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JQuery plugin tabBox implementation code _ jquery

Recently, I am very interested in js and jq. We can see that jq has many useful plug-ins with different functions, including webUI and jqGrid. I was tempted to create my own jq plug-in. I checked out the official jq plug-in documentation

Jquery tabins tabbox implementation code

I checked out the official JQ plug-in documentation ( and a plug-in a developed pattern written by Mike alsup recommended in this document. English is not very good, but I still try to see it (he is not happy

JQuery tabins tabBox implementation code

I checked out the official jq plug-in documentation ( and A plug-in A developed Pattern written by Mike Alsup recommended in this document. English is not very good, but I still try to see it (he is not happy

jquery plug-in Tabbox implementation code _jquery

Check out JQ's official plugin documentation ( Mike Alsup, as recommended in the document. A Plugin Development pattern。 English is not very good, but still try to look down (both to learn knowledge and

JS Code that imitates the tab label of XP

After finishing the preceding command, we copied the XP tab code. Click to download the source file The content of the tab.htm file is as follows:Common/style.css"Rel =" stylesheet "type =" text/CSS "> by puter jam

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$(function(){ $(". Wx-tabbox li a"). each (function(Index) {$ ( This). Click (function(){ //Alert ($ (". Wx-tabbox li a"). EQ (index). attr ("id")); if(Index > 8){ varstr = $ ( This). text (); varID = $ ( This)

Structure/performance/behavior separation tab (JQ and native JS)

Commonly used in daily projects, one is written using jquery and native JS respectively. both methods completely separate structures, representations, and behaviors. of course, you can apply multiple tabs on the same page with a slight

Structure/performance/Behavior Complete Separation tab (jquery version and native JS version) _jquery

About ideas, as with the General tab mentality. Click on the Options menu, highlight, and display the corresponding options. This article is mainly to show or hide the option area by judging the click of the menu in the index of the menu list.

Js implements concise sliding door menu (Tab) effects code _ javascript tips-js tutorial

This article mainly introduces javascript code for implementing simple sliding door menu (Tab) effects, and involves the implementation skills of page element style switching for javascript mouse event operations, which is simple and practical, for

JQuery write plug-in and Its Demonstration

JQuery write plug-in and Its Demonstration It is necessary to write jQuery plug-ins. This is a process that must be followed in front-end learning.     For the plug-in for the first time, first think about the principle(Function ($ ){$. Fn. yourName

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