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Notes on CSS3 practice-gradient design (ii) _ experience exchange

This article mainly introduces the notes of CSS3 practice-gradient design (2. For more information, see CSS gradient design of Gecko engine basic syntax of linear gradient -moz-linear-gradient([ || ,]? , [, ]*)

"CSS3 Combat" notes--gradient Design (ii) _ Experience Exchange

CSS gradient design for Gecko engine linear gradient basic syntax -moz-linear-gradient([ || ,]?,[,]*) Parameter description: : Defines the starting point of a gradient, which contains a value, a percentage, or a keyword, where the left,center and

Page elements--angle

deg angle, which is used with the rotate (num deg) of the deformation attribute transform, which means how many angles are rotated. If you do not specify a center point, the default is to start rotation clockwise in the upper-left corner of the DOM

Reading Notes CSS authoritative guide,

Reading Notes CSS authoritative guide, The main purpose of this book: Since I learned CSS, I have mastered its usage methods and skills, but I am not clear about its underlying principles and implementations. I want to learn more systematically and

All common data types for CSS

In this article, you are talking about the universal data types of CSS, and the values of the properties in CSS are in many different formats. In order for the user agent (that is, the browser) to recognize whether a value is valid, you need to

The difference between CSS3 and CSS2.1

the difference between CSS3 and CSS2.1As we all know, the CSS3 we are accustomed to call the CSS2.1 has many modifications and additions. Aside from browser compatibility issues, it's easy to learn and review all the changes in one form. There is no

CSS Authoritative guide reading notes values and units

Equivalent color tableWhat do you mean Web-safe colorThe so-called "web-safe" color refers to the color that always avoids dithering on a 256-color computer system.Web-safe colors can be represented as multiples of RGB values of 20% and 51 (the

Less Learning Finishing Summary

Less Learning Finishing SummaryUnderstand how it works before you learn less. Less can be run in Nodejs browser and other platforms, there are many third-party tools can compile less, recommend the use of simpless, this direct less file programming

Css authoritative guide-notes

Css authoritative guide-Chapter 2 css and documentation 1. element: replacement element (img input), non-replacement element (most span ). 2, link: rel (Representative relation: stylesheet, candidate style sheet: alternate stylesheet); type

A detailed description of the new features of CSS3

Animation IE10 Six properties of animation ANIMATION-NAME Specifies that the keyframe name of the binding selector is required Animation-duration Specifies the time it takes to complete an animation s MSobject.style.animationduration= "3s" Speed

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