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Use shell to write a mysql data backup script and shellmysql Data Backup

Use shell to write a mysql data backup script and shellmysql Data Backup Ideas It's actually very simple. Write a shell script and use mysqldump of

Server Data Backup (shell timed script backup mysql)

Mysql backup policies can be divided into four types: 1) directly copy database files (not recommended) 2) use mysqlhotcopy to back up the database 3) Use mysqldump to back up the database 4) use the master-slave replication mechanism (for real-time database backup) Mysqldump is widely used and easy to operate. The following describes the mysqldump

Online MySQL backup and remote copy to Remote Backup Server shell script

This script implements the following functions: 1. Backing up mysql databases online; 2. Saving backup logs to log files; 3. compressing data backup files; 4. Remotely ftp the compressed file to the backup server; 5. deleting data that has been backed up locally for more tha

CentOS MySQL timed backup shell script sharing _linux Shell

1. Backup statement Copy Code code as follows: #/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqldump-utest-ptest Test--socket=/tmp/mysql.3306.sock >/usr/local/mysql_backup/3306/ test-' Date +%y%m%d '. sql.gz Statement Description:/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqldump:mysql installation directory-utest: Divided into two piec

MySQL Backup shell script code _linux shell in Linux

First step: Define your backup directory on your Linux server: Copy Code code as follows: Mkdir/var/lib/mysqlbackup Cd/var/lib/mysqlbackup The second step: The following is the most important step, is to write a scheduled backup script. Copy Code code as follows: VI The code file is as follows

MySQL incremental backup binary log shell script

Tags: mysql incremental backup binary log shell #!/bin/bash #? DATE:2017-10 #? Description:backup?mysql?binary?logs #? version:0.1 db_user= "root" myisam_db= "MySQL" db_passwd= "123456" host= "localhost" export? Path= "/usr/local/mysql

[MySQL] daily backup shell script

Tags: data shell crontab MySQL backup Use mysqldump to back up MySQL data for a fixed time of day. #!/bin/bash #每天早上4点, MySQL backup data orangleliu #chmod #crontab-E #0 4 * * */home/erya/run/moniter/mysql

Shell script backup MySQL database

Tags: shell mysql mysqldump(1) Ideas(2) Practical casesWrite MySQL database backup script, you can backup any database, enter a, backup a library, enter B,

MySQL Data backup Import export description and corresponding shell script

;source D:/i5a6.sql Above all is the comparison scattered code, below we look at the shell code The first thing I want to bring to you in this article is the full script. The script is described later. I assume you already know shell scripting, mysqldump and crontab. Database Export Code The cod

"Lazy shell script" eight--regular backup MySQL database table implementation

update_time;";Echo "rst_sql=$rst _sql" #ret =$ (mysql-u $DB _user-h ${db_ip}-p${db_pass} $DB _name-e "$sql");ret=$ (mysql-h${db_ip} $DB _name - e "$rst _sql");Echo $ret #删除dispose表信息Dispose_sql="Delete from $DISPOSE _table where judge_time $delete _date ORDER by judge_time;";Echo "dispose_sql=$dispose _sql"ret=$ (mysql-h${db_ip} $DB _name - e "$dispose _sql");E

Shell script + crontab for automatic MySQL data backup and compression

When there is more and more data in the database, how important is data backup. Next we will use shell scripts + crontab scheduled tasks to back up MySQL data (supporting multiple databases ), I will not explain the usage of shell and crontab too much here. If you are not familiar with it, you can refer to relevant mat

Shell simple full-Backup mysql script case

Shell simple full-backup mysql script case [root @ cacti mysql] # cat backup. sh #! /Bin/sh # created by taiyang #2012-9-16 # function: backup

MySQL timed backup shell script

#!/bin/bash# every morning at 4, MySQL backs up data #chmod theBackup.SH#crontab-e#0 4* * * */home/erya/run/moniter/mysql_backup.SHUser="radius"Password=""Host="localhost"db_name="radius"#backup Directory Base_dir="/home/backup"Backup_log="${base_dir}/mysql_backup.log"Backup_path=${base_dir}#file InfoDate=$(Date+"%y-%m-%d") filename= $

MySQL backup and synchronization shell script

#! /Bin/bash # Backup ad dbserver svr122.16to svr12234 # Sip = CD/usr/local/yicha/tools/cnshop/backup /; Synchronize shell scripts. Original Author mr. Jin========================================================== ========================================================== === Tables_list = 'table. list' Tb_list = 'cat $ tables_list | grep-V "#"'

A simple Mysql backup shell script _mysql

#!/bin/bash #this is a script of MySQL backup if [!-d/mydata/data1/backup]; then mkdir/mydata/data1/backup fi CD /mydata/data1/backup file=$ (find.-type f-mtime-7 | grep. *all.sql) #查找7天内是否有备份的文件 echo $file if [-Z $file]; then e

MySQL Sub-Library backup shell script

#!/bin/bashmyuser=rootmypass=passwordsocket= "/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock" mycmd= "mysql-u $MYUSER-p$MYPASS" MYDUMP= " Mysqldump-u $MYUSER-p$mypass "backup_dir="/work/backup/mysql "for Database in ' $MYCMD-e" show databases; "|Sed ' 1,2d ' |egrep-v "Mysql|schema" ' Do if [!-f

Go centos-mysql backup Shell script

Http:// mysqldump to back up the database, upload to the backup server via FTP, and keep the backup files locally. Create a new Shell script filevi/home/work/backup.shAdd the following content:#! /bin/bashsqlbakname=_u1_sql_$ (date +%y%m%d). Tar.gzmysqldump

MySQL regular backup database shell script detailed

yesterday's backupBin_dir= "/usr/local/mysql/bin"Bck_dir= "/home/zhangy/database_bak" # Backup pathCD $BCK _dir# Delete Previous backup of this database, because my Linux also has 2G hard disk space, depressed.If [-F $YESTERDAY $db_name ". sql"]ThenRm-f $YESTERDAY $db_name ". sql"Fi# Backup${bin_dir}/mysqldump--opt-u$

Linux shell script export backup MySQL database

Recently, the company has a need to query the MySQL database from the status of 60 data and export. The instance code is as follows : #!/bin/bashDir= "/cache1" # #要存到导出数据的目录名open= "Open" # #导出数据的文件名称Open_dir= "${open}.$ (date +%y%m%d)" # #导出数据的文件名称, distinguished by dateDb= "/OPT/TRUSTEDM/MYSQL/CURRENT/BIN/MYSQL-UROOT-PMV_XQ_MV" # #数据库连接语句$db-dmed_001-e "Select

Linux shell script for MySQL database scheduled backup

attention to the next: The shell script under 01.linux defines the format of the variable as: key=value, notice that there is no space before or after the "=" between them, or the system cannot confirm the variable.02. The line marked in red, the first character that resembles a single quote "'" is actually not a single quote, and its input key is below the ESC key of the keyboard.03. This

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