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ThinkPHP3.1 Quick Start (3) Query Language

In the previous article we have mastered the basic data curd method, but in more cases, due to the differences in business logic, curd operations are often not so simple, especially complex business logic below, this is the ActiveRecord mode of

ThinkPHP3.1 Query Language Detailed _php example

thinkphp query Language with coherent operation can be very good to solve the complex business logic requirements, this article we first to in-depth understanding of the framework of the query language. 1. Query Language Introduction thinkphp

ThinkPHP3.1 quick start (3) query language

In the previous article, we learned the basic data CURD method, but in more cases, due to the difference in business logic, CURD operations are often not that simple, especially under complicated business logic, this is also a shortcoming of the

Ten Tips for Oracle Query

Oracle databases query ten tips data queries, which are one of the most important functions in database operations. Sometimes the performance of database queries is directly related to the efficiency of database operations and database selection. I

Distributed database in university reading notes take out share __ database

Chapter Two I. Design of distributed Database System 1 Database design Overview Database design refers to the construction of an optimal database schema for a given application environment, the establishment of a database and its

VB Database record query method 4

To query database records in VB, it must be determined based on how the database is opened. Taking vb3.0 as an example, there are three types of dataset objects: Table, dynaset, and snapshot. The following four query methods are applicable to

Lesson 12th: Database Query Language (1)

The original plan is to introduce the ActiveX components built in ASP from the beginning of this article, however, considering that we will be exposed to a large number of database queries in the future, so the author temporarily decided to spend

Hibernate query method

Hibernate query method Use HQL to query data Hibernate provides the following query methods: 1. OID Query Method You can use the get () and load () methods provided by the session to load the specified OID object. You can only query by Object id. 2.

10 ways to optimize Oracle database queries

However, when the user uses the like statement in a large table, it is found that the query statement is running very slowly. What is the cause of this? In fact, whether it is like keyword, if the use of matches keyword, if in a large number of data

The meaning of the parameters within the MySQL database configuration file my.conf in the LIUNX environment

[Client]Port = 3306Socket =/tmp/mysql.sock[Mysqld]Port = 3306Socket =/tmp/mysql.sockBasedir =/usr/local/mysqlDataDir =/data/mysqlPid-file =/data/mysql/mysql.piduser = MySQLBind-address = = 1 #表示是本机的序号为1, which is generally the

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