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Another vision--Samsung SUHD proud Ultra HD TV experience notes

"Style = "Height:auto;" alt= "0?wx_fmt=png"/>In addition to the Ultra HD display resolution of up to 4 K, the TV is a 55-inch JS9800 with a curved screen screen that makes it easier to sink 寖. The following is the author of this new smart TV, the overall experience of the process, in order to give the recent purchase

Samsung ku6300 installed software Samsung TV ku6300 How to install software?

The 1.1.KU6300 series TV uses Tizen system, which is different from Android open system.1.2. Samsung Smart TV can only download the software provided in the application platform, can not download Third-party software (such as: Youku, potatoes, QQ and other software).1.3. Samsung Smart Television temporarily does not su

Samsung Smart TV attached storage device read Vulnerability

Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:Samsung Smart TV LED 3DDescription:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Samsung Smart TV is a new generation of TV products. It can obtain program content from various channels, such as networks, AV devices, and PCs. It uses an easy-t

Samsung Note3 mobile Phone Intelligent remote control function (Watch on) remote TV tutorial

1. Under the Standby page, click on the "Apps" icon and select "Samsung". 2. Click on the "Watchon" icon. 3. Click "Connect". (Skip this step if the WLAN is connected) 4. Click "Select Country" and click "China". 5. Choose your city, here take "Beijing" as an example. 6. After choosing the city, confirm the cable TV service provider, here take "song Hua Cable" as an example. 7. Select "Skip" to use the remo

How Galaxy S4 uses the screen mirroring feature

Step 1. Preparatory work Using the screen mirroring feature, you can print your phone's photos, videos, music, etc. wirelessly to the display device, using the following methods:first you need to prepare a wireless synchronous transmitter. the name of each part is shown as follows: tip: 1. Use the screen mirroring

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