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(Original tracking) How to Use ThinkPad trackpoint (small tracking point )? (NB) (ThinkPad)

mouse on the left and press the mouse on both sides. You can also perform this operation on a small mouse !! Step 1:FN + F8 call Mouse/small mouse point settings Step 2:Switch to trackpoint and tick enable press-to-select. Step 3:Press settings ..., the next press-to-select-settings-parameters window appears. Check enable release-to-select and click pace to select slow press with the leftmost priority, this is very important. Otherwise, it

Let Ubuntu10.04 perfectly support Thinkpad little red dot Trackpoint

necessary to OUTMAN to keep up with it. A friend chatted two days ago and asked me, "If you don't consider the development platform issue, how long can you switch to the Linux work platform ?" Then I said, "two or three days ". Later I thought about it: no, it would take 10 minutes to install the system without considering the development platform, or even 10 minutes to get used to refreshing.Therefore, if you are new to Ubuntu or want to use Ubuntu as the main platform, do not be afraid of Ubu

How the ThinkPad keeps the little red-hat pointing stick in the keyboard disabled the touchpad

How the ThinkPad keeps the little red-hat pointing stick in the keyboard disabled the touchpad 1, download and install Ultranav Drive (Lenovo_thinkpad_ultrana); 2, open the Control panel-mouse, switch to the Ultranav tab; 3, there are two aspects of the setting: TrackPoint pointing rod and touchpad Touchpad, the "Enable Touchpad" option to cancel the

Lenovo ThinkPad Notebook Reload system after the keyboard mouse failure how to solve

1, on the boot press F1 into the BIOS, confirm the BIOS under the Config->keyboard in the following settings (if you can not enter the BIOS, it may be a keyboard failure, the host can be sent to the local service station detection); 2, confirm the installation of the corresponding model Ultranav drive; (1) After the normal installation of Ultranav in the "Control Panel-> Mouse" will be more than one tab c

Lenovo bold attempt to change ThinkPad keyboard design

"Sina Science and Technology," Beijing time June 29 Evening news, according to foreign media reports, Lenovo this week published a year-long study of the two ThinkPad notebook computer design, the "Delete" and "Escape" keys are adjusted to oversized design. The two changes seem unremarkable, but David Hill, vice president of Lenovo's corporate logo and design, said: "Every time you start to ' David Hill ' the key

ThinkPad Tablet 10 Open box prompts for Bluetooth keyboard on first boot and displays resolution problems

The ThinkPad Tablet 10 displays the correct resolution when it is turned on, and prompts you to try to connect to the Bluetooth keyboard interface the first time you open the box or start. As shown in the following illustration: Impact Models: ThinkPad Tablet (Model Type 20c1) Impact System: Lenovo pre-installed Microsoft Windows 8

Thinkpad USB Classic Keyboard usage experience

First, this is a keyboard, not a laptop computer.Advantages:1. Keyboard to win over all kinds of chocolate-type keyboard.2. The Little red dot is as good as the red dot on the old ThinkPad.3. When ESC and delete are enlarged, the blind touch is convenient.Disadvantages:1. The drive sometimes fails.2. Driver download li

Lenovo ThinkPad Notebook Keyboard Letter Why change number

Lenovo ThinkPad notebook Keyboard alphabet variable number is only a special feature of the notebook keyboard, most of the FN key combination is using the FN keys plus ESC or F1~F12 key to achieve, but there are some vendors (such as IBM, Compaq and Sony) Models have a combination of the FN key and the letter key, and most of these combinations are "secret" for t

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