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Add an mbstring extension library for PHP in linux

1. Run the following commands on the Linux host to install the mbstring extension Library: 1. Run the cd command to enter the etcmbstring directory under the php source code directory, for example, srcphp5.2.5, that is, cdsrcphp5.2.5; 2. Run #

Add mbstring extension and linuxmbstring extension to php in Linux

Add mbstring extension and linuxmbstring extension to php in Linux 1. Today, a php function (mb_strcut) is used in the development project, and an error "call to undefind function mb_strcut" is prompted when running the code. First, check whether

Php extension install mbstring

In linux, install mbstring1. Go To The extmbstring directory of the php source package $ cdhomephpextmbstring2. run phpize $ usrlocallibphpbinphpize3. compile mbstring $ in the mbstring directory under the php installation directory. configure --

PHP Add mbstring Extension Library

One, Linux host installation mbstring Extension Library Guide (source installation) The following command is entered at the command line: 1, use the CD command to enter the source code directory of PHP under the etc/mbstring directory, such as

The mbstring extension of php7 under the linux-centos7 cannot be loaded normally, how to solve? -- Solved,

1. problem: the php mbstring extension cannot be loaded normally. 2. environment: centos7.2 virtual machine, PHPVersion & amp; gt; 7.0.8 my php is installed through yum, the installation source uses webstatic, and the mbstring extension also uses

Make PHP support mbstring Library

Mbstring library full name is multi-byte string that all languages have their own encoding, their number of bytes is not the same, the current PHP internal encoding only supports ISO-8859-*, EUC-JP, other coding languages for UTF-8 are not available

How to install mbstring extension in php in linux _ PHP Tutorial

Install the mbstring extension in php in linux. 1. run the Copy code as follows: yuminstallphp-mbstring2. modify php. ini (this step is very important, some lxadmin versions cannot be automatically modified) copy the code as follows: echo 'exte 1.

Enable PHP to support the Mbstring library

Mbstring Library full name is Multi-Byte String that all languages have their own code, their number of bytes is not the same, currently PHP internal code only support iso-8859-*, EUC-JP, UTF-8Other coded languages are not displayed correctly on PHP

Two Methods for installing mbstring extension in php in linux _ php instance

This article mainly introduces two methods for installing the mbstring extension in php in a linux system. For details, refer to use it. 1. Execute The Code is as follows: Yum install php-mbstring 2. Modify php. ini (this step is very

You were my everything PHP prompt could not load or mcrypt did not find PHP extension mbstring workaround

PHP extension mbstring is not found, and you now seem to be using multibyte character sets. PhpMyAdmin that do not have a mbstring extension do not correctly split the string, which can produce unexpected results. Unable to load MCrypt

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