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Analysis of Micro-transaction psychology of mobile vs PC games

than small micro-transactions that win by quantity. This model allows users to pay for rounds or competitions, and will definitely force all PC game players away. A worse way is to give paying players only one chance to get what they want. As we have mentioned in previous articles, we must treat PC game players with a clear and clear attitude. Let them know that if they spend X dollars, they will be able

Running Android games on your PC

the Android software on the PC? Bluestacks app Player says no to this idea! The Software installation process is no different from the general PC software, and it does not require any setup at all, since the software does not currently provide any advanced setup functionality at all. The installation process is no different from the general PC softw

Unity for Windows:ii–publishing Unity games to Windows Store

Original address: 8 is a new OS with a Windows Store where can distribute your apps to millions of the users world wide, for both PC , laptops and tablets.You can sell your apps, use In-app purchases Or/and with ads to monetize!(Publishing to Windows Phone 8 'll be covered in part III)Today we are going to expo

Microsoft: Xbox One is also a Windows PC

(Original title: Microsoft: Xbox One is also a Windows PC)Earlier, Microsoft brought the new Windows 10-based system to Xbox One, with players not only gaining a new system interface, but also being able to stream games with their own Windows PC and even compatible with prev

Microsoft win Tablet PC Surface experience Summary Share

worse than the ipad. 2, office is really a surprise, I copied word, Excel, PPT in, especially the PP is a more complex with a large graphic diagram of the file, the perfect open, and the computer with the same touch. 3, touch gestures are very rich, learning gestures spent half a day, now only calculate basic will use. 4, from the Business office point of view, a USB interface on the end of the ipad, I put all the USB devices are taken out to try, all support, it seems that we are really sil

Microsoft Windows 8 Store supports Alipay and gift card payment

Starting October 7, the Windows 8/8.1 China Store (which needs to be updated to the latest edition) has started to support the use of Alipay to purchase applications. At the same time, the Windows gift Card recharge channel, which was not available in the store, was previously open and could be paid with the Microsoft account balance, ready for the upcoming Windo

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