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New malicious program 2000 Plus, mobile Internet calls security barrier

estimated that this means that every day China's hundreds of millions of mobile internet users will face more than 2000 new "dark enemy" attacks, which is not the existence of malicious programs. At the same time, the mobile malicious program more than 99% is for the Android platform, malicious deduction classification of the program accounted for more than 62%, hackers make malicious programs with obvious gains. Love encryption mobile app

Mcafee will release security software for the LinuxMID platform

Article title: Mcafee will release the security software for the LinuxMID platform. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. Mcafee is a world-renowned provider of anti-virus software and intrusion protection solutions

Intel wants to launch security plans to acquire McAfee for $7.68 billion

On the evening of January 1, August 19, Beijing time, a message from the Financial Times shocked the security industry. Chip giant Intel plans to invest $7.68 billion to acquire McAfee, a security company ). Text/figure Wang Wenwen After the message was sent, McAfee's share price rose by more than 50%. Paul Otellini, Chief Executive Officer of Intel, said:

Windows Internet Server Security Configuration _ server

Windows Internet Server Security Configuration Principle article We're going to make a response from every step of the intruder. Step-by-step reinforcement of the Windows system. strengthen the Windows system. In a few ways. 1. Port Restrictions 2. Set ACL permissions 3. Close a service or component 4. Packet filter 5. The Audit We are now starting with the first step of the intruder. The corresponding s

Xfocus Windows Internet Server Security Configuration

Differences between Windows 2003 and later versions 1) Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition (Standard Edition) It also supports dual-circuit processors and 4 GB memory for core products of small and medium enterprises. In addition to all functions of Windows Server 2003 web edition, it also supports Certificate Services, UDDI services, fax services, IAS Internet authentication services, removable storage, RIS, smart cards, Terminal Services, WMS and

"Dangerous WiFi" wireless internet security Risks

habits. Mobile phones will be used to record WiFi hotspots, if the WiFi switch is turned on, the phone will continue to search the perimeter, once encountered with the same name hot will automatically connect, there is the risk of fishing. So when we get into the public area, try not to turn on the WiFi switch, or turn the WiFi into a lock screen and no longer automatically connect, to avoid the connection of malicious wifi without knowing it. Four, the home router management backstage login a

E-commerce Web site internet Security Defense Raiders

E-commerce website, the security of the Internet is very important, especially involved in the payment of this piece. This article summarizes some common common sense of web security defense, for your reference, but also want to be concerned with this piece of peer discussion on this topic.1. Information transfer encrypted HTTPS using symmetric or asymmetric encr

To help protect security, Internet Explorer has restricted this web page from running a script-active ActiveX control that can access the computer. Please click here to get the option

When you make a Web page, if you open the preview locally, it appears: "To help protect security, Internet Explorer has restricted this web page from running a scripting Live ActiveX control that can access your computer." Please click here to get the option ... "In Code Plus, this should be the case:

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