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Image Filter art-implement Instagram Amaro filter effects in Photoshop

Image Filter art-implement Instagram Amaro filter effects in Photoshop This article is some of the content I have collected that uses Photoshop to implement the Instagram filter. Here I will share with you that these effects can be fully achieved

F # Tour 7-Getting Started with image processing

First of all, a grand introduction of today's protagonist: Imagefactory ( Although I did not use the library in the actual work, but it was a clean way to impress me, a long time ago saved. The development language of

Implement Instagram filter effect using PHP

Note: This article involves image processing and is very interesting. It can also be used to build a mobile photo App on the cloud plus side. Tutorial details program: PHPImageMagick difficulty: Intermediate estimated completion time: 45 minutes you

Core Image make your own beauty 美图秀秀

What is the Core image and what?The answer to this question is not very good, but in fact it is very simple. It must be Apple's API for image processing. Online all the big God have explained, but can see not much, my understanding is Photoshop

Unity3d Realize night vision effect

When it comes to night vision, you'll always think about the green game effect on the screen.Night vision effects are often used in FPS (first person shooter) games,Let's take a look at our implementation results:It feels good.There are three types

Unity3d old movie-style screen effects

Make this ancient effect, need: color yellow, vignette effect, dust and scratches the effect.Build a C # script that will be placed in the cameraDeclare variables firstOldfilmshader Required shader (one will need to be written)Oldfilmeffectamount

Create a static library in iOS

If you have been an iOS developer for some time, you might have a set of your own classes and tool functions that are reused in most of your projects. The simplest way to reuse code is to simply copy/paste the source file. However, this approach

"R language Combat" reading notes--the first chapter R language Introduction

1, the typical data analysis process can be summed up as a shape: Note that in the process of model building and validation, data cleansing and modeling may need to be re-established. 2, R language generally use 3, Age 1,3,5,2,One,9,3,9, ,34.4,5.3

Post Effects in Unity3d

FeedThe so-called post effects, which is post-processing, is the final stage in the rendered pipeline, and the object being processed is a picture generated by the scene. The common post-processing effect has hdr,motion blur and so on, through the

Post-tutorial on the effect of Photoshop on fantasy desert scene

To the users of Photoshop software to detailed analysis of the synthesis of fantasy desert scene effect of the later tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: Step 1 First, create a new canvas with a width of 4500 pixels, a resolution of 300DPI, a white

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