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Android Open Source Project learning

FbreaderjFbreaderj is an ebook reader for the Android platform that supports a variety of e-book formats including: Oeb, epub, and FB2. It also supports direct reading of compressed documents such as ZIP, tar, and gzip.Project

Android nearly hundred source project "turn"

Http:// Development will also bring a new wave of excitement, many developers have invested in this tide, and created a lot of very good applications. There are also many developers who offer

Android Open Source Library

Android Open Source LibraryTransferred from: to the code home collection, very comprehensive.First, compatible class library Actionbarsherlock:action Bar is only supported after Android 3

Android built-in browser-webkit

Android built-in browser-webkit1. webkit Architecture 1.1 Introduction The Webkit module of the android platform can be divided into Java and WebKit libraries.1.2 Webkit directory structure WebKit Module Directory structure Root

Android ----------------- answer questions

Android ----------------- answer questions 1. What are the parsing methods of XML? What is the execution process of each parsing method? Set XML to:Bc C1 Dom SAX Pull 2.Bc C1 What should they look like in a tree The root

Proud Zhang Browser 4.0 Official edition evaluation

As the first browser manufacturer based on cloud technology to cover the mainstream operating platform, proud tour of this release of the new browser, not only completed the transformation of the kernel upgrade, to achieve the perfect support for

WebKit-WebKit for Android

If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source! Website: Author: Jiang QQ: 457283 This is a work document I wrote a year ago.1. Introduction to WebKit WebKit is an open-source browser web page layout

Android Classic Demo (reprint)

A good resource blog, reproduced share to everyone: 1, the Android team provides sample projectsIf you didn't start by learning the sample code provided in the Android SDK, there might not be a better way to master the development of Android in this

Android Persistent Save Cookie

When parsing Web page information, you need to log in to access, so use httpclient to impersonate the login, and then save the cookie for the next access to use, then you need to persist the contents of the cookie.Before the first science, the basic

The secrets of Android development notes Webview_android

Overview:A view that displays the Web page. This class is the basis for scrolling through your Web browser or simply displaying some online content in your activity. It uses the WebKit rendering engine to display Web pages, including methods for

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