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Sudden power outage or crash causes unsaved files to be recovered

In daily life, occasionally encounter a sudden power outage or computer crashes, we are editing the Word document or Excel file information is missing. In addition to setting up auto-save and self-admission unlucky, there is a way to find these unsaved files, described below.Retrieve a document that suddenly loses power before saving 1As the picture below shows the directory, in this directory there are Excel, Word folder, we did not have time to

Front-end communication: Ajax Design (vii)---Increase request error monitoring, front-end load balancing, request outage switching, and iterative problem repair

if(Param.loadBalancing.isOpen) {//load Open Positive loadtemp = Param.url.replace (/^ (http:\/\/|https:\/\/)/, "). Replace (/^.*?\//, Param.loadbalancing.cluster[tool.random (param.loadbalancing.cluster.length-1, 0)] + '/$ ') }Else{ //If the load does not open, the outage switch is turned on, then go to a if(Param.serviceSwitching.isOpen selfdata.isneedswitching) {Temp= Param.url.replace (/^ (http:\/\/|https:\/

A program that is being compiled that is suddenly interrupted, such as an exception caused by a power outage

Problem description, VS2012 in the run debugging when the crash, helpless under the forced restart, and then open vs always reported the following error: Finally found on the Internet:The program being compiled, suddenly interrupted, such as a power outage, the workaround is: Delete folder c:/windows/ ASP. FilesThe following is an online find of the original data exception from hresult:0x80070057 (E_INVALIDA

Real case: Abnormal power outage causes the virtual machine to fail to start recovery success

Virtual machine Data Recovery failure:The failed storage device is a branded storage EVA8400 model, due to an unexpected power outage in the storage room, a VMware virtual machine in the store could not be started (the Oracle database is stored in the virtual machine), the administrator emptied the cache and attempted to restart the virtual machine but failed. Data recovery is required for the virtual machine that cannot be started.Virtual machine Dat

Server abnormal power outage, resulting in inconsistent Oracle control file version, error ora-00214 resolution record

  Control File Description:Each Oracle generates at least one control file, and one database can have multiple control files, but a control file can belong to only one database.In addition to the database name and its creation date, data files, log files and other related information inside the control file, the system change number, checkpoint information and the current status of the archive are stored during the system operation.For security reasons, the database automatically creates 2 to 3

C # Visio Two development of the electrical wiring outage analysis logic

Power outage analysis, as the name suggests, is the logical analysis of the drawings for power outages. In the electrified line, a line is from a power supply, connecting a lot of equipment, power outage analysis, there are two important roles: first, see whether the shape on the drawings are connected to the normal, and the second is to see which equipment has no electricity. By giving an electrically-powe

Web Server Outage Diagnostic method

following issues need to be addressed:? Whether it is a power outage, generator testing and other similar problems affecting the overall physical environment ?? and Web is the server's communication completely blocked, or is some IP segment can still be used ?? Whether you can also manage servers ?is there an exception record in the log? ?These are just a few questions that administrators need to answer immediately, and solve the problems before they

Linux under lock processing data file. Assuming a sudden power outage, does this lock ever exist on this file after a reboot?

First lock information is not part of the file? Next, will the power outage automatically disappear or will never be released (because the process of setting up the lock no longer exists)? Reply content: First lock information is not part of the file?Next, will the power outage automatically disappear or will never be released (because the process of setting up the lock no longer exists)? File lock u

Example of recovering data from a xenserver outage that caused the system to crash

Because of the sudden power outage caused the company's internal computer room XenServer host hung up, the system can not start, downtime before the system configuration isCpu:e5 2630 v3Memory: 128GBStorage: 3T West number Purple Plate 5 blockArray Card: LSI 9361-8iThe disk took 5 blocks to do RAID5, and when the outage failed to start, I took a lsi9361-8i card and 6 3T disks (the importance of hardware spa

Server abnormal power outage causes Windows MySQL service startup 1067 error

Tags: problem solving innodb mysql for inno over causes the Tomcat service to be addedServer abnormal power outage causes Windows MySQL service startup 1067 error 1. Enter My.ini in the D:\candaoserver\mysql\ below to add a line innodb_force_recovery =1 start MySQL, Successful start-up tool to connect the database successfully, but there are some tables in the database can not open the report 1146 2. Then add a line to the My.ini below the D:\candaose

MySQL cannot start after an accidental power outage

server starts unexpectedly after power outage MySQL Database error:Another MySQL daemon already running withthe same UNIX socket.Log on Locally MySQL database tip:ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can ' t connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock ' (111)Reason:MySQL no normal stop, after the machine restarts Mysql.sock always exists, but after the machine restarts MySQL actually for the start,so we need to put /var/lib/mysql under the

SQL2005 Power outage Restart database suspect repair success story

.NBSP; experienced Professional Engineer to provide services 5. before data recovery is quoted, the customer acknowledges the consent of the engineer to begin data repair 6. "Important Reminder "unit of the database in use, such as the situation of sudden power outage, the probability of database corruption is very large, we recommend that customers back up data in real time. After the database is damaged, do not blindly repair the proce

Linux server outage, data loss how to recover data

Tags: action linu generate additional metadata boot partition server strong work[Data Recovery failure description]A Linux Web server, DELL R200, manages about 50 websites, using a single SATA 160GB HDD. A sudden outage in normal use, the attempt to start again failed to remove the hard drive detects the presence of about 100 bad sectors.After a data recovery company repaired the bad path, it tried for about 3 days and did not recover successfully.·[D

Simultaneous DDoS attacks caused by a large number of connections, resulting in a transceiver outage, a large area of user time out of the line

grab the bag ...I turned on the main switch mirroring mode, grasping the main interface data, so as to ensure that all the user's data, so as to facilitate the analysis3, waited for about 3 hours, when I was ready to give up, suddenly the user again abnormal fall off the line ... At this time the clutch software is also jammed ....I know that at this time a large number of packet attacks caused the computer to be unable to respond ... So now I can only wait.4, probably waited for half an hour o

A sudden power outage when hot backup

Alter TABLESPACE users begin backup;PowerStartupSelect status from V$instance;Alter TABLESPACE users end backup;ALTER DATABASE open;-----------------------------------------------------[Email protected]>alter tablespace users begin backup;Tablespace altered.[Email Protected]>shutdown abortORACLE instance shut down.[Email Protected]>startupORACLE instance started.Total System Global area 830930944 bytesFixed Size 2231048 bytesVariable Size 616563960 bytesDatabase buffers 205520896 bytesRedo buffe

Problems after Linux power outage

/:unexpected inconsistency; RUN FSCK manually.(i.e.,without-a or-p options)[FAILED]* * * error occurred during the file system check.* * * dropping to a shell; the system would reboot* * * when you leave the shell.Give root password for maintenance(or type control-d to continue):The solution is as follows,Enter the root passwordCheck hard disk condition DFRepairFSCK/DEV/HDA1 (hda1 is my hard drive mount name, your own check DF)Fsck-a-yRestart rebootProblems after Linux power

Outage of Linux

transfers the control to the appropriate handler entry , runs the corresponding handler, and then returns to the original interrupt after the corresponding processing. Of course, as mentioned earlier, this version (2.2.5) Linux only provides a handler for the interrupt vector number 0-17. The whole process of interrupt processingFor interrupt vectors other than 0-31 and 0x80, it is primarily used to handle external device interrupts, and after the system has been initialized, the process o

Space-led Forum database outage events

consistent, but the interval is not the same, and the time of day is not the same as the suspicion of a friend attack. Because the Web server is load balanced, it does not feel a problem with the load on the Web server, and it is the load balancer that masks this hidden event. At the same time, the design of the monitoring system does not accurately statistics the IP address of the access time interval data, only the statistics of Access window data. This to solve the problem further provide cl

Suspicious repair of SQL2008 power outage

examines and fixes the reported errors. However, these fixes may cause some data loss.DBCC CheckDB (zhangxing, Repair_allow_data_loss)4. Turn the database back into multi-user modeALTER DATABASE zhangxing SET multi_userYou can also do this:1: Re-establish a, same database, path name, file all the same.2: Turn off SQL Server service;3: Copy the source files.4: The SQL Server service is turned on, so the problem is solved.The above is the SQL Server 2008 database is marked as suspect two solution

Database outage Migration oracle10g instances

; Create directory Dump_dir as '/oracle ';Sql> Grant Read,write on the directory Dump_dir to U1; According to the user export, you can export stored procedures, data, views, indexes and so on. EXPDP system/oracle schemas=u1 dumpfile= ' u1.dump ' Directory=dump_dir version= 2 target database operations 2.1 Create tablespaces and userssql> Create tablespace U12 Logging3 datafile '/home/oracle/oradata/db1/u1.dbf '4 size 30m5 Autoextend on6 Next 32m7 MaxSize 100m8 extent management Local;S

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