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New MacBook Air is cheaper and faster

of 6288 yuan, compared to the previous reduction of 1100 yuan, and 13-inch models starting price of 6988 yuan, the price reduced by 1000 yuan. Obviously, a small update + lower price strategy for users who have not bought a MacBook Air before, but still attractive, but for the old user is not significant.   Cut prices to buy more time According to previous sales reports in the US market, Apple's Mac prod

How to run MB Star xentry DAS on Macbook Air

and install EdDas/xentry. -(the only offline SCN coding/programming version without issues)According to the Skdrasher script but with some modifications.Like in my PC installations I skipped his step 6 (Vboxservice installation). On a PC, I always get both error messages while installing the first of the "DVD ' s. The first one (no ..... getspdir file or similar text) I ignore and a bit later another error

Install Windows 7 on Macbook Air

Apple installed Windows 7 dual systems on Macbook Air is very mighty recently. Almost all Apple products have become synonymous with taste. The ultra-thin appearance of Macbook air has certainly captured the hearts of N people, it has become one of the essential tools for installation of many petty assets. However, ins

Let Win7 dual system strong in the MacBook Air

1. Open the Finder in the MacBook, find the applications and open the Bootcamp. 2. Click Bootcamp to enter its software interface, choose "Continue" according to its prompts. When you click "Continue", you will see an interface with the computer system "create a Partition for Windows" (a partition for Windows) where you can create a Windows partition that allocates hard disk space between your Mac system and Windows system. Windows 7 system can be ab

11-inch Apple MacBook Air evaluation

program. Overall, if just use it for some of the day-to-day basic use, in fact, the effect and other products are not much different, running fast and smooth, in the Geekbench score of 6113 points. The machine and the former are equipped with the main 1.3GHZ Core i5 Haswell processor, with 4GB memory space, in addition to the difference between the two for battery life, the other is similar. To sum up, the 11-inch MacBook

Install Windows 8 with boot camp on MacBook Air

The Windows 8 consumer preview version is released, combining PC and mobile OS into one. As a public beta version of Win8, it focuses on the features of tablet Operation Experience, built-in app stores, cloud services, and social sharing. We plan to use the MacBook Air to experience Windows 8 and try the new version of Windows.

How does a Macbook air install a dual system

MacBook Air installs dual system method. 1, first in the Mac system "utility" to find the "Boot Camp Assistant" program icon, open and follow the prompts, in the original Mac partition a space to create a Windows partition, partitioned out of the partition can only be used to install the system, That is, Windows has only one C partition after installation. The size of the partition depends on your n

Windows 7 dual system tutorial on MacBook Air

Apple has been so powerful lately that almost all of Apple's products have become synonymous with taste, MacBook Air ultra-thin beautiful figure, of course, also captured the n many people's heart, has become a large number of petty bourgeoisie, but one of the necessary artifacts, but, the load is a price, many domestic web sites, software programs incompatible Mac OS X system, Can only run under Windows Sy

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