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[Integration] matrix tree theorem template and matrix theorem Template

[Integration] matrix tree theorem template and matrix theorem Template Tree theorem survival tree counting template.Original question: SPOJhighwaysCode is long and ugly... # Include Copyright Disclaimer: This article is an original article by the blogger and cannot be reproduced without the permission of the blogger

P3390 [TEMPLATE] rapid matrix power, p3390 Matrix

P3390 [TEMPLATE] rapid matrix power, p3390 MatrixBackground Rapid matrix powerDescription Given n * n matrix A, evaluate A ^ kInput/Output Format Input Format: The first line, n, k The number of n rows from 2nd to n + 1. The number of j rows in I + 1 indicates the elements in column j of row I in the

Luogu P3390 [TEMPLATE] rapid matrix power, luogup3390 Matrix

Luogu P3390 [TEMPLATE] rapid matrix power, luogup3390 MatrixBackground Rapid matrix powerDescription Given n * n matrix A, evaluate A ^ kInput/Output Format Input Format: The first line, n, k The number of n rows from 2nd to n + 1. The number of j rows in I + 1 indicates the elements in column j of row I in the

P1939 [TEMPLATE] matrix acceleration (series), p1939 Matrix

P1939 [TEMPLATE] matrix acceleration (series), p1939 MatrixDescription A [1] = a [2] = a [3] = 1 A [x] = a [X-3] + a [x-1] (x> 3) Returns the remainder value of the nth clause of Series a on 1000000007 (10 ^ 9 + 7.Input/output format: The first line is an integer T, indicating the number of queries. The following T rows have a positive integer n in each row. Output Format: Each row outputs a non-negativ

"KMP algorithm" "Rabin-karp algorithm" [BeiJing2011] Matrix template

The algorithm does not say, anyway, is based on string matching. Compare the KMP and Rabin-karp algorithms here. 592788 Lizitong 2462 Accepted 4828 KB 680 Ms C++/edit 2349 B 2014-03-29 19:07:02 #include 820112 Lizitong 2462 Accepted 2880 KB 980 Ms C++/edit 3103 B 2014-12-27 11:35:21 #include Although the asymptotic complexity is the same, it is clear that KMP is

Template C + + 02 number theory algorithm 4 matrix multiplication

also possible, but tstructmod{Long Longa[4][4]; MoD () {memset (A,0,sizeof(a)); }};mod Mul (mod a,mod b)//matrix multiplication{mod C; for(intI=1; i3; i++) for(intj=1; j3; j + +) for(intk=1; k3; k++) C.a[i][j]= (C.a[i][j]+a.a[i][k]*b.a[k][j])%1000000007; returnC;}voidMakeintN) {mod a,c; c.a[1][1]=1; c.a[2][1]=1; c.a[3][1]=1; a.a[1][1]=0; a.a[1][2]=1; a.a[1][3]=0; a.a[2][1]=0; a.a[2][2]=0; a.a[2][3]=1; a.a[3][1]=1; a.a[3][2]=0;

POJ 3070 Fibonacci (Matrix Quick Power template)

led to the Fibonacci of another representation method (the problem has been given), according to the description, we only require the 2*2 matrix {{1,1},{1,0}}^ n can do it.This leads to a new algorithm: Matrix fast Power (according to the Fast power adaptation, the fast power calculation is the number of the N-square, and this is the matrix of the n-th square).#

HDU 1757 matrix multiplication, fast power template problem

) {printf ("%lld\n", K); Continue; } Mat ans= (temp^ (k-9)) *first;//notice, the order here is not reversed.printf"%lld\n", ans.mat[9][0]); } return 0;}View CodeMatrix templatesConst intMOD, MAXN;//mod for remainder, MAXN as matrix rangestructmat{ll MAT[MAXN][MAXN]; //open a long longMat () {Mes (Mat,0); F (i,0, MAXN) mat[i][i]=1;//the diagonal is initialized to 1, the other 0}} E; //Unit MatrixMat First, temp; Matoperator* (Mat A, Mat b)//overload

Matrix Quick Power Template

const int Mod=2015;int n,m;struct Matrix{int m[55][55]; Matrix () {memset (m,0,sizeof (M));}} U,p; Matrix ADD (const matrix a,const matrix b) {matrix ret;for (int i=1;iMatrix Quick Power Templ

Matrix Quick Power Template

#defineMatr 10//size of the matrix, attention can be small, smallstructMat//Matrix struct, a for content, size matrix starting from 1{ll a[matr][matr],size; Mat () {size=0; Memset (A,0,sizeof(a)); } }; voidPrint (Mat m)//output matrix information, debug with{ inti,j; printf ("%d\n", m.size); for(i=0; i) {

Matrix Quick Power Template

in the offcial judge data.1#include 2#include 3#include 4#include 5#include 6#include 7#include string>8 using namespacestd;9 #defineM 10000Ten structMatrix One { A inta[2][2]; - }; - Matrix Mul (Matrix X,matrix y) the { - Matrix temp; -memset (TEMP.A,0,sizeof(TEMP.A)); - for(intI=0;i2; i++) + for(in

Matrix Quick Power Template

1 structMatrix {2 intN, M;3 intMat[m][m];4 int*operator[] (intx) {5 returnMat[x];6 }7 }8 9 Matrix Mul (Matrix x, Matrix y) {Ten Matrix Res; Onememset (Res.mat,0,sizeof(Res.mat)); ARES.N = X.N, res.m =y.m; - for(inti =0; i ) { - for(intj =0; J ) {

UVA-10689 yet another number Sequence (matrix two-power template)

Title: Known recursive formula and edge value, to find the last m (0Topic Analysis: Matrix Two-Power template problem.The code is as follows:1# include2# include3# include4# include5 using namespacestd;6 structMatrix7 {8 intr,c,m[3][3];9Matrixint_r,int_c): R (_r), C (_c) {}Ten }; One inta,b,n,m; A intmod[4]={Ten, -, +,10000}; - matrix Multiply (

Matrix Quick Power Template

1#include 2 using namespacestd;3typedefLong LongLL;4 Const intQ = 1e9 +7;5 structMatrix {6 intN, M, a[2][2];7Matrix (int_n =0,int_m =0) {8n = _n, M =_m;9Memset (A,0,sizeof(a));Ten } OneMatrixoperator* (ConstMatrix r)Const { A Matrix Res (n, r.m); - for(inti =0; I i) { - for(intj =0; J j) { the for(intK =0; K k) { -Res.a[i][k] + = (LL) a[i][j] * R.a[j][k]%Q; -RES.A[I][K]%=Q; - } +

2x2 Matrix multiplication Template

Since unity has only a 4x4 matrix, today is going to do a 2x2 matrix rotation and actually forget the order. So write down as a template record.Order:The following is the C # code that you use to rotate it: Public structposition{ Public intX; Public intY; Public Override stringToString () {return "X:"+ X +"Y:"+Y;}}voidOnenable ()//Execute{ varPosition =NewPo

Matrix Quick Power Template

/* Matrix Quick Power Template Fibonacci */#include Recursive SequenceTime limit:1000MS Memory Limit:65536KB 64bit IO Format:%i64d %i6 4u HDU 5950description Farmer John likes to the play mathematics games with his N cows. Recently, they is attracted by recursive sequences. In each turn, the cows would stand with a line, while John writes, the positive numbers A and B on a blackboard. And then, the cows

Matrix Admin Background Template notes

A background template I want to change it for a long time. The Matrix Admin was found last time. Like Ace, it's bootstrap style and easy to get started with. The matrix needs to be more robust. It is also possible to feel the user interface.Overall style:1. Form validationValidation is aided by the jquery.validate.js. There are rich authentication methods, more A

Quick power (including second-order square matrix) template

Pow: *** should be added to the POW of a namespace ::**** 1 namespace POW { 2 typedef int t; // you can change "int" to the Data Type stored in the matrix. 3 const t mod = T (1e9 + 7); // change to the modulus required by the fast power. 4 5 template 6 T powmod (t a, int N, t mod ){ 7 t ans =; 8 -- N; 9 While (n ){ 10 if (N 1) ans = ans * A % MOD; 11 A = A * A % MOD; 12 N> = 1; 13} 14 return ans; 15} 16

Matrix Quick Power Template

Constll mod=1e9+7; typedefLong Longll;Const intmaxn=2 //Order of matricesstructmatrix{ll M[MAXN][MAXN]; Matrix () {memset (M,0,sizeof(m)); for(intI=0; i) M[i][i]=1; }}matirx Mtmul (Matrix a,matrix B) {inti,j,k,tmp; Matrix C; for(intI=0; i) for(intj=0; j) for(intk=0; k) C.m[i][j]= ((a.m[i][k]%mo

Matrix Multiplication Template Class header file C ++

This is followed by an implementation of the multiplication sequence of the query matrix in the previous article. This class can accept input and calculate the final result. Because I recently learned C ++, I naturally wrote this thing as a class and implemented it in template mode. It is indeed very neat. // Matrix. h

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