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Ubuntu 16.04 installs VLC player, replaces system default player

VLC player should be said to be the best video player in the open source project, but not only for video playback, but also for live video and so on. You can search for letters by installing the subtitle plugin.Installation steps:1. Installation:sudo add-apt-repository ppa: VideoLAN/master-dailysudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get Install VLC2. Configure the default player

To remove Media Player as the default player for the WIN8 system

In the case of China, users use a wider range of players, such as Storm audio and video, fast seeding, and a host of local software, not Windows's system player Media Player. But sometimes media player plays a certain medium file as the default program, so how do you disable it as the default

VMware Player installs Debian system

Try to install the Debian system with a virtual machine, it is easy to install and uninstall, and can also be used in the case of Linux system installation problems to find a solution on the host, but also avoid the need to reset the partition to install the Linux system (dual system case).On a 64-bit Windows host, the

What is the WMP player version built into the Win7 system?

Q: What is the built-in WMP player version of the Win7 system? A: WMP is a Windows Media player abbreviation, it is the Microsoft system with its own player, as long as the common media format, such as WMV, MP3, WAV, AVI and other media files. At the same time it also takes

Windows XP system cannot install Flash Player solution

Failure Phenomenon: Windows XP system cannot install Flash Player   Reason Analysis: There are a number of reasons why Flash players cannot be installed, and there are generally several reasons for this in the XP system (hardware reasons we do not discuss here): 1. The current computer user does not have administrator privileges. 2. The version you are attem

A preliminary discussion on the media Player under Linux operating system

automatically completed, can only be manually deleted, and for some copy of the plug-in software, may leave a difficult to find the junk file can not be deleted. Background: The software platform of this special test is the Xteamlinux 4.0 standard version provided by Xteam (China) Software Technology Co., Ltd. This version uses the 2.4.6 kernel, has the entire graphical installation interface, can identify the mainstream graphics card, sound card and so on hardware equipment characteristic. In

Win7 system with music player play music very card how to solve

Win7 system with music player play music very card how to solve 1, first right click My Computer to open Device Manager; 2. Find the high Definition audio drive in sound, video and game controllers; 3, right click to find the property, in the driver to open the driver details, view the current driver version, download the appropriate driver from the Internet, is usually a relatively moderate drive

Win7 system desktop icon to become a Windows player how to solve?

Win7 system desktop icon to become a Windows player how to solve? 1, click the Start menu, open "Run", in the box, enter "regedit" Press the ENTER key to open the Registry Editor; 2, in the tree menu in turn expand: hkey_current_usersoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionexplorerfileexts.lnk; 3, expand ". Ink", in the following reserve "Openwithlist" and "Openwithprogids" two items, other su

Introduction to the Flash Player that comes with Windows 8 system Internet Explorer 10

cannot download the Flash installer to reinstall it, and the correct reinstallation should be to reload the IE10 browser by turning off the IE10 feature in appwiz.cpl with "Enable or disable Windows features" in the Enable it. If that doesn't work, you'll need to run dism/online/cleanup-image/restorehealth and even the Sfc/scannnow command to detect and repair problems in Windows 8 system components and system

How to uninstall Media Player playback under the Win7 system

Many people choose which software to play when they look at a downloaded video. There are no other playback software installed on the new Win7 system and you can only use the media player player, but many users find that the media Player player has no practical function at a

Install Ubuntu dual System series-install Adobe Flash Player for Firefox

-player-properties.png├──kde4│└──services│└──kcm_adobe_flash_player.desktop└──pixmaps└──flash-player-properties.png. /icons/hicolor/48x48/apps/flash-player-properties.Png3. Install Adobe Flash Player:Adobe Flash Player installation is easy, as long as the corresponding document is copied to the correct location, the fo

Win7 system prohibits adobe Flash player plug-in automatic Update method sharing

To the Flash software users to detailed analysis of the Win7 system to prohibit the automatic update of the Adobe Flash Player plug-in method. Ways to share: Adobe Flash Player This excellent browser plug-in, so that all major video sites to support it, download the Adobe Flash plug-in, sometimes the installation will be finished immediately,

Player optimization and system performance improvement of Microsoft Group Policy

BKJIA exclusive Article] BKJIA has introduced many group policy applications in previous articles. Today, we will introduce you to group policy applications at a higher level. That is how to use group policies to achieve advanced Windows management and improve system performance. 1) Use group policies to implement Windows Advanced Management 1. Set and lock Windows Media Player appearance Windows 2000/XP/20

WIN8 system prompts the computer not to install Flash Player what to do

Flash player is a very important player in the Windows operating system, and when we play video or flash files we need to use the plugin, but there are some difficult problems in playback, and most recently, users are always prompted to play video in the WIN8 operating system browser. Your computer does not have a Flas

Windows 8 System IE10 cannot install the Flash Player plug-in

The day before yesterday did not know how to do, open IE10 in Windows 8 ready for the Youku movie, open the playback page prompts that Flash Player is not installed. This error, we can refer to this article to troubleshoot the problem, the article listed in the common IE10 Flash content can not open the solution, if these methods have tried the problem is still, then we continue to try the following methods. Before we do this, we need to understand t

How the Mac system player chooses the channel

How does the Mac system player select the channel? Downloaded a movie, the player in the hand can not choose to change the channel, testing the Apple Mac OS X system comes with QuickTime Player, Iqiyi, Sohu, PPTV, even after the fast broadcast, Finally found the Mac

Detailed answers to special Flash Player with Windows 8 system self

is located in%systemroot%system32macromedflash. To manage this Flash Player's disabling and enabling, we need to do it through the IE Browser Add-on management tool. If there is a problem with this special flash Player, it is not possible to reinstall it by downloading the Flash installer, the correct reload should be to reload the IE10 browser, that is, to turn off the IE10 feature by "Enabling or shutting down

Win8.1 system with PPTV player to see how the movie black screen to solve

Win8.1 system with PPTV player to see how the movie black screen to solve The specific steps are as follows: 1, please open the Windows Media Player player, and then select "Tools-Options-performance-Advanced", "Enable Full-screen mode switching" before the check to restart PPTV network TV, to see if the problem can

The first step of encapsulating the system is to download and install VMware Player (Step tutorial) and vmwareplayer

The first step of encapsulating the system is to download and install VMware Player (Step tutorial) and vmwareplayer The first step of encapsulating the system is to download and install VMware Player. VMware Player is free of charge. 1. Go to the official download websit

The system. disposexml () method is added for Flash Player 10.1 and air 1.5.2.

Garbage collection is a noteworthy sensitive topic for developers. The garbage collection behavior of Flash Player is uncontrollable. Recently, I found that Flash PlayerThe system. disposexml () method is added in 10.1 and air 1.5.2. This is another method that allows developers to manually release memory (although only for XMLObject ). Currently, what I know is that APIs that can release memory are ):

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