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Attach and detach toggle method in laravel, laraveldetach

Attach and detach toggle method in laravel, laraveldetachCreate model post and user and users, posts, user_post (favorities) Test Data Here, you can view the data in the previous article, the data used in this test. The detach and attach method can

[Laravel 5 Fundamentals] 23–syncing Tags

Label synchronization Objective In the previous section, we implemented a selection of tags on the UI, and we could create multiple tags. But with flaws, today we're going to look at what the flaw is and fix it. Description Development

Laravel relational model of multiple pairs

Larav Pivot table and multi-pair relationshipBig | In Today we are talking about a feature that is laravel, but may be a bit difficult to understand at first. The Pivot table is an intermediate table of relationships between two "primary tables."

An analysis of eloquent ORM for Laravel

This article mainly introduces about Laravel eloquent ORM, has a certain reference value, now share to everyone, the need for friends can refer to First, ORM Programming ideas 1.1 Active Record design mode Active Recordis a data access design

Laravel notes-eloquent ORM (associated relationship)

Laravel notes-eloquent ORM (associated relationship) It 's written in front . time is valuable, use the catalogue ↑ Learn Laravel notes, just as Laravel document notes, the purpose is to strengthen the understanding of the document, the quality is

Laravel 5.1 Document Guide--laravel the most powerful and difficult part of eloquent ORM: data relations

Brief introduction In fact, we all know that the data table can be correlated, eloquent ORM is the data model operation instead of table operations, then the table associated query, in eloquent here is the model of the association query, this is

Laravel Eloquent ORM Finishing

Introduced Laravel's eloquent ORM provides a beautiful, concise ActiveRecord implementation to interact with the database. Each database table interacts with a corresponding "model". Before you start, remember to configure the database connection

Laravel framework-detailed introduction to the advanced section of EloquentORM

OneToOne assume that the User model is associated with the Phone model. to define such an association, you must define a phone method in the User model. this method returns an association relation defined by the hasOne method. One To OneAssume that

[Laravel5Fundamentals] 23-SyncingTags

[Laravel5Fundamentals] 23-SyncingTags tag synchronization Preface In the previous section, you can select tags on the UI and create multiple tags. But there are flaws. today we will look at what flaws are and solve them. Description

[Laravel 5.2 Documentation] Eloquent ORM--association relationship

1. Introduction Data tables are often associated with other tables, such as a blog post that may have many comments, or an order that is linked to a single user, eloquent makes it easy to organize and process these relationships, and supports many

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