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Native JavaScript basic knowledge points (2) Review and review

; default: do some default stuff}*/switch (true) { case90: console.log(‘优‘); break; case70: console.log(‘良‘); break; default: console.log(‘差‘);}ForUse conditional judgment to control the loop to handle certain things./*for (A;B;C) { do some stuff}其中 A 为初始化的内容,B 为循环的判断条件,C 为每次循环执行后会执行的代码*/for (var010; i++) { console.log(i);}WhileUse conditional judgment to control the loop to handle certain things./*while (Condition) do some stuff}Con

[NOIP 2014 review] Chapter 2: Dynamic Planning -- Review of previous problems of NOIP

[NOIP 2014 review] Chapter 2: Dynamic Planning -- Review of previous problems of NOIPBackpack Dynamic Planning 1. Wikioi 1047 stamp face Design DescriptionDescription Given an envelope, up to N stamps can be pasted, and the number of stamps is calculated (assuming that the number of stamps is sufficient) for a given K (N + K ≤ 40 ), how to Design the face v

Basic native javascript knowledge points (2) review and review, basic javascript knowledge

Basic native javascript knowledge points (2) review and review, basic javascript knowledgeCommon objects I mentioned the reference object in the previous lesson and gave a general introduction. Here we will discuss three of them in a little more detail.Object Object in the form of a key-value pair, which is mainly used for storage and encapsulation.Create object

Linux System Command Review 2

When source and bash/sh execute scripts, they want to take immediate effect. General settings for environment variables with source, generic scripts are used Bash/shWhen looking at the hard disk space, the storage is not enough, because I node no more, small files, resulting in I node is not.[[Email protected] Desktop]# df-hFilesystem Size used Avail use% mounted on/dev/sda2 197G 89G 99G 48%/Tmpfs 3.8G 1.5M 3.8G 1%/DEV/SHM/DEV/SDA1 190M 41M 140M 23%/boot/dev/sda3 99G 24G 70G 26%/weekend/iso/rhel

2 Linux basic Commands review 2

, Digital methodchmod u/g/o/a +/-/= rwx fileU: The owner of the fileg; user groupsO: OthersA:all Everyone+: Increase Permissions-: Insurance rights=: Set curveDigital method: R:4 w:2 x:1-:0 (0 does not have any permissions)chmod 777 File1x corresponding folder (directory) execution for accessible or forbidden accessModify file Owner: ChownChown user name file or

C Language Review 2

01-while01break jump out of the loop continue out of this cycle, into the next cycle 02-while02 calculate 1+2+3+...+n andWhat is the role of q1:unsigned? It's not going to work in general calculations .A. Function declarations and declarations of defined functions can be declared arbitrarily at any place, as long as they are written before the call. #include int main (int argc, const char * argv[]) {void Test ();void Test ();void Test ();void Test ();

SQL Language Review 2

name as expressionCreate default Sex_default as ' woman 'Use default values:Sp_binddefault sex_default, ' Mag_emp.sexinfo 'To view the default values:Sp_helpconstraint mag_empTo dismiss the default value:Sp_unbinddefault ' table name. Column name ', ' default value 'Sp_unbinddefault ' Mag_emp.sexinfo ', Sex_defaultDelete default values:Drop Default Sex_defaultTwo methods for implementing data integrity are compared:1. Object level different database object vs data Table Object2, the definition

MySQL Review Basics 2

, can be multi-column sorting (text type whether English or Chinese are in 26 alphabetical order)  5, update use, to be cautious, as far as possible to modify a small number of lines, or even a row (plus where conditions, without conditions update all, previously used DB2 in the development of the project by mistake, the cost is heavy)Can be set to modify the Safe mode, set sql_safe_updates = 1; can only be modified according to the primary key and verified correctly. Set to

SQL Server summary and Review (2)

example, if the first three are the same, all are 1 and the next is 2. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The -- ntile function can group sequence numbers. This is equivalent to placing the queried record set in an array of the specified length. Each array element stores a certain number of records. -- The sequence number generated f

SQL Server summary and Review (2)

SQL Server summary and Review (2) for more information, see. SQL Server summary and Review (2) If you want to learn, refer to it. 1. ranking function and PARTITION The Code is as follows: -- All dataSELECT * FROM dbo. student AS a inner join dbo. ScoreTB AS B ON a. Id = B. stuidWHERE scoren

Basic Review of Javascript (2) js scope, javascriptjs

Basic Review of Javascript (2) js scope, javascriptjs This is the last article in the expression series from simple to deep, but recently the team has been busy and never been busy! However, if you like expressions, please rest assured that some basic principles of Javascript are common in your work, so I decided to spend some time organizing the basic knowledge and sharing it with you. A training PPT will

Codeforces Round #384 (Div. 2)//review-like pressure ... Explode boom at penalty

instructions A string of 1-8 to select a substring (in the original string can be discontinuous) the string of each number of the same must be adjacent and the number of each is not more than 1The game only thought of the DFS solution, and later proved to be wrongLater look at someone else's code a face mask =. =... Then a god said two arrays to understand the role of ... So refer to the wording of ClarisAnd....This also wrote for a long time and also less update status length can be

Python review (2) list, tuple, conditional judgments and loops, dictionaries, and Set__python

environment: Win7 pycharmce_2017.2 python3.6.2 Take one last review. 3.list and tuple The list is also a data type. You can delete, add elements at any timeAnd the elements in the list are not restricted by type, as opposed to arrays in C, or int or char. and the list can >>> a=[1,2,3, ' Hi ', [4, ' hi~ ']] >>> a [1, 2, 3, ' Hi ', [4, ' hi~ ']] >>> a[0] 1 >>> a[

Review-C language Inline compilation-Beginner (2)

"add R0, r0, #1 \ n" - "str r0, [%0, #8]\n" - the://"+r" (arr)//Error -:"R"(arr) -:"R0" - ); + -printf"Arr[0]%d\n", arr[0]); +printf"Arr[1]%d\n", arr[1]); Aprintf"Arr[2]%d\n", arr[2]); at}Description: The input section is an array o

Algorithm review--2-sat (bzoj2199)

()); for(; c'9'c>='0'; c=GetChar ()) F= (f3) + (f1) +c-'0'; returnF;} InlinevoidDfsintu) {Visit[u]=true; for(intE=first[u];e;e=Next[e]) { if(!Visit[go[e]]) DFS (go[e]); }}inlineBOOLJudintu) {memset (visit,false,sizeof(visit)); DFS (U); if(!visit[tran (U)])return true; Else return false;}intMain () {//freopen ("", "R", stdin);N=r (), m=R (); Chars[5],t[5]; intb; for(intI=1; i) {scanf ("%d%s%d%s

[NOIP review] Chapter 2: Dynamic Planning

[NOIP review] Chapter 2: Dynamic PlanningI. Backpack Problems 1. Wikioi 1014 Packing ProblemDescription Description There is a box with a capacity of V (positive integer, 0 It is required that any number of n items be loaded into the box, so that the remaining space of the box is minimized. Input description Input Description An integer v indicates the b

C + + Basic Review 2 (functions, pointers, and references)

Then review the functions, pointers, and applications.Function1, multidimensional arrays as formal parameters, the size of the first dimension can be omitted (or not omitted), but the size of the other dimensions must be specified. such as two-dimensional array parameters, int array[3][] is incorrect, int arry[][10] is correct. Because the argument comes from the beginning address of the array, which is stored in memory by row, but not the branch and

Mysql SQL Statement Review 2 -- Regular Expressions and mysql Regular Expressions

Mysql SQL Statement Review 2 -- Regular Expressions and mysql Regular Expressions Here, we will briefly review the usage of Regular Expressions in mysql when filtering data. This mainly refers to an example for each usage or a brief description. The REGEXP keyword is used to filter data using regular expressions. Basic character match: SELECT prod_name FROM prod

Data type Review PARSEING&PARSEFLOAT--JS study notes 2015-6-2 (46th day)

Success lies in persistence, giving yourself this sentence;Today, we review the numerical conversion methods of the two data types: parseint and parsefloat.Compared to number () method, the two methods of parse are relatively diligent, from left to right, and number is a comprehensive analysis;Can understand so parseint, he compared local tyrants, in the conversion value, from left to right, encountered non-digital time to stop the conversion, the bac

JavaEE learning record 2 (JavaOO knowledge Review), javaeejavaoo

JavaEE learning record 2 (JavaOO knowledge Review), javaeejavaoo 1. Differences between super () and this: This (): the object of the current class, the object of the super parent class.Super (): When a subclass accesses members and behaviors of the parent class, it must be subject to the class inheritance rules. This indicates the current object. Of course, all resources can be accessed.In the constructor,

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