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Introduction to augmented reality Augmented Reality

"expanding reality", and such a scene is likely to appear in the next decade. Compared with virtual reality (VR), the word "Augmented Reality" (AR) may be a strange term for most people. Virtual reality, as its name implies, is to build a completely virtual world in a compu

Virtual reality and augmented reality (spectacles or helmets) status and future-introduction

Augmented Realitytechnology is made up ofVirtual Realitytechnology development, the earliest to be used in military, beginning this year, because of the popularity of smartphones, intelligent hardware and the emergence of Google Glass, augmented reality technology is a lot of attention, at present, I am more optimistic about the future of

Virtual Reality (VR), augmented Reality (AR), holographic don't be silly to know

Source: Currently the media often say virtual Reality (VR) and augmented Reality (augmented reality) and holography (holographic), in the application is not very accurate, the definition of ambiguous or inaccurate areas

Analysis of the imaging principle of virtual reality glasses (augmented reality glasses)

imaging my understanding is that the device directly to the glasses projection (through the lens array or other technology) of the real light field information, the light field information you can understand the real world is full of light collection, the human eye is also through the lens focal length of the transformation of different beams focused on the retina, But in fact, the light field in the eyes of the information has not changed, is holographic, but the human eye with focus on the se

U3D Outsourcing Company-Beijing Dynamic Point (company nature) to undertake u3d, Kinect, VR virtual reality, augmented reality, physical interaction, large-screen interaction and other types of outsourcing

Unity3d outsourcing on the point of finding software to undertake virtual reality project outsourcingTo undertake u3d, Kinect, VR virtual reality, augmented reality, physical interaction, large-screen interaction and other types of outsourcingPlease contact qq:372900288 Tel: 13911652504We produce various types of serio

VR custom development, AR Custom Development (for many years to undertake virtual reality, augmented reality applications, VR game Custom Development, Beijing company, can sign contracts)

the phone, you can put in the cardboard or storm mirror and other finished mirror to feel the ~ if the phone screen resolution is high, the feeling is very good.Set ANDROIDSDK:Here is not the detail of the online a lot of tutorials. Export Android APK:Note here that you need to click on the following player Settings, then there will be some settings on the right, you must reset the package name, or use the default package name, is not packaged. You can also set the app's icon, name, and s

AR url__ar-Augmented Reality

1 Open Source 2 3 augmented reality (augmented Reality, AR) is a technique that calculates the position and angle of the camera image in real time and adds the corresponding image, the goal of w

Apple in the future: Augmented reality devices will replace iphone

Gene Munster, a Muste Apple analyst on Wall Street, decided to start his own venture capital firm, before leaving his last research report on Apple, predicting the future development of Apple. Munster said that the current trend is that augmented reality (ar) will become mainstream sooner or later, and that the wearable devices that support AR technology will likely replace the iphone, which is still in t

IOS augmented reality application development practices

Original Title: Pro iOS 5 augmented reality original Publishing House: apress Author: (US) Kyle Roche Translator: Xu xulei series name: china CHAPTER programmer library Publishing House: Machinery Industry Publishing House ISBN: 9787111420200 mounting Date: May 2013 publication date: 16 open pages: 260 versions: 1-1 category: computer> Software and program design> mobile development> iPhone more about "iOS

8 Most augmented reality type head wear equipment set

AR augmented reality is becoming more and more popular and gradually turning to portable head-wearing devices such as glasses, such as the hottest Google glasses. However, its design inspiration actually comes from a lot of competitor's similar product, they all can through the mixed network connection, the GPS localization as well as with the smart phone integration form, brings the enhancement

Status Quo of augmented reality (Overview)

It's so tired. Busy all day. This kind of work is about to crash. Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that integrates virtual objects or other information generated by computers with the real environment seen by users. It can combine virtual reality with real-time interaction, 3D registration features. Unlike traditional virtual

Using Qualcomm Vuforia development AR Augmented Reality Game (opening) _ Qualcomm

@ Crap in the front A VR game that wanted to do the Storm mirror before, finally came to Hong Kong to learn equipment did not bring over to do, and now began to learn to do the development of AR game, after all, the requirements of the equipment is relatively low, very convenient, read a lot of information, and finally chose the Vuforia this classic AR framework to learn, Although Qualcomm's Vuforia last year was just a PTC takeover, the future of the development route is unknown, but I see the

[Note] augmented reality AR and 3D

My colleagues studied AR, so I learned about it. Recently I read an External Research Report. The questions seem to be very promising, but unfortunately there are two serious confusions. 1. Confusion between virtual reality and augmented reality; 2. Confusion between stereo imaging and plane 3D. Therefore, although the author reviews and summarizes a lot of infor

Cross-platform AR augmented Reality Development (IV) (Qualcomm identification Figure 5 Star processing mode)

, this is another solutionFigure 6 The image recognition coefficient is all 5 stars, the picture has been optimized to become clear, angularOther additional identification chart making instructions:1. Avoid uneven distribution of picture recognition points (Figure 7)2. Avoid identifying the elements in the graph are very round (Figure 8)3. Avoid very regular pattern graphics (Fig. 9)All right, here's how the Qualcomm identification map is handled.Cross-platform AR

Unity3d+vuforia Development Augmented Reality example compilation, enter Select Resource, we can see Qualcomm offers a variety of versions of the development package, here we choose2, download and import unity, the download of a good identity map of the unity package also imported in3, delete the MAI camera, search ar camera and drag it to hierarchy, the same will imagetarget also dragged in, modify the Imagetarget, Data set modified to identify the image of unity package name,

[Turn] Augmented reality colar Mix analysis

The original: An analysis of augmented reality Colar MixIt was interesting to see how Colar Mix's augmented reality application was implemented on the forum. I will explain to you from the angle I understand. We must be familiar with the realization principle of augmented

AR Augmented Reality virtual navigation

A time ago is responsible for mobile phone camera products, in the product planning to find a cool application: casually go, the user volume is probably more than 5 million bar, in fact, is an AR augmented reality real-time navigation software, suitable for road fetish walk to find the destination within 1 km, these destinations corresponding to the POI points in lbs, There are marks on both the German and

Unity3d Try Geo-location-based augmented reality

First of all, the failure of this attempt belongs to the kind of death on the way to the hospital. Based on the augmented reality of geo-positioning, AR holographic Reality, is a tall on the argument that the straightforward point is a cottage similar to casually go such applications. Open the app, search for surrounding information, and then overlay the informa

"AR" augmented reality Android Programming-Vuforia SDK installation and use (Android Studio)

Import Instance5 Gadle may fail to build after importing the project, the workaround is as follows:1. Change the Gradle version in Build.gradle to the version in your Android studiodependencies { Classpath ' '}2. Changes in Gradle-wrapper.properties3. Change Compilesdkversion, Buildtoolsversion, targetsdkversion from app-Build.gradle to the version used in your Android studioDistributionurl=https\:// L

OpenGL and OpenCV for augmented reality

Long time no blog, recently in the study of computer vision related knowledge, so wrote a small AR demo. The program realizes the recognition and localization of marker by OPENCV, and then overlays the virtual object into the camera image through OpenGL to realize augmented reality. First take a look at the marker we use: This is one of the many marker, they are surrounded by a circle of black border, the

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