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How to use a magnet to turn off the built-in display of Macbook Pro/air

Many of the fans using Macbook Pro/air in their daily work will be external to a large screen display, the author is the same. But by default, the laptop's built-in display and the large external monitor will be on, and if you want to use a dual monitor (the laptop's built-in screen as a secondary screen), it's really good. But a lot of people just want to

Use the hardware reset function of MacBook Pro to solve some faults

Use the hardware reset function of MacBook Pro to solve some faults. Today, a USB port of the newly purchased MacBook Pro is abnormal. The specific manifestation is that after connecting to the mobile hard drive, the hard drive lights shine but the Mac does not reflect any.

2015 new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro detailed evaluation

Although the new 12-inch retinal MacBook will have to wait until April 10, Apple's new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro were unveiled to Apple's website yesterday. Their configurations are upgraded and the price remains unchanged. How about these 2015 MacBook Air and

New MacBook Pro and Surface Book which is better

connectors, it is compatible with all functions such as Thunderbolt, USB, DisplayPort, HDMI, Vgi, and recharging. However, this means that if you want to use your USB connector accessories on the MacBook Pro, you'll have to buy an extra adapter. System Yes, two products are equipped with the latest version of the system,

Buy 2016 MacBook Pro considerations

all full Thunderbolt 3 interfaces, The two on the left are full speed, the two thunderbolt on the right, and the bandwidth of the 3 interface is reduced. The Thunderbolt 3 interface with no touch bar and 15-inch new MBP is full full speed. In fact, the Thunderbolt 3 interface can also be used to connect to the docking dock with large power consumption, allowing your MacBook Pro to achieve a leap in graphi

2015 new 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro Removal HD image

Apple released this month's 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro, in addition to upgrading the internal main configuration, but also added a new Force touch trackpad, so there is still a need to disassemble again, let everyone see the new Force touch under the hidden secrets. If you want to learn about the performance of the new 13-inch Retina MacBook

2015 new Retina MacBook Pro Removal HD image Rewards

Apple released this month's 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro, in addition to upgrading the internal main configuration, but also added a new Force touch trackpad, so there is still a need to disassemble again, let everyone see the new Force touch under the hidden secrets. If you want to learn about the performance of the new 13-inch Retina MacBook

Apple notebooks How to install Win7 and MacBook Pro

reserved partition, do not care about it. Fourth step: Check out the boot camp partition directly formatted, do not delete. Choose NTFS format for better compatibility. Install directly after formatting is completed. Fifth step: After fully installed Windows, after entering the desktop do not plug any USB devices, including the mouse, keyboard and other peripherals will Mac OS System Recovery CD into the CD drive, installed from the dis

What's the quickest way to get started 2016 new MacBook Pro

Cat flagship store all products are supporting Flower Bai stage, divided into 3 period can also be free of interest, the new MacBook Pro is no exception, and the cat flagship store also belongs to the official channel, support 14 days no reason to return goods. Beijing East belongs to authorized dealers, after booking need to participate in the purchase, pay when the

New MacBook Pro Six features summary

The PopSugar website summarizes the six new features of the MacBook Pro: New design: The new MacBook Pro is expected to be rather thin, but not as thin as a MacBook Air or a 12-inch MacBook. The current model has a 13-inc

Apple's new MacBook Pro battery lasts 8 hours

Apple made an overall update to the notebook product line in the Monday WWDC opening speech, upgraded the 13-inch unibody aluminum shell macbook into the MacBook Pro camp and configured upgrades for the 15 and 17-inch models. Among them, three MacBook Pro new Machine The mos

MacBook Pro Install Ubuntu

choose the 64-bit desktop flavor, and not the image made for Macs. The regular image can boot up on BIOS and EFI modes, while the MAC image can is only boot-in BIOS mode. This is done with purpose for some Macs, but we want to is able to boot it up in EFI mode.Write to USB DriveNext, grab a USB flash drive, which is at least 2GB large–we ' ll with this to boot up the Ubuntu installer on. The follow the official Ubuntu steps, or use the dedicated GUI

Macbook Pro starts with one months of experience

Do not know why Csdn markdown Editor from the file import articles, the article is less part, to my research, read the full text please visit my personal blog: from zero to infinityThis May started with the MacBook Pro and iphone 6, which has now been used for one months, feeling able to write my use feeling. I could not understand the behavior of those fruit pow

Non-retinal MacBook Pro Upgrade Haswell

Apple's Global Developers Conference (WWDC) will be held on June 10, 2013, and many people are starting to speculate on what new products and technologies Apple will launch at the conference. KGI Securities analyst Ming-chi Kuo, in a new report, predicted the highlights of the Apple Global Developers Conference (WWDC), noting that Apple will launch its new MacBook Pro and

How to install Linux on MacBook Pro Retina

How to install Linux on MacBook Pro Retina MacBook Pros has very powerful configuration, but some people want to strengthen, they want to use the Linux system. Whether you want a more open and personalized operating system or you only want to use some software specific to L

Touchpad on MacBook Pro

Trackpad is probably the coolest and most attractive part for PC users. It is no exaggeration to say that when you use the MacBook Pro for several hours and then return to the PC, you will be very depressed. The no-button design is the first feature, and the entire trackpad is a big button. You can click the button wherever you move it, instead of just making a

Apple's new MacBook Pro/air will no longer support running through boot camp Win7

Apple's Boot camp technical support documentation shows that new MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro will no longer support running Windows 7 through boot Camp .   Book camp in the new Apple notebook only supports Windows 8 or later versions of Windows , so users will no longer be able to use boot camp to install Win

What is the read and write speed of Apple 2016 new MacBook Pro hard drive

The most striking feature of the next-generation MacBook Pro is the Touch Bar (Touchbar), which is not the first time we see a similar technique in a laptop manufacturer, but just as the iphone is not a smartphone, the ipad is not a tablet computer, The MacBook Pro with the touch bar still blew up the tech world at hom

Set the Java Development Environment on the MacBook Pro

Set the Java Development Environment on the MacBook Pro Okay, I went to the other side of the earth, and because my PC is not there, only one MacBook Pro can be used for development. This article should be seen as an enhanced bookmarkdonet. I have listed all the necessary Installation Tools for the

How to deal with the problem of Apple MacBook Pro mosaic screen

Affected models 2010 MAC 15.4 Inch, 17 inch. MC371 MC372 MC373 MC024. 2011 MacBook Pro 15.4 Inch, 17 inch. MC721, MC723 MD318 MD322 md103,md104, MC725 MD311 Probably from the second half of 12 began to receive customers to send repair MacBook Pro 15-inch display Kafa machine. At first there is no special attention t

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