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At Intel™The processor transplanted OpenGL * games to Android * (Part 2)

This article is the second part of the two sections, discussing the obstacles to porting OpenGL games to Google Android. Before you start a game implant project (including differences in OpenGL extensions, floating point support, texture compression formats, and the GLU Library), you should recognize these obstacles. It also describes how to use OpenGL ES to set up an Android development system for the Intel Atom

intel® Xeon Phi? Processor Optimization Tutorials

Original link Download file1. IntroductionThis tutorial will cover a variety of optimization applications to support their intel? Xeon Phi? Run on the processor. The optimization process in this tutorial is divided into three parts: The first section describes general optimization techniques for vectorization (data parallelization) processing of code. The second section describes how to add thr

Based on intel® Xeon? caffe* training on multi-node distributed memory systems for the processor E5 product family

Original linkDeep Neural Network (DNN) training is a computationally intensive project that takes days or weeks to complete on a modern computing platform. In a recent article on Intel? Xeon? In single-node Caffe scoring and training for the E5 product family, we demonstrated a 10 times-fold performance improvement in the caffe* framework based on the AlexNet topology and reduced the single-node training ti

Intel processor identification and cpuid command (2) cpuid command

: Genuineintel(*) Any imitators of Intel processor architecture can support cpuid commands, but they cannot claim that their architecture is a real intel architecture. Therefore, this string is a guarantee that the cpuid command and processor Signature Based on it fully comply with the instructions in this document. If

Chapter 8 Intel System Programming Guide-multi-processor management

This chapter is selected from the Intel official documentation and translated by myself. Note that the following English word cache is used. If C is in uppercase, that is, cache, it indicates the term "cache". If C is in lowercase, that is, cache, indicates the verb -- indicates saving data to a high-speed buffer storage. Intel 64 and the IA-32 architecture provide the ability to manage and enhanc

Version number of RHEL6 used Intel Xeon Processor Time bug

Unfortunately in the first few days "Oracle operation and maintenance of the high-level team" on. BBQ God says a lot of rhel bugs. This bug in this example, the following URL: is no problem with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 kernels.It is also recommended that you install the rhel6.5 version number in a production environment.The detailed description is described in the following posts: following full text r

At Intel™The processor transplanted OpenGL * games to Android * (Part 1)

not including the external wing system. The first part of this article describes how to use OpenGL ES on the Android platform through the software development kit (SDK) or Android Native Development Tool Kit (NDK), and how to determine the method to choose. This section also describes the OpenGL ES sample applications in various sdks and NDK, as well as Java * native interfaces (JNI). This allows you to use Java and C/C ++ components in combination. In addition, we also discussed how to determi

Intel processor structure-multi-core programming study Note 1

Single-core processor Computer system diagram: The previous chipset consists of two chips, called nanqiao and beiqiao, which are connected through PCI. Later, Intel replaced beiqiao with MCH (memory controller hub) and ICH (I/O controller hub) with nanqiao. The two were connected using DMI (direct media interface. In addition, the master processor is connected t

Single-node Caffe scoring and training based on the intel® Xeon E5 series processor

Original linkThe importance of Deep neural network (DNN) applications is increasing in many areas, such as Internet search engines and medical imaging.Pradeep Dubey An overview of Intel in its blog post? Architecture Machine Learning vision. Intel is implementing the machine learning vision outlined in the Pradeep Dubey blog post and is working on developing software solutions to accelerate machine learning

Underlying smart Intel Xeon E5 processor analysis (1)

Intel released the Xeon E5-2600/1600 series processor in early March, following the famous Tick-Tock strategy. The generation of Xeon E5-2600 series still follows the SandyBridge architecture adopted by single-channel Xeon E3, but because E5 is a product for dual-channel applications, it is named "SandyBridge-EP ". As Intel's main product, Xeon E5-2600/1600 series proce

Analysts said AMD is surpassing intel in high-end Processor R & D

the system. Dell CEO Kevin rawlins' said on Wednesday that although AMD has improved its production technology, it still faces some obstacles. The most important thing is that the customer has not yet requested an AMD processor, dell pays more attention to listening to customers' opinions rather than simply providing goods to customers. On the other hand, amd cannot provide so many Intel chips, although I

Intel will launch 14 nanometer processor chips in 2014)

|1393 times| [Existing6Comments: Comments Source: CCID|Author: Tianhong|Add to my favorites On August 18, December 5, intel recently disclosed that it was the first time it used 14 Nanometer Processing technology to manufacture a successfully tested chip circuit, according to foreign media reports. Intel plans to use 14 Nanometer Processing technology to produce a

Intel Core I7-4960X Processor evaluation

For PC enthusiasts, the most want to see the computer is more and more powerful, a generation of CPUs can be improved with the passage of time. As is known to all, Intel is the world's largest manufacturer of semiconductor chips, and if the core i7-3970x Sandy BRIDGE-E processor It manufactures is compared with the upcoming Intel Ivy Bridge-e

Intel processor memory vulnerabilities can be exploited to attack all systems

Intel processor memory vulnerabilities can be exploited to attack all systems-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. On August 18, July 15, according to foreign media reports, security researcher Kris Kaspersky recently said he would show how to exploit intel

Intel Sixth generation Processor Skylake platform installation Windows7

Note: This method is not necessarily suitable for all notebooks, some notebooks still can not solve the USB drive problem, if there is a better solution to welcome advice.Before reading this article if your laptop is using the Intel sixth generation Skylake platform CPU, you may have the following error message when installing the system via a USB flash drive or an external USB drive:Booting the installation via USB flash drive or Windows7 can boot no

What does Intel fourth Daicouri processor numbers and letters mean?

The front core and IX logo are exactly the same as the previous generation and do not introduce more.First "4": Represents the Intel Core fourth generation processor;Second "5" "6" "7" "8" "9": Represents the processor level, the higher the number of the performance level;Third "3" "5" "0": this is basically the corresponding core graphics card model, where "3" f

Google abandoned Intel, nvidia secret development processor

Not long ago, Google go robot Alphago swept the Korean king Li Shishi, the data show that the AI (artificial intelligence) equipment piled up a lot of top chip.With a minimum of 48 CPUs and 1 GPUs, the highest configuration, Alphago, is known as Alphago distributed, which was installed in March as 1920 CPUs and 280 GPUs, and is constantly being upgraded. At that time, the external chip providers were Intel and Nvidia. However, from the I/O conference

Exposure to Intel Haswell processor Price

Intel's next Generation 4000 series codenamed "Haswell" processors are expected to be available in a matter of weeks, and the price of the series of processors is now being exposed on the Internet. Although it will not be available until June, the price comparison information for the Haswell 4000 series with the Ivy Bridge 3000 series has now appeared on the Intel website. Given that there are multiple agents under

Intel Seventh Generation Kabylake processor shipping Time

According to the foreign media, Intel will be the fastest in September to bring the seventh generation Kabylake Architecture core processor products. It is now almost certain that Intel will vigorously develop Low-power mobile terminals and low voltage processors over the next few years, for use on the two-in-oneness flat and ultra-polar platforms. The r

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