and weaknesses of each individual. In the application of the theory, they value the "context", rather than blindly pursue "the right

Writing to tomorrow's software engineers-insights

you are no longer simply a computer user, it has gradually become a person who uses computers to realize his own ideas, from a person who "knows computers" to a person who understands computers. Of course, in addition to being happy in the software development process, there will also be a variety of troubles. These troubles come from your pursuit of perfection. You are tired of debugging the code all night and trying to find out all the bugs. Some

Video tutorials on enterprise-level training for Software Testing engineers and enterprise-level Software Testing

Video tutorials on enterprise-level training for Software Testing engineers and enterprise-level Software TestingVideo tutorials on enterprise-level training for Software Testing engineersMany people do not like programming, but the high salary in the IT industry attracts many people.So a

From software engineers to an angry youth it headhunting experience

Turning around an article may be a meaningful reference for the future. Shanghai, I will be back! From Click_from = 201717502,8088931489, 2011-11-28, edcol, forum_alert After three years of work as a communication software engineer, I didn't want to continue on the technology road, but I didn't want to go on a business trip, eat, drink, or entertain myself. I made a headhunter at a friend's suggestion, h

Why should software engineers develop the habit of writing?

In the school, there are "arts students" and "Science students," the distinction between learning content, the way of thinking is also different. I am a science student, my major in university is computer science, my job after graduation is software engineer. In this process, I found that the gap between liberal arts and sciences has never been bridged. Many of the engi

Average age of software engineers for major international companies

Average age of software engineers for major international companies (IT staff should read good articles) Many IT Enterprises in China do not know what senior people mean! A well-known Enterprise boss in China once said: technical staff over 35 years old in the IT industry will be eliminated, so do not use technical staff after 35 years old. As a result, the entire industry, especially in the

What is the "ultimate technology" required by software engineers?

) What is the root of software quality? Is it design or test? What does high-quality software mean to the work and life of engineers? 3) is software architect important? Or is it just a virtual job? What skills do software archite

From software engineers to it headhunting: my experiences and feelings

After three years of work as a communication software engineer, I didn't want to continue on the technology road, but I didn't want to go on a business trip, eat, drink, or entertain myself. I made a headhunter at a friend's suggestion, headhunting is a mysterious profession in the eyes of many people. Many friends may not know how they were suddenly found by the headhunting staff. After a very professional greeting and courtesy, start your

Do software engineers need a computer science degree?

junior colleagues. Analysis is often not a major component of a job except for some jobs that need to supplement programming. The article mentioned that Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are both software engineers. They are very successful, but they do not have a degree in computer science. Therefore, the Binstock conclusion is: This ambiguous equati

Where is the path for software engineers?

the company has the opportunity to switch to the past, it would be better, sales can train people to communicate with each other. This is a big contrast with software engineers who face computers all day long. It is very helpful to train and test people. If you want to be reborn in the fire, my suggestion is that you have read some sales books, such as circle traps and competitions, and found that the orig

Yonyou software continues to hire. NET development engineers urgently

, and a sense of responsibility for the completion of work tasks and work progress;● Computer or related major, Bachelor degree or above;● Development experience in collaborative service, search engine, RSS, and office integration is preferred. 4. 7 Java Engineers (urgent)● Bachelor degree or above in computer science or related major;● More than two years of web development experience;● Proficient in Java, familiar with J2EE architecture system, HR

We are looking for. NET software development engineers [BEIJING]

Company Name: Beijing Peking University Software Engineering Development Co., Ltd. Company Website: Contact: MSN: 1. Senior Software Development Engineer/Technical Manager (1-2 persons)Responsibilities:1. Responsible for the development of the company's application products or projects, and the development environment is. NET + msql;2. C

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