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"Easy language works" Night cat Eye Care Bao pc version of the big God do not spray, language is made Easy language!

Protects you from sitting at the computer desk for a long time or at night, giving you maximum eye protection! Night cat Eye Care Bao Computer edition is a Blu-ray filter software. Through the software, can effectively reduce computer radiation, reduce the damage to the eye, is designed for office workers, gamers and so on for a long time on the computer crowd design. According to the time, light of different intelligent adjustment screen display, always keep the eyes comfortable state, reduce t

Clause 18: Make the interface easy for proper use, not easy to misuse (made interface ease to using correctly and hard to uses incorrectly)

Note:1. Good interfaces are easy to use and are not easily misused. All interfaces should be made to strive to achieve these properties.2. The "promote proper use" approach includes interface consistency, as well as the built-in type of behavior compatibility.3. The "block misuse" approach includes the creation of actions on new type/restriction types, the binding of object values, and the elimination of cu

Windows Command Line find and replace-made easy with fart.exe

Windows Command Line find and replace-made easy with fart.exe here is a great little application that does a find and replace on a particle file, file type or file contents, then replaces it with a string of your choice. it can look in sub directories as well. The small app is called fart, yes that's right fart-find and replace text! Usage: fart [Options] [--] [,...] [Find_string] [replace_strin

Python base ===pendulum ' python datetimes made easy. '

(): ...Print('party!')'party!'>>> past = (). Subtract (minutes=2)>>>Past.diff_for_humans ()>>>'2 minutes ago'>>> Delta = past-Last_week>>>delta.hours23>>> Delta.in_words (locale='en')'6 days hours minutes'#Proper handling of datetime normalization>>> pendulum.create (2013, 3, 31, 2, 30, 0, 0,'Europe/paris')'2013-03-31t03:30:00+02:00' #does not exist (skipped time)#Proper handling of DST transitions>>> Just_before = Pendulum.create (2013, 3, 31, 1, 59, 59, 999999,'Europe/paris')'201

2015.04.28, foreign language, reading notes-Word Power Made Easy 12 "how to Flatter a friend" SESSION 36

places far from the city. It is opposite to suburb.Urb is the city, the Latin Rus, the Ruris is the country. So rural refers to the countryside.Rustic([' R?stik] n. Countryman, village, peasant adj, rustic, simple, manual rough ) refers to the furniture and other things that the country produces. It is the antonym of urbane([?: ' bein] adj. Gentle, polite ). The noun is rusticity([r?s ' Tisiti] n. Village style, pastoral life, rustic ).Urbane and rustic used in the human body, usually with a ce

2015.04.21, foreign language, reading notes-Word Power Made Easy 12 "how to Flatter a friend" SESSION 32

.no grumblingThey can endure all the problems, no sadness, no sympathy, it sounds like Superman, but in fact they are. They are stoical([' st?uikl] adj. perseverance ) fearThey have no cartilage head in their bodies, they are not afraid, they audaciouson danger and difficulty ([?: ' Dei?? s] adj. Bold, presumptuous, insolent, Brazen ),Dauntless([' d?:ntlis] adj. Indomitable, Bold ),contemptuous( [k?n ' temptju?s] adj. contempt ), they are intrepid([in ' trepid] adj. Fearless, resolute ).9.

2015.04.24, foreign language, reading notes-Word Power Made Easy 12 "how to Flatter a friend" SESSION 34

, enlightened, then disingenuous([disin ' d?enju?s] adj. Dishonest, dishonest, hypocritical ) is not the direct meaning. But disingenuous people are far more than just not straightforward, they crafty([' kra:fti] adj cunning ), cunning, dishonest,artful( [' a:tful] adj. Cunning, fraudulent, skillful, ingenious ),insincere([insin ' Si? R)] Adj , untrustworthy, but they also pretended to be simple, candid and aboveboard. Can you imagine a wolf in sheep's clothing, that is the best metaphor.It is o

2015.04.15, foreign language, reading notes-"Word Power Made Easy" 10 "How to talk about conversation habits" SESSION 27

refers to walking without purpose. Ambulance is because he has been walking around the battlefield to find the wounded. Preamble([pri: ' ÆMB (?) L] N. Previous, preface, preface ) refers to the preface or overture of the article.5. Back to SleepThe Latin word of sleep is somnus. Another Sopor is also the meaning of sleep, such as soporific([s?p? ') Rifik] adj. Hypnotic, want to sleep N. Hypnotic agent ), is Sopor+fic(from Facio, make means).6. Noun suffixesinarticulate([ina:tikjul?t] adj. A nou

2015.05.04, foreign language, reading notes-"Word Power Made Easy" 14 "How to talk about everyday phenomena" SESSION 41

be reborn in another way. reincarnate([ri:in ' ka:nit] vt. Make incarnation, Rebirth ) is a verb form. incarnate([' Inka:neit] vt. Embody (Make ... embodiment) adj. incarnate (human), in the flesh. We describe someone as the devil incarnate, referring to the existence of sin in the flesh. 7. Dark Secretsclandestine([klæn ' destin] adj. Secret, Covert) from Latin words clam(secretly), referring to secret; synonyms are Surreptitious([? s?r?p ' Ti?? s] adj. furtive, confidential ) refers to st

A small mistake that is easy to ignore. Have you ever made it?

A small mistake that is easy to ignore. Have you ever made it? Modify the foreach array value /** * Note the differences in foreach values */ $ Arr = array (1, 2, 4 ); Echo "foreach traverses array 1:"; Foreach ($ arr as $ val ){ $ Val = $ val * 2; } Var_dump ($ arr ); Echo"Foreach traverses array 2:

ANGULARJS directive design Made Easy

. Toggle =! $scope. Toggle }) }) } }})DemoHow to Expose EventsSometimes you want a controller to respond to an event inside a directive, such as ng-click . Create a scroll directive that invokes a function when the user scroll an element's use.Similar to the toggle button, we map the function in the scroll attribute to the scope of our instruction.App.directive (' scroll ', function () { return { scope: { scroll: ' ' }, link

Incomplete statistics on various versions of Word Power Made Easy

1. Original Version Name:Word power made easy: the complete handbook for building a superior vocabulary Author: Norman Lewis Publisher Doubleday, 1978 ISBN 0385140851,978 0385140850 Page number 528 Chinese Version 2. Name:The best way to learn English Words Author: Lewis (Lewis, N.), leyvince, Lewis Translator: Xu Heping (translation), Wang Dandan (English )) Publisher: Haitian Press, 1989 ISBN: 7805422

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