make website compatible with mobile devices

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Select Media query based on design is not based on mobile devices

Article Introduction: a media query based on design. At the outset, we had used media queries from specific mobile devices on our site and served us, because we just needed an emergency response design solution to suit the iphone and the

(RPM) HTML5 development framework for mobile devices

Transferred from: HTTP://BLOGREAD.CN/IT/ARTICLE/5449?F=WBA long time ago to organize a mobile phone website into a mobile application of the JS framework. After more than a year, a lot of new technology has emerged, below to summarize the following

Windows Mobile development FAQ

1. Q: Which project type can I select to create a smart device application when creating a project? A: In the Create Project dialog box of Visual Studio, select Visual C # or Visual Basic project type, select the smart Device template, select the

Basic knowledge about Android 17: FAQs about Android devices and test Essentials

Android device FAQ risks Why do we need to discuss the risks of Android first? According to an astonishing data, the number of Android OS bugs reported by hardware manufacturers (ihvs), developers, and users has reached 0.12 million, this includes

Mobile Payment-fixed the problem of Firefox session loss on Android mobile devices

Speaking of this Firefox mobile version bug under Android, this is definitely a dog blood experience, such a regular release has been around for three months. The task in this regular release is about payment enhancement. at the beginning, I

Build a Cross-Industry mobile platform APP with Web technologies

 Fine-selection article-development tips Share to Plurk Share on FaceBook  Build a Cross-Industry mobile platform APP with Web technologies‧ Jun/Gao Yi Zhong 05:38:38 Due to the rapid popularization of Online mobile devices (such as smart phones

Suggestions and taboos in Mobile web design

In this article, I will try to uncover the mystery of mobile web development, in other words, how the code is designed to be accepted for the user experience on a mobile device. I'll explain the difference between the mobile web and the regular Web

Mobile Game trends and related j2s APIs (zt)

Summary Mobile games have made remarkable achievements and become one of the fastest growing parts of the IT industry. In this article, the author Michael yuan focused on analyzing the characteristics and current situation of this exciting new

10 Big Mobile end of the website Case Passion Appreciation

Research on network environment According to the CNNIC 32nd Internet Development Survey, as of June 2013, the total size of Chinese mobile phone users reached 464 million. Among them, the handset browser user scale is 369 million, the year-on-year

Mobile Web Design: Suggestions and taboos in web design

Article Description: If you are preparing a mobile device version for your site, this article will be quite useful to you, in this article, will explore the mobile Web page coding design of the various techniques and considerations. If

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