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Java-based tank war instances and java tank war instances

Java-based tank war instances and java tank war instancesOriginality statement The source of this blog post is workshop. Author of this article original, mailbox zhujunxxxxx@163.com, if you have any questions, please contact the authorPreface I haven't touched java for a long time. Today I suddenly found out the source

[Learn Unity3D with me] As a 2D director of the 90 tank war and a prop system, the unity3d tank war

this item. The specific implementation is as follows: Using UnityEngine; using System. collections; public class CProp: MonoBehaviour {void Start () {} void Update () {} void OnCollisionEnter2D (Collision2D coll) {Debug. log ("OnCollisionEnter2D:" + coll. gameObject. name); // if (coll. gameObject. name = "MyTank") {Destroy (this. gameObject); GameObject [] ais = GameObject. findGameObjectsWithTag ("AITank"); foreach (GameObject ai in ais) {Destroy (ai); Camera. main. getComponent You can add

3D tank war game iOS source code, tank war ios source code

3D tank war game iOS source code, tank war ios source code Source code of the 3D tank war game, developed based on xcode 4.3 and ios sdk 5.1. No error is reported in xcode4.3.3. Compatible with ios4.3-ios6.0, the source code of a

Classical reappearance based on Java Platform Development tank war game _java

I. Description of requirements 1. Functional Requirements in the functional requirements analysis phase, our main task is to specify which services the system must provide, define what functionality the software accomplishes, and provide it to those who use it, which is a fundamental requirement of software development and an essential part of the requirement analysis. Tank War is a classic game, this game

Java Simple tank war making code _java

Write a tank war game with knowledge points such as collections, Swing, threads, and so on in the Java language. (1) Draw the principle of the enemy tank: There is a Boolean type variable good in the Tank class. Used to judge the camp of tanks, when the tank object is cr

HTML5 makes it possible to generate a bullet when the tanks in the classic tank war go around.

Comments: In the previous article, I introduced how to use HTML5 to implement a small tank that can be moved. In this article, I will lead you to the tank war. Do not miss out on HTML5 friends.The Code is as follows: Tank. jsThe Code is as follows:Var heroColor = new Array ("# BA9658", "# FEF26E ");Var enmeyColor = new

Html 5 tank war (Han shunping Version)

Html 5 tank war (Han shunping Version) The html 5 code is as follows: Hmtl5-classic tank wars Data Some javascript code is as follows: // For programming convenience, we define two color arrays var heroColor = new Array ("# BA9658", "# FEF26E"); var enmeyColor = new Array ("#00A2B5 ", "#00 FEFE"); // other enemy tanks. The scalability here is good. // d

JavaScript tank war game code re-compiled using TypeScript _ basic knowledge

This article mainly introduces the JavaScript tank war game code re-compiled using TypeScript. It is mainly a small Summary Practice for my recent study of TypeScript and is recommended to my friends. I hope everyone will like it. Source code download I have uploaded the source code to CSDN and no resource points are required: http://download.csdn.net/detail/zgynh#/8565873. The source code is developed usi

C-language simple version tank war

1.地图。用一个二维数组。所有的打印都在数组里有对应的值。2. User Tank. Enemy tanks. Bullet. are written separately in a file.3. User Tank. Have some of their own methods. Move. Initialize the tank. Create tanks. Print. Clean. Change direction. Determine the health value. Determine if you can move. and decide if it's near home.4. Enemy tanks. Same as the user. They can also be moved automati

C-language simple version tank war (allenenemytrank file)

AllenEnemyTrank.htypedef struct enemytrank{int x, y;//my tank Center coordinates int m, n;//my tank bullets coordinates int state;//my Tank direction (1, 2, 3 left, 4 right) int dir;/ /My tank bullets fired at int life;//life int skin;//Skin int weapons;//weapon int lv;//level int speed;//speed//color char Color Do

C-language simple version tank war (allenbullet file)

];//enemy extern Bullet enemybullet[100];////enemy 2//extern Bullet enemybullet1[100];//Enemy 3//extern Bullet Enemybullet2[100];//extern list Allenbullet.c #include "AllenBullet.h" #include "Allendraw.h" Bullet userbullet[100];//enemy Bullet enemybullet[100];//print void Print_ User_bullet (Bullet userbullet) {if (! ( Userbullet.life)) return; if (g_map[userbullet.x][userbullet.y] = = Caomap) {Printchar (Userbullet.x, Userbullet.y, CAO, 0x2); Return }//If the barrier if (g_

Nyoj 284 Tank War "BFS"

] ='S'; - Q.push (a); the } - } Wuyi } the if(flag) printf ("%d\n", b.step); - Elseprintf"-1\n"); Wu } - intMain () About { $ while(SCANF ("%d%d", m, n)! =EOF) - { - if(m + N = =0) Break; - for(inti =0; I ) A { +scanf"%s", map[i]); the for(intj =0; J ) - { $ if(Map[i][j] = ='Y') the{sx = i; sy =J; } the if(Map[i][j] = ='T') the{ex = i; ey =J; } the } -

Share the Java-written tank war game, I believe many people played in childhood

Write in frontThe program is written five or six years ago when reading, there will be some irregular, I have put the code on GitHub, there is time to optimize the changes.Program operating mechanismDefines a jpanel, and then redraws it once every other short period of time.The redraw content is as follows: Map information; Enemy tanks; our tanks; The right game basic information; The bomb exploded. involves some logic: overlapping judgment; When does the

Javascript simulated tank war game (html5 version) with source code download _ javascript skills

This article mainly introduces the key points, problems, and implementation code of the javascript simulated tank war game. If you need it, you can refer to the next section to summarize the key points and problems. 1. Inheritance in javascript. It is recommended that the parent class only provide method sharing, and the attributes should be written to the Child classes of the parent class and the construc

"Security think tank": 48H quickly win the Flag War Customs clearance writeup (Customs policy)

is a dark cloud case: Metinfo Latest Version (5.2.4) a SQL blind vulnerability http://www.wooyun.org/bugs/wooyun-2014-055338 The simplest way to do this is to change the table name to flag and then download an Excel table that opens flag because flag is set to the table name ... Orz http://info.anquanbao.com.cn//admin/content/feedback/export.php?met_parameter_1=flag--;class1=1 Settings_arr[0][columnid]=1settings_arr[0][name]=met_parameter 0x05 BugscanThis is the firs

Nyist 284 & amp; poj 2312 tank war (deformation BFS)

This is a prototype of the tank war. It is a variant of the maze. Given a map of mxn, there are ordinary bricks B, bricks S, and river R on the map, open space E, and a treasure location T, and your location Y, find the minimum number of steps to eat the treasure (two steps are required for tanks to pass through ordinary brick B, open space E step, cannot pass through the bricks and rivers ).. #include

[Cocos2D-x 3.5 practice] tank war (2) Game start interface, cocos2d-x3.5

[Cocos2D-x 3.5 practice] tank war (2) Game start interface, cocos2d-x3.5 The materials about the game are collected everywhere on the Internet, and then I use the second-stream ps technology to repair, modify, and modify the materials. Therefore, it may be difficult to mix the materials together (there is no way, no artist Orz .. The project has been created, and we need to put the downloaded materialsResou

C-language simple version tank war (allenusertrank file)

AllenUserTrank.htypedef struct USERTRANK2{ int x, y;//我的坦克中心坐标 int m, n;//我的坦克子弹的坐标 int state; //我的坦克方向(1上,2下,3左,4右) int dir;//我的坦克子弹射向 int life;//生命 int skin;//皮肤 int weapons;//武器 int lv;//等级 int speed;//速度 //颜色 char color; //是否要清理 int clear;}UserTrank, *PUserTrank;void init_my_tank(PUserTrank myuse,int x, int y);//打印坦克void print_my_tank(UserTrank myuse);//清除坦克void clear_my_tank(UserTrank myuse);void TankMove(PUserTrank myUserTrank);int ChangeDir

C-language simple version tank war (allendraw file)

Allendraw.h#include Allendraw.c#include "Allendraw.h"//#include C language Simple version tank war (allendraw file)

Ubuntu7.10 playing exquisite 3D tank games (figure)

Playing the 3D Tank game Linux community under Ubuntu7.10 brings you another exquisite 3D Tank game (Battle-Tank), with beautiful background music. It is a rare and sound game in the Linux environment. You need to install two deb packages. Yesterday's Ubuntu7.10 playing cute bubble monkey game for girls (http://www.linuxidc.com/Linux/2008-02/10978.htm), today may

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