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Installation and configuration of DNS (BIND) server for Linux operational operations

"The main content of this blog post" Introduction to bind server (including Introduction to Client Tools Dig) Configuring forward parsing DNS servers Configure Reverse resolution DNS server Configuring a secondary DNS server and

Linux DNS detailed

DNS ServiceDNS: Domain Nsme ServiceRole: Resolving the domain name to IP (forward parsing) or resolving IP to a domain name (reverse parsing)Classification of DNS top-level domains:Organization domain:. com. net. org .....Country domain:. CN. tw. JP

Windows Server DNS Policy geo-location 1

With the continuous development of information technology, people's requirements for IT infrastructure are also higher, beginning to require the provision of rapid delivery, batch deployment, data analysis, network virtualization and other new needs,

How to clear the DNS query cache under Linux/unix/mac

I use dial-up connection to the Internet under Linux, frequent dialing disconnection causes the problem of DNS. How do I use shell commands to clear the DNS cache under the Linux/unix release? Under Ms-windows, you can use the ipconfig command to

Man-in-the-middle attack-principle, practice, and defense of DNS Spoofing

0 × 01.1 Domain Name System) DNSDomain Name SystemDomain Name System Maps domain names and IP addresses in the form of a distributed database. The DNS protocol is the domain name resolution protocol. Simply put, DNS is used to resolve domain names.

Install the DNS server in Linux

ConceptDefault dns lookup sequence for linux clients: Local DNS Cache → local hosts file → preferred DNS server (recursive) Linux DNS Server Query sequence:The DNS cache of the preferred server → the domain in which the preferred server is

Nine DNS security protection techniques in a Linux application environment

& Nbsp; (1) restrict name server recursive query function & nbsp; disable recursive query to enable name server passive mode, when it sends a query request to the external DNS, it will only answer the query request of its authorized domain, without

Nine DNS Security Protection Techniques in a Linux application environment

(1) restrict name server recursive query Disabling recursive queries can enable the name server to enter the passive mode. When it sends a query request to an external DNS, it will only answer the query request for its authorized domain, instead of

Configure DNS polling for a Windows environment (Simple load Balancing)

Objective:What is DNS polling?A domain name for multiple IP A records resolution, the DNS server will resolve the request in the order of a records, one by one assigned to a different IP, so that the simple load balancing the benefits of DNS polling:

DNS settings and Management

1. Start to install DNS> Settings> Control Panel> Add/delete Program -> Add/delete Windows Components-> "Network Services"-> select "Domain Name Service System (DNS) "-> follow the instructions to install the DNS. 2. Create the DNS resolution region.

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