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Mac Book Pro macOS10.13.3 installs Qt, QT creator C + + development environment, qt5.11.1, and resolves CMake build: qt mac This file was not part of any project the code

, otherwise, in the later QT version does not have value (just can't find qmake)The rear is a long installation ... Then, need to check the configuration, I am referring to the online check, if you do not like it automatically configure Qt creator can install their own favorite version, and then the QT versions over there to find your

Qt learning notes for Windows 02: Create a project under QT creator

After QT and QT creator are installed, the QT creator shortcut icon is generated on the desktop. 1. Double-click the QT creator shortcut icon to enter the QT creator integrated development interface, as shown in figure 1. Figure 1 Welcome To The

Install QT Creator in Linux and use it to develop the entire process of your first QT Project

File qt-creator-linux-x86_64-opensource-1.3.0.bin and install it on Linux as follows:Chmodu + X./qt-creator-linux-x86_64-opensource-1.3.0.bin/Qt-creator-linux-x86_64-opensource-1.3.0.binIn this case, the setup QT creator welcome installation dialog box is started, and click "Next"->On the license page, select "I accep

Embedded Linux QT Development (iv)--QT creator project Management

embedded linux qt Development (iv)--qt Creator project Management First,QT Creator project Management Qt Creator manages the source code in the form of a project, and a

In Qt, the pure C ++ project is released as a dll method (detailed steps). qt detailed steps

In Qt, the pure C ++ project is released as a dll method (detailed steps). qt detailed steps Directory General Creation Method Export methods and call methods of common functions Methods and call methods for exporting classes and their member functions As we all know, we canClass and FunctionExport to form a. dll file for use by other programs. The followin

QT Learning Notes directory structure of 3:QT project

After the first two studies, you can already create your own project using the QT Empty project template. Through this study, to organize the use of QT Engineering directory structure, make the project more standardized and easy to manage. The current directory structure As

QSs to beautify the QT program and the recently made QT Project interface

video, or both. Features are described below:Video clipping to cut the video:To intercept a video:Post-Pilot The resource pattern:Create a custom title trailer (in fact, it is a fool-like to let the user create a custom picture), the text can be dragged, can be keyboard fine-tuning, can be modified:Merge the end of the title, will generate a good end of the title of the picture, merged into a MP4 beginning and end, you can specify the title of the end of the picture file, and specify the time a

QT & VS2013 Error: There ' s no Qt version assigned to this project for platform Win32

If you want to know about QT and VS2013 development environment, you can turn this page.Here the main sharing environment has been built successfully, in the construction of projects encountered error solution."1" Qt and VS2013 development environment construction times wrongThe error interface is as follows:Note: In the upper left corner of the dialog box, QT Vi

QT Learning Note (ii)--QT blank Document project

2015/08/07///////////////by xbw//////////////////////Environmental Qt 5.3.1////////////Learning the video is QT4, how much a bit of a problem, I used the QT5, in this empty file project found the problem,In the main.cpp header file does not have the file or the directory, after the net search, discovered QT upgrade 5 GUI to belong to the widget, so, in 5 we need

Initial trial of open-source project development-initial compensation QT Project Development

Recently, I like QT project development, not only because of its cross-platform and other features, but also its convenience and my curiosity about mobile phone development, so I started the QT path after work. As the saying goes, everything is difficult at the beginning. It is a bit true. For QT development, it takes

Qt Visual Studio add-in: Creating QT translation files for the project

To add a new translation file to the project, selectQt | create new translation File. InAdd TranslationDialog, you can choose the language to create a translation file. A suggested file name is provided, and will be created when you clickOK. The translation file is placed inTranslation filesFolder in Visual Studio's Solution Explorer. right-clicking on a translation file displays a menu that allows you to invokeLupdate,Lrelease, AndQt linguist. SeeQt

Use QT creator2.4.1 to create a project, run it on Linux, compile, debug GDB + gdbserver (example project, dvrgui)

Copy dvrrdk to/usr/local/dvrrdk_03.00.00.00/target/rfs_816x and rename it DVR. For example, after completing the QT environment configuration (refer to the LZ article above), open qtcreator "file"-> "open file or project" Select the. Pro file to open the project. Click "project" and set it as follows: "Tools"-> "b

Nmake command line to compile the QT Project

Part I Environment: 1) vs2010 Directory: e: \ Program Files (x86) \ Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0 2. qtplug-in for vs(qt-vs-addin-1.1.11-opensource.exe) 3) Qt for vs2010 (qt-win-opensource-4.8.4-vs2010.exe) Directory: e: \ CPP \ QT \ 4.8.4 Part II 1. Open the Visual Studio command prompt (2010) in vs2010, and then you

How to turn Visual Studio engineering into a QT project

I am a QT novice, but there is a need on the recent project to turn the original Visual Studio project into Qt Creator project. After some research and hands-on practice and re-study and practice, this conversion has finally been successfully completed and is hereby recorded

QT One project called class member variables for another project

A sentence has not been able to express the excitement of the present, only a sigh of knowledge and profound, and the sigh into the text.Calling other class member variables in the same project is straightforward.Such as:DefinedDeclare member variables in Test1.hClass a{public:double m_ftest;};Change the value of the member variable in Test1.cpp.M_ftest = 265.78;Then in Class B, the member variable m_ftest of Class A is called, and when the value is c

How to publish a pure C + + project as a DLL in QT (Hyper-detailed steps)

Directory General Creation Method Methods Calling methods for exporting common functions Methods Calling methods for exporting classes and their member functions As we all know, we can export the classes and functions in a C + + project to form a. dll file for use by other programs, and the following describes how to use it in a QT environment.First create a shared library, as follow

When you first install QT, the "No valid kits found" solution is created when you create the project __ software compile installation record

Use the Qt 5.8 online installer after installation on Ubantu Kylin. Use QT Creator to create a default QT Widgets application. Project Wizard run to Kit Selection can't go on. Error prompts the following figure: No valid kits found. Follow the prompts to click "Options" and see the Manual Settings/desktop (default) p

QT_WINDOW@QT command Prompt to create a project from the command line

must be called show () to make it visible. With this feature we can customize these widgets before displaying them so that there is no flicker.The 8th line is that main () gives control to Qt. Here, the program enters the event loop. The event loop is a stand-by pattern that waits for the user's actions (such as pressing the mouse or the keyboard). The user's actions will produce events that the program can react to (also known as "messages"). The pr

How to package your QT project and install it in the meego System

Introduction This article will teach you how to package your QT project and install it on the meego device. Here, we use an OpenGL project named "Textures" in the QT example as an example. This original project is a QT exampl

Compile Wiznote Qt Project under CentOS

://www.cmake.org/files/v2.8/cmake- -zxv -f cmake- cmake- make installDownload Compile Wiznotegit clone https://github.com/WizTeam/WizQTClient.gitcd WizQTClientgit checkout testing./centos-package.shIf there are no errors, a Wiznote folder will be generated under the Wizqtclient sibling directory, and the bin/wiznote can be executed to run Wiznote after entry.Installing QtcreatorNote: If you do not need to develop, you do not need to

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