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WPF Visifire Chart Control

Visifire WPF Chart Control hackDevelopers who might have generated a chart with WPF know that WPF, while its own drawing power, can be a lot more work if each diagram is implemented on its ownEspecially in the case of tight development time. It is necessary to use a professi

WPF Custom Bar Chart Barchart

WPF Custom Bar Chart1.Xmlns= "Http://"xmlns:x= "Http://"Xmlns:mc= ""Xmlns:d= ""Mc:ignorable= "D"d:designheight= "d:designwidth=" loaded= "barchartcontrol_onloaded" > WPF Custom Bar

WPF custom Controls (2)--chart design [1]

= "Black"strokethickness= "3"X1= "Max"Y1= "280"X2= "480"Y2= "280"StrokeStartLineCap= "Round"/>3 Linex:name= "Y_axis"Stroke= "Black"strokethickness= "3"X1= "Max"Y1= "280"X2= "Max"Y2= "+"StrokeStartLineCap= "Round"/>4 Pathx:name= "X_axisarrow"Fill= "Black">5>6 PathGeometry>7 PathFigureStartPoint= "480,276"IsClosed= "True">8 LineSegment Point= "480,284"/>9 LineSegment Point= "490,280"/>Ten

WPF ToolKit Chart Custom styles

; "ChartArea"height=" the"Style="{TemplateBinding Chartareastyle}"Grid.column="0"margin="5 5 0 5"> "-1"style="{TemplateBinding Plotareastyle}"/> "Ten"Borderbrush="#FF919191"borderthickness="1"/> "Legend"height=" the"Grid.column="1"title="{TemplateBinding Legendtitle}"Style="{TemplateBinding Legendstyle}"VerticalAlignment="Top"Horizontalalignment=" Left"Margin="0 5 5 5"/> "Piechart"Dependentvaluepath=" Total"Independentvaluepath="ObjectName"Background="Navy"isselectionenabled="True"> 3. Backgroun

The WPF devexpress chart control has multiple y axes and specifies the Y axes for data reference.

When there are two or more y axes in the chart, we need to specify the Y axes corresponding to the column or line in the chart. At this time, we need to specify the column or line dxc: xydiagram2d. seriesaxisy attribute to set the corresponding Y axis (dxc: xydiagram2d. seriesaxisy = "{binding elementname = Y2}"). The elementname of binding is the name of the corresponding Y axis (Y2 here). The interface co

WPF Custom Radar Chart

3. Finally define the data title display listFront desk:Xmlns= "Http://"xmlns:x= "Http://"Xmlns:mc= ""Xmlns:d= ""Mc:ignorable= "D"d:designheight= "d:designwidth=" loaded= "radarcharttitlelist_onloaded" >Background:The interactive logic of Radarcharttitlelist.xamlpublic partial class Radarcharttitlelist:

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