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Python programming-Converting a Python program into an executable program [organizing]_python

工欲善其事, its prerequisite. Python is an interpreted language, but it's too cumbersome to add a python shell to execute a program under Windows. And here's what it means to convert a Python program to an EXE file. Here are some common tools , but it

Read the default MAC address under Linux

Read the default MAC address under Linux Guide The MAC (media access control) computer uses it to define and identify the location of network devices. In the embedded Linux learning inevitably also encounter Mac, this article

Install different php versions through brew on Mac

: This article describes how to install different versions of php Through brew in Mac. For more information about PHP tutorials, see. Apache and php are already included in mac OS X 10.9.5, but they are not enabled by default. The default APACHE

Read the default MAC address under Linux

the Guide to MAC (media access control) is a computer that defines and identifies the location of network devices. In the embedded Linux learning inevitably also encounter Mac, this article mainly describes how to read the embedded Linux Device

Using the Brew installation php5.5.15,brewphp5.5.15_php tutorial in a Mac environment

Use Brew to install php5.5.15,brewphp5.5.15 in a Mac environment Brew is the package management tool under Mac, and it's easy to install development tools by using Github to host your Mac-friendly compilation configuration and patches. Mac comes

Read MAC addresses in Java only

This article describes how to write a pure Java program in the Windows XP/NT/2000 environment, execute the external command ipconfig, and obtain the MAC address of the Local Machine by analyzing the input stream of the command.   1

Implement MAC address reading by programming in Java only

1 Introduction Programs Written in Java can be conveniently run in various platform environments. However, in the actual development process, some underlying programming is sometimes required. For example, in order to prevent software theft, we hope

qt5.x app on Mac OS X and Windows platform Publishing process

QT is a very powerful cross-platform development tool that can now be developed for Mac OS X,Windows,Linux,Android,IOS and other platforms. App. For android and IOS platforms, publishing is relatively easy, for example,the Android platform is

Install different versions of PHP under Mac with Brew

The MAC OS X 10.9.5 system has its own Apache and PHP, but it is not enabled by default, we will enable them. the default version of Apache is apache/2.2.26 (Unix), PHP 5.4.30. as the debugger requires, I need to install the lower version of php5.

Mac OS x under Go install, use, delete

Download and install Download-Download the installation package and install it on the official website Installation Default installation Then run at the terminal go version , if a message similar to the following

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