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Third-party programs perfectly integrate the UC user center of phpwind8-tutorial + p8

No matter how phpwind goes, we will always support it !!This tutorial analyzes how to integrate the UC user center of phpwind and provides the complete p8uc integrated interface package after the separation from P8. P8uc role:The UC communication

Discuz and uc problems

Discuz and uc problems I have integrated two discuz forums with uc. now both forums need to be registered. I have to verify the email address in A. I have to verify it when I log on to B. Now I have added A field in uc. synchronize the two forums

How to determine iPhone UC Browser in php

In php, how does one determine the iPhone version's UC Browser? The following can be judged, but there is a problem: The ios UC browser has a high speed mode, and it cannot be determined if it switches to the high speed mode. Now I want to determine

How to judge the iphone version of the UC browser in PHP

How to judge the iphone version of the UC browser in PHP? The following can be judged, but there is a problem, the iOS version of the UC browser has a fast mode, switch to the speed mode can not be judged. Now you want to make a separate decision to

Drupal7 integrates discuz kangsheng UC user center ucenter and ucuser Module

Drupal7 integrates discuz kangsheng UC user center ucenter and ucuser ModuleDrupal7 integrates the UC user center modules, including ucenter and kangsheng. I have modified some implementation methods by referring to a drupal6 integrated UC module

How to operate the UC database and implement new field logon-php Tutorial

The user name, email address, and mobile phone can be used to log on to the UC database. For logon with a user name and email address for UC without a mobile phone, how do I operate the UC database after adding the mobile phone field to the UC table?

UC mobile browser (U3 kernel) Documentation

UC official Developer Center: http://www.uc.cn/business/developer.shtml    U3 kernel customization label description 1. screen-orientation) Parameters: Landscape: Forced landscape Screen Portrait: Force portrait Screen Usage: Supported

How to integrate UC experts in group buying?-php Tutorial

How can I integrate the UC experts to give some suggestions for group buying! I want to integrate the most popular group purchases and uc downloads. I don't know where to start. I hope experts can give some suggestions! ------ Solution --------------

UCenter single-point logon/synchronous logout instance _ PHP Tutorial

UCenter single-point login synchronous logout instance. I think many of my friends will use the ucenter feature, which is a member synchronization function. we often integrate several systems or different forums. next I will introduce it to you. I

Discuz! 7.0-7.2 background settings. inc. php shell Write Vulnerability

Vulnerability details:If ($ operation = uc & is_writeable (./config. inc. php) & $ isfounder ){$ Ucdbpassnew = $ settingsnew [uc] [dbpass] = ********? UC_DBPW: $ settingsnew [uc] [dbpass];If ($ settingsnew [uc] [connect]) {$ Uc_dblink = @

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