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Entering the age of Material Design and the age of materialdesign

topic or call Window. setStatusBarColor. The surface of icons/photos/images and other front elements will be colored with "ink. They do not need shadows or gradient effects. The color can be extracted from the image to adapt to the UI elements on the surface. InCode: implemented through the Palette support library. Signature element: Use the icon of material design

The most well-worth collection of bootstrap resources website

If you are looking for bootstrap icons, today's recommendations are absolutely important to you! In this article, we have integrated the free font icon on this set of frames (and, of course, it will be updated continuously). As you know, icon fonts have many advantages in a Web page design: They are easy to use, not just images, but a carrier. The size is freely scaled and can be adapted to various sizes of

IDC must learn--CDN learning

content distribution method is selected differently. In general, push is suitable for content access comparison, such as hot video streaming content ull way more suitable for the situation of content access scattered. In the process of content distribution, the key to the cache device is the need to establish a content source URL, a URL for the content publication, a URL that the user accesses, and a mapping between where the content is stored in the cache. 3. Content storage technology for

The use of icons in web design and the collection of resources

well as some useful free icon material collection, I hope you can enjoy!  Icon Design Style What we usually call "icon design" actually covers a fairly large area. Small to the Web page those solid color flat small logo, large to PS and AI carved out of the object Wind app icon, are in the category of icon design. E

Self-built CDN defends against DDoS attacks

Self-built CDN defends against DDoS attacks Self-built CDN to defend against DDoS attacks (1): Build a persistent defense line Preface This topic is the content we shared in the OWASP Hangzhou region security salon at the end of 2013. Here we resummarized the overall content of this topic and formed a text version. In this article, the case and response experience of DDoS come from the actual scenarios of a

With Bootstrap, you no longer have to worry about website front-end design-PHP development

Bootstrap provides comprehensive and beautiful documentation. You can find all the detailed documents on HTML elements, HTML and CSS components, and jQuery plug-ins. It's a little time to see Bootstrap. For the front-end design of the website, Bootstrap seems to have been applied. It took a lot of time to design the rounded corner buttons. Now, you can simply add a css class style, what's more, you can vis

Revealing Apple's latest operating system Yosemite icon Design

application especially like to design the icon to this shape. It may be that the icon design for the tilted rectangle has more flexibility, and it is often possible to add the entity elements of the object to the icon to make it look more personalized.  Material and Highlights Nowadays, the low saturation color has been replaced by the warm and bri

Programmer, maybe this is the 10 footage you're looking for.

Introduction: Sanlian material network design material free download, including high-definition images, psd layered material, vector graphics, ppt templates, Web templates, fonts, icons and other design image download.4. Website

A set of practical material design style material!

interesting. System iconsmaterial Design This is a set of small icon collections made by Google, and it's worth noting that this set of icons is not hollow. Action Button If you're thinking about how to do the material

CDN acceleration in China

other major operators, this ensures that users in different regions and networks can enjoy excellent access quality. Comprehensive Redundancy mechanism: provides complete redundancy at the device, node, and network levels to ensure that normal user access is not affected when a device or node fails. Powerful security protection mechanism: a complete security mechanism in system design can effectively prevent hacker intrusion and reduce various D. d.

35 sets of icons and webpage elements for flat design

High-quality materials: 20 sets of free small icon materials on webpages Share 25 beautiful free Webpage icons Huge treasure of webpage materials: 50 sets of exquisite icon Materials Flat Web Elements I want to downloadFree Flat Icon Set (30 Icons) I want to downloadShades of Free Flat Icon Set (44 Icons) I want to downloadFlat UI

"Material Design visual Design language" applied styling

Guo XiaoxingWeibo: Guo Xiaoxing's Sina WeiboEmail:[email protected]Blog: of "Material design language" chapters"Material Design Vision language" beginsMaterial Design Overview for "

50 quality sites to help you discover high quality icons

For web designers, there is always more to the material than the icon. High-quality icons always make Web design projects more efficient, and web designers can focus on more important areas. Today we have integrated 50 of free high-quality icon site, so that you no longer have to use for no icon and worry, whether it is the d

Self-built CDN defense against DDoS (3): subsequent improvements to the architecture

In the first article in this series, we introduced the situation of DDoS attacks on our customer service system and the reasons why we decided to use self-built CDN to solve this problem. Afterwards, we introduced the specific construction plan of self-built CDN, mainly from the following aspects: hardware cost, bandwidth cost, architecture design, and actual dep

Android app development-from design to implementation of 2-5 icon usage

Use of iconsIcons can give the most intuitive impression, sometimes a lot of explanations can not be an icon.The Android app's icons are divided into two categories, App icon: The start icon that represents the entire app on the main screen, is the icon that gives the user the first impression. A successful application development will not be downloaded by users, perhaps depending on the user to see its first eye. System icon: The use of

"Turn" Android MD Design

values.Black: [87% Plain text] [54% Dodge text] [26% disable status/hint text] [12% divider]White: [100% Plain text] [70% Dodge text] [30% disabled status/hint text] [12% divider]Extended reading: "Super convenient!" Material Design Special Online Color toolFive, IconDesktop iconsThe desktop icon size is 48DP X 48DP.Desktop icons are recommended to mimic the act

10 sets of gorgeous Windows 8 Metro icons [2000 + free icons]

Windows 8 is the latest version of Microsoft's Windows operating system with revolutionary changes. The system aims to make people's daily computer operations easier and faster, and provide people with an efficient and easy-to-use work environment. Windows 8 has a beautiful touch interface and a new browsing experience. The design is bold and unique, so I believe it will become popular. Therefore, if you are a designer and want to prepare for Windows

Just take it! Ten material design Open source projects

HomeTen. Material Design IconsFinally, let's introduce the official open source icon set Material design Icons of the Google Material design specification. Conscience Google Open sourc

Latest release: 25 flat-style icons [Free Download]

As we all know, flat design is the latest trend in the field of web design. Almost all webpage design elements, such as buttons, icons, and navigation bars, are flat. So what is a flat design? Flat web design means that the

What is a CDN cache?

What is a CDN? About the CDN is what, prior to computer Pepsi Netizen detailed introduction. CDN is the abbreviation of Content Delivery Network, that is the meaning of "contents distribution network". Generally speaking of the Cdn acceleration, generally refers to the Web site acceleration or user download resources

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