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Analysis of BER-TLV in financial system, the realization of changing, adding and deleting tag

BER-TLV is a common data exchange protocol in financial systems, TLV is short for (tag-length-value), its specific norms have a clear definition in ISO7616-4. At present, we briefly describe the TLV encoding rules. All the data below are represented

BER-TLV Data structure

This article is in the study process of their own problems encountered, organized.To facilitate the subsequent reference, the data for a section of the TLV structure is listed first:[6F] 4d│├─[ -] -A0000003330101│├─[a5] the││├─[ -] 0B 50424f432043726

Information System Practice Notes 8-Two module communication some things

Description: Information System Practice Notes series is the author in peacetime research and development has encountered the size of the problem, perhaps simple and subtle, but often is often encountered problems. The author is more typical of

An in-depth explanation of PROTOBUF

An in-depth explanation of PROTOBUF The protobuf of my understanding, summed up as the following points: 1. PB is a coding method. This is because some people think it is a protocol, it is chivalrous, PB is essentially the same as JSON, XML, is a

ALSA sound card driver dapm in one of the detailed: Kcontrol

DAPM is the acronym for Dynamic Audio Power management, which means that the audio subsystem on a Linux based mobile device is designed to work in a minimum power state at all times. DAPM is transparent to user-space applications, and all

Linux ALSA sound card driver 4: creation of control devices

Statement: the content of this blog is created at please refer to it for help. Thank you!Control Interface The control interface allows the user space application (ALSA-Lib) to access and control multiple switches

Linux ALSA sound card driver Four: Control device creation

Statement: The content of this blog by Http:// Original, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you!Control InterfaceThe control interface primarily allows user-space Applications (ALSA-LIB) to access and control

0-length array in GNU C standard C and C + +, arrays with a length of 0 are forbidden. However, in GNU C, there is a very strange usage, that is, an array of length 0, such as array[0]; many people may find it

Use the tlvstream specification to simplify interaction between modules (C/C ++)

Use the tlvstream specification to simplify interaction between modules (C/C ++) Favorites Problem description: In the process of software development, the complex real world is generally abstracted, and a divide-and-conquer policy is adopted to

Variable-length structural body

In a Linux system,/usr/include/linux/if_pppox.h has such a structure: struct Pppoe_tag { __u16 Tag_type; __u16 Tag_len; Char tag_data[0]; } __attribute ((packed)); The last member is a variable-length array, which is best defined in this way for the

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