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The Internet of things, after a while?

Label:Ignorant boy at first sight "Internet of Things"Just four years ago this summer, an ignorant boy in the examination guide on the relevant major, suddenly his fingers stuck in a called the Internet of Things engineering, then he immediately

In front of the internet, the music industry is too passive.

Forrester, an international reporting market research firm, released the latest report on the music industry early this year: for the music industry, the past decade was the worst decade, and 2009 was the worst year of the past decade. This trend wil

JS Date processing---Calculate the natural month, specify a day of the natural month, get the day before and after, the

Recently by the date made a lot of headaches, because the month of JS is more special [0-11], so in the months of many difficult to calculate. Specially sorted out the date some methods. First of all, the following code has a common date format funct

Internet Product Manager: Is it true that everyone is a product manager?

Article Description: "Everyone is the product manager" of the crooked. Do not say this book how, light read this book's name is enough to pull, 360 line is what people can enter not chaos! Choose an industry to combine their own professi

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Several ways of traditional enterprises entering mobile internet

Tags: style blog class java tar extSeveral ways of traditional enterprises entering mobile internet 2013-07-11 17:22 Source: Small Saber Blog 1 Total Reviews Share ArticlesA-  A+ Paper/knife HorseAccording to the relevant

Ali and the wisdom of the donkey-like battle-I see the internet today

Just read Guo sent to Ali open letter, first let me feel very want to laugh, since they frankly do not understand technology, MA Yun is not a technical origin, then you two debate to argue, let me think of the two children debate day that article. Fe

Disruptive business model + focus on products (there are also a lot of innovation)-the Internet core is user experience + improve efficiency

Label:Wen/Wang Yunhui public Number: Science and Technology (Keji_zatan)These days, an article has spread widely.The article said that Xiaomi CEO Lei June an appointment with 6 internet experts and did a 3-hour closed-door exchange, but it did not

Why AI + Internet of things = a historic leap in human collective consciousness?

Label:Why AI + Internet of things = a historic leap in human collective consciousness?2015-03-05 enet&ciweek/-wing instrumentAbout 7 million or 8 million years ago, the human ancestor transformed into two-legged upright walking, to the present

Work by day--The first blog day& Happy Day, work the first blogday_php tutorial

Work by day-the first blog day&happy days, work first Blogday Today (Monday) see a colleague's life plan, feel quite suitable for me, practice, on Theo&tools day+code Day+blog Day, intermittent have happy day ~ Blog day to do so, a blog

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