mailing list hosting

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Git Version Management tool (i)

Git is a distributed version Control tool, and its author, Linus Torvalds, introduces us to git--the stupid content tracker (a fool-like tracker)1. Git backgroundGit was originally written by Linus Torvalds, a version control tool for Linux kernel

"Turn" shared software made $1 million, and why didn't you? && my software to promote the success of the road

Some shareware made $1 million, and why didn't you?Transferred from: Dreamgoal Original: Steve PavlinA few months ago, I decided to conduct an informal long-term study of the

Free space: free php space at home and abroad

We currently provide the following:100 MB space and 1 GB bandwidth/monthDatingOne-day FTP account3rd email account3rd MySQL database2nd sub-accountsThere is absolutely no advertisement INFORCED or requirement. You can also freely place ads like

The business plan set up by Jinshan Excellence Network

Head   record a .  business plan ..... ........... ............ ........... ....... ...... ....... ...... ... 31. Website positioning ... ..... ..... ...... ..... ...... ..... ..... ... ........... ....... ...... ....... ...... ... 32. Website

Understanding node. js

Understanding node. jsPosted on 29/4/10 by Felix Geisendörfernode. JS has generally caused II reactions in people I ' ve introduced it to. Basically people either "got it" right away, or they ended up being very confused.If you have been in the

Bluehost Virtual Host purchase diagram

The virtual host Bluehost host parameters are as follows, I bought 24 months of 6.95 dollars a month PayPal payment method: I. Overview of products and services: Monthly fee: USD us$7.95 (free set fee, toll-free URL) A Host account, setting up 6

How to write technical documents in a novice programmer's Guide

Why do I have to write a document? You'll be using your code in 6 months. I find it more appealing to start by explaining the problem from a self-interested perspective. The best reason to write a document is that you will use your code in 6

The JACOB project:a java-com Bridge What is Jacob? The "JACOB is a" java-com bridge "allows" to call COM Automation components from JAVA. It uses JNI to make native calls into the COM and Win32 libraries. The JACOB project started in 1999 and are being

Why computer students want to learn Linux open source Technology

by Falcon of Tinylab.org2013/08/25Linux open source related technology is very important for students, especially computer majors, the following are discussed in several aspects:Research platformBecause of the advantages of open source, there are a

Best C # web sites (highly recommended)

ArticleDirectory Code Search Engines Best C # Web Sites Posted by timm 11 comments» Recently I posted a list of the best C # blogs. Today we recognize the best C # web sites. Following (in alphabetical order) are the

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