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How to use the mapping map of Scala's various collections (6)

1. Create a map 1) Create immutable mappings scala> val status = Map (1, "a", 2, "B")[int,string] = map (1, A, 2- > B) scala> val status = Map ((1, "a"), (2, "B"))

Reverse Engineering (RE) Reverse Modeling Technology

Geometric modeling technology has been widely used in product development and manufacturing. However, for various reasons, there are still many products that are not described by the CAD model, and the design and manufacturer are facing the physical

C ++ getting started -- map of the standard template library

C ++ getting started -- map of the standard template library Map is an associated container of STL, which provides one-to-one (the first can be called a keyword, each keyword can only appear once in map, and the second can be called the value of

Implementing reverse proxy in squid

Implementing reverse proxy in squid Introduction This document describes reverse proxies, and how they are used to improve web server performance. section 1 gives an introduction to reverse proxies, describing what they are and what they are used.

Tenth chapter: Using Mapkit to develop map services

I. Use of the MAPKIT framework Mapkit.framework uses the Mkmapview class to represent map controls, and developers can add maps by adding and displaying controls in the application interface. The common properties of the Mapkitview class are as

Cocos2d-x learning notes (16) -------- & gt; grid map in Cocos2d-x engine, cocos2d-x learning notes

Cocos2d-x learning notes (16) --------> grid map in Cocos2d-x engine, cocos2d-x learning notesGrid mapIntroduction to 2D game grid map: In a grid map game, a map is composed of a group of images called "tiles. These images are placed in a whole grid.

Simple use of Baidu map-html js and Baidu map htmljs

Simple use of Baidu map-html js and Baidu map htmljs I. Introduction Baidu map JavaScript API is an application interface written in JavaScript language. It helps you build map applications with rich functions and strong interactivity on your

IOS Development Series-Map and location source code detailed _ios

Overview Now many social, electrical, and group purchase applications have introduced maps and positioning functions, it seems that map function is no longer a map application and navigation applications unique. Indeed, with the map and positioning

Ninja invincible-Examples of Cocos2d-x tile map, examples of cocos2d-x

Ninja invincible-Examples of Cocos2d-x tile map, examples of cocos2d-xThe instance is relatively simple. There is a ninja genie on the map, and the player clicks the top, bottom, left, and right of his surroundings to walk in this direction. When he

A brief talk on the map of Java by value (map sort through value) _java

A map is a collection of key-value pairs, also called a dictionary or associative array, and is one of the most common data structures. How do you get a map sorted by value in Java? It seems simple, but it's not easy! For example, the key in the

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