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Oracle t4-2 Installation with Jumpstart method Solaris10

Label:2 issues encountered during the installation process1) Hard RAID disk not recognized during installationT4-2 's 2 local disks do hard raid, the hard RAID disk is not recognized with Jumpstart installation, the error message is as follows: {0} OK boot net-install nowinboot device:/[emailprotected]/[emailprotected]/[emailprotected]/[ Emailprotected]/[emailprotected] File and args:-Install nowin1000 Mbps full duplex Link uprequesting Intern ET addr

Cracking Wifi WPA-WPA2 in 5 second--dumpper v.80.8 +jumpstart+winpcap

Although the title is 5 seconds to crack WPA-WPA2 WiFi password, but in fact this is the kind of router for foreign countries, our big celestial routers more and more powerful. Some routers have anti-pin, even some routers do not have pin,wps and so on. But there are some that should be useful. Here's how to say:Tool: I downloaded the dumpper v.80.8 +jumpstart+winpcap in https://sourceforge.net/projects/dumpper/files/this URL, but this is not good to

ASP. NET jumpstart: Asp. net2.0 learning Quartet

1. ASP. NET jumpstart: Introduction to media share library Starter Kit Bill evjenReuters Applicable:Microsoft ASP. Network 2.0Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2005 express Edition Abstract:Learn how to use Microsoft ASP. NET and Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 or Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2005 express edition to build your own starter toolkit.Source: msdn 2. ASP. NET jumpstart: Build the data layer o

Blog Park's first fight-HTML5 jumpstart study Note 1: Semantic Structure 6 years confused: developer's "stiff style"

I. Some insights It takes about half a year to register a blog. I haven't written a blog yet. I used to access csdn before. during training, I often write Study Notes on csdn. After half a year of work, I was very busy, so I turned to shame on my blog writing habits. Today, I have been engaged in old business and moved my family to a more professional blog Park. I hope that I can continue to share, learn, and improve my family together. Just now, I read an article on the homepage-6 years ago: th

Live services jumpstart Day 2

Today, I'm free to continue writing this. I 've been on a business trip for a week ...... However, there is not much content that can be written in the next day, mainly in the application and development of Live Mesh (similar to "my computer" based

HTML5 jumpstart study Note 5: Dom interactions

Module agenda Query the DOM Manipulating (manipulating) the DOM Responding to events   1. query the DOM Getelementbyid var x = document.getElementById("anyID");//orvar x =

HTML5 jumpstart Study Notes 2: CSS selectors and style Properties

Module agenda (module list) Selectors Combinators Color Properties Text Properties Box Properties   1. selectors Type selectors . Class selectors # ID selecors [Attribute] selectors Eg: [Data-author = Psmith] {color: red;} [data-author $ = 'Smith ']

HTML5 jumpstart study NOTE 4: javascript core capabilities

Module agenda Overviewvariablesfunctionsfunction scopearraysobjects 1. Overview (1) History 1995: started in the browser (Brendan eich | Netscape)1997: formalized by ecmascript2009: moved to the backend (node. JS)2012: moved to the client

ASP. NET Jumpstart: Build the data layer of the Media Share Library Starter Kit

Abstract:Describes how to create a new ASP. NET membership relationship, role management, and personalized services, so as to replace Microsoft SQL Server Express with conventional SQL Server. NoteThis articleFirst publishedScott's network diary.

Pycharm installation and Padans data processing

to determine if there is no data point Ser1 = Series ([5,4,3,2,-1],index=[' A ', ' B ', ' C ', ' d ', ' e ']) print (ser1) output result: a 5 b 4 C 3 D 2 e -1 Retrieving data by index Print (ser1[' C ']) output result: 3 If you have some data in a Python dictionary, you can create a series from that data by passing the dictionaryCreate a series from a dictionary Sdata = {} sdata[' a '] = 5 sdata[' c '] = ten sdata[' B '] = 4 sdata[' d '] =-2 ser2 = Series (sdata) print (ser

Pandas basics, pandas

specified axis. That is, to delete the meaning of a Series element or a row (column) of DataFrame.drop(labels, axis=0)Method: >>> serd 4.5b 7.2a -5.3c 3.6dtype: float64>>> df Ohio Texas Californiaa 0 1 2c 3 4 5d 6 7 8[3 rows x 3 columns]>>> ser.drop('c')d 4.5b 7.2a -5.3dtype: float64>>> df.drop('a') Ohio Texas Californiac

Python Data Analysis Package: Pandas basics

feasible. Also note that when used reindex(index,method=‘**‘) , index must be monotonous, otherwise it will be thrown ValueError: Must be monotonic for forward fill , such as the last call in the previous example, if index=[‘a‘,‘b‘,‘d‘,‘c‘] the use of the words will not.Delete an item on a specified axisThat is, delete the elements of a Series or the meaning of a row (column) of DataFrame, by means of the object .drop(labels, axis=0) :>>> serd 4.5b 7.2a -5.3c 3.6dtype:float64>>> df

"Data analysis using Python" reading notes--fifth Chapter pandas Introduction

-assign the value of the # line, you can use the row name or the number of rows to choose Print frame1.ix[' two '] #为列赋值, if it is a series, the index can be specified after the exact value frame1[' d '] = Series ([100,200,300],index = [' Two ', ' one ', ' three ']) print frame1# Delete column with del frame1[' d '] #警告: A series view is selected by column name, is not a copy and can be copied using the series copy methodAnother common structure is a nested dictionary, which is a dictionary of d

Data preprocessing 2--Data integration _ Data integration

({' Group_val ': [3.5, 7]}, index=[' A ', ' B ']) LEFT1 # in[29]: right1 # In[31]: Pd.merge (Left1,right1,lef t_on= ' key ', right_index=true) # In[32]: Pd.merge (LEFT1, right1, left_on= ' key ', right_index=true, how= ' outer ') # in[34 ]: #2 import NumPy asNP lefth = Dataframe ({' Key1 ': [' Ohio ', ' Ohio ', ' Ohio ', ' Nevada ', ' Nevada '], ' Key2 ': [2000,

How to search the associated array key value in PHP and the _php technique

1. Search Associative array keysIf a specified key is found in an array, the function array_key_exists () returns TRUE, otherwise it returns false. Its The form is as follows:Boolean array_key_exists (mixed key, array array) The following example searches for the Ohio in the array key, and if found, will output the education information for the state to join the U.S. federal Government:$state ["Delaware"]= "December 7,1787";$state ["Pennsylvania"]=

Scientists use Google Earth to develop a traffic accident prediction system

A virtual electronic map of highways in Ohio uses colors to mark the risk factor of a crash. "Green indicates that the probability of a crash is very small. Yellow indicates that the probability of a crash is moderate. Red indicates that a collision of a vehicle is very likely to occur in this region during this time period ." Even high-tech devices such as satellites that monitor highway conditions in real time do not have the ability to pr

PHP statistics arrays and unique arrays

Statistical frequency of the occurrence of array elementsThe Array_count_values () function returns an array containing the associated key/value pairs. In the form of ZArray array_count_values (array array)Each of these keys represents a value in Input_array, and the corresponding value indicates that the key appears in Input_array (as a value)The frequency. Examples are as follows:$states = Array ("Ohio", "Iowa", "Arizona", "Iowa", "

Summary analysis based on PHP traversal array _ PHP Tutorial

result: The number is zero. The number is one. The number is two. ========== The following is a function introduction ============Key ()Mixed key (array input_array)The key () function returns the key element at the current pointer position in input_array.# Example4 The code is as follows: $ Capitals = array ("Ohio" => "Columbus", "Towa" => "Des Moines", "Arizona" => "Phoenix ");Echo" Can you name the capitals of these states?"; While ($ key = ke

R language Merge Data.frame

= Data.frame (Customerid=c (2,4,6), State=c (Rep ("Alabama", 2), Rep ("Ohio", 1)))> DF1CustomerId Product1 1 Toaster2 2 Toaster3 3 Toaster4 4 Radio5 5 Radio6 6 Radio> DF2CustomerId State1 2 Alabama2 4 Alabama3 6 Ohio> Merge (DF1, DF2, All=true)CustomerId Product State1 1 Toaster 2 2 Toaster Alabama3 3 Toaster 4 4 Radio Alabama5 5 Radio 6 6 Radio Ohio> Merge (DF1

User Experience Design: The complete design process of nearby tweets revision

addition to 3 seconds, 30 seconds, 10 seconds, 5 seconds and 1 seconds are also very common. Shielding users Shielding AreaHow to shield the area is also a difficult problem, because you have to compare the area of the tweet and the blocked area. The problem is that when users block "Ohio Columbus", the publisher's area is Columbus. Although people may clearly distinguish between these two are the same area, but in the computer, "

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