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SQL Advanced Query Tips (two joins in the same table, self-contained joins, unequal joins)

Master these, it's more advanced.Using the same Table twicesuch as the Branch field in the following querySELECTa.account_id, e.emp_id, B_a.name open_branch, B_e.name emp_branch fromAccount asAINNER JOINBranch asB_a

JavaScript-2 the difference between an equal sign and 3 equals sign

In short, = = equality equivalent, = = = Identity identity.= =, when the value types on both sides are different, type conversion is performed before comparison.= = =, do not type conversion, different types of certain range.Or:= Assignment operator=

The difference between three equals sign = = and two equals sign = =

The two equals sign is the only one that determines whether the value is equal;The three equals sign is the judgment value is equal, and the judgment type is the same;Example:$str = "1";$num = 1;if ($str = = $num) {Print_r (' true ');}else{Print_r ('

How can you tell if two variables are "equal" in JavaScript?

1 Why should you judge?Some students may see this title will be puzzled, why we have to determine whether the two variables in JavaScript is equal, JavaScript is not already provided with the double equals "= =" and the three equals "= = =" To us

JS inside the equals number--

One is the assignment equals sign, two is the contrast equals sign, then three equals number is what uses?Sometimes you see that you use three equals sign (= = =) When judging whether two objects are equal, what is the difference between it and two

Python Introductory if statement

When programming, you often need to check a set of conditions and decide what action to take accordingly. In Python, the IF statement allows us to examine the current state of the program and take appropriate action accordingly. 5.1 A simple

SQL statement query/connection query/Multi-Table connection Query

1. Simple Query  A simple Transact-SQL query only includes the select list, from clause, and where clause. They indicate the queried columns, the queried tables or views, and the search conditions.  For example, the following statement queries the

In JS three equals number and two equal number usage difference detailed explanation

Sometimes you can see that you use three equals (= = =) To determine whether two objects are equal, and what is the difference between a two equals sign (= =)? In simple terms, if you use "= =", if the two sides of different types, JS engine will

Python getting started if statement

When programming, you often need to check a series of conditions and decide what measures to take accordingly. In Python, the if statement enables us to check the current state of the program and take corresponding measures accordingly. 5.1 The

The difference between js = = = = = =

1, for String,number and other basic types, = = and = = = There is a difference1) Comparison of different types, = = Comparison of "converted to the same type of value" to see if "value" is equal, = = = If the type is different, the result is not

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