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In Visual Studio, you can debug and run Python in a powerful way, by downloading a PTVs (Python tool for Visual Studio)

Recently wrote the chromium code, found that the internal use of Python as a tool for development, so learned that there are such pluginsAfter installing PTVs, vs debugging Python and C + + code, you can set command parameters, debugging, you can see the value of variables and so on ...and f5,f10,f11 ... Shortcut key holdSpecific Visual St

Vs (Visual Studio) Warcraft plug-in development tool addon studio for wow 1.0 contains Lua editing

Addon studio for World of Warcraft 1.0 Release The original is published in codeplex and translated by silverfox. The copyright of this article belongs to cwdg.Summary Addon studio for World of Warcraft is an open-source development tool designed to develop the World of Warcraft plug-in using the

Visual Studio-custom tool

fact, the custom tool attribute is used to process a file when it is saved. for example, generate the corresponding dataset1.designer according to the dataset1.xsd file. CS file. another common example is to generate a WebService proxy class based on WSDL. Maybe, if we use this interface reasonably, we can leave a lot of time for our work. The following are msdn information about this interface. Im

. NET Visual Studio Code Performance Analysis Tool _ Practical Tips

SILVERLIGHT4 or 5 of stand-alone desktop applications, Web applications, Windows Communication infrastructure (WCF) services, and so on. New features include time axis analysis (timeline profiling) and SQL query analysis. The dottrace extension Visual Studio Gallery Web page provides a very clear, concise product Overview. By watching the overview if you are interested in the product, you can go to the Je

Enterprise effecect 7.5 (UML tool) is integrated into Visual Studio (downloaded)

Enterprise architect is a good UML modeling tool, which can also be integrated in Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008. (Including the ea7.5 original version and the Chinese versionProgram, Integrated into vs): Ea Kit Appendix: The size of the compressed package i

Microsoft Office development tool Visual Studio 2015

Microsoft Office development tool Visual Studio 2015 Microsoft launched Visual Studio 2015 for Office development tools. It supports Clang compiler and LLVM framework, and can develop applications for Android and iOS. Visual

[Tool] Development with visual Studio code typescript

[Tool] Using visual Studio code development typescript NoteYou can use visual Studio code to develop typescript onWindows,os Xoperating systems, as per this procedure.ObjectiveTo resolve javascript: lack of object-oriented syntax, lack of compile-time error checking ... And

Application Performance Analysis Tool-Visual Studio profiler

There is a kind of speed called Turtle line, there is a kind of feeling called unbearable, there is a kind of desire called performance improvement, there is a kind of difficulty called the bottleneck. Everyone wants their programs to run quickly, but how hard it is to improve performance is, even getting started. Which of the following is the key to performance improvement? Which segment is the bottleneck of the program running? Do you have to add a period of output before and after each funct

Visual Studio + TFS -- powerful project management tool, studiotfs --

Visual Studio + TFS -- powerful project management tool, studiotfs --I. Preface Microsoft Visual Studio is very powerful. It can be seamlessly integrated with Git or its own TFS (Team Foundation Server) to facilitate project management, from requirement analysis, development

Visual Studio Code--go development tool Configuration

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. have been looking for a hand in the go language development tools, try a lot of things are not good, listen to Beego author recommended to try the industry conscience Microsoft launched Visual Studio Code to develop do go development is really comfortable, today to summarize the configuration of

Use your own file compare tool in Visual Studio

Which file compare software are you using for comparing files and folders? How do you like it? I ever tried several ones, include: Windiff: Comes along with the Windows SDK, I think it is the build in file compare tool of Visual Studio (TFS ). Tortoisemerge: Build in file compare tool of tortoisesvn. Wi

How to make the program run faster? -- Try the Performance Analysis Tool (By Jun Guo) in Visual Studio)

prevent further complaints, let's try the performance analysis tool. Make sure thatUse Release to compileIn Visual Studio 2012, and then select"Analysis" --> "start performance wizard", You can see: We can see two performance analysis methods: CPU sampling Detection To put it simply,CPU samplingWhen the program is running,

WIN10 Development Essentials Tool: Visual Studio 2015 official edition download

The latest news from the wee hours of July 21, the free trial version of the Visual Studio 2015 integrated development tool for VW users has been launched. This article summarizes the Simplified Chinese Community Edition, the Professional Edition and the Enterprise Edition online installation as well as the ISO offline installation image.

Visual Studio Test Tool testdriven.net2.2

Original: Visual Studio test Tool testdriven.net2.2About article many, has the very detailed explanation, I am not very likely unit test only then each time to run the program to be able to debug to feel too troublesome, therefore looked for the related tool. Download:

Visual Studio open-source Conversion Tool for WPF

, the interface is imitated.Interface Appreciation Let's take a look at thisVs version Conversion Tool for WPF.1. Initial Interface 2. Select the conversion project Interface 3. Select the conversion Target Interface 4. Switch completion pageOpen Source Since resources are obtained from the Internet, feedback is required. The source code of this tool is completely open-source.The code is hosted on [email pr

Tool gives Visual Studio developers jump on writing Linux apps

Mainsoft recently released a product that can help developers develop and debug Program, And can run the IDE in Linux, see the,1759,1819419,00.asp for details Mainsoft Corp. Tuesday announced a program and a new tool for Visual Studio. NET developers to use their familiar tool

Try the Debug tool under Linux: Visual Studio

Reference: belowsudo apt-get install openssh-server g++ gdb gdbserverWINDOIWS belowLaunch the Visual Studio installer and start a new installation or Modify an existing one. In the workloads selection screens, scroll to other toolsets and select Linux Development with C + + an

Install SQL2005 and then install SQL 2008R2, prompting this computer to install a previous version of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and to check if the SQL Server 2005 Express Tool solution is installed

Tags: sem str definition share local network HTTP upgrade TCP/IPSQL 2005 is installed on the work computer, but SQL 2008R2 is installed on the client computer, sometimes it is inconvenient to connect their library debugging. Then installed a SQL2008 R2, during these two problems, the Internet search for a solution, do not install vs SP1, do not uninstall SQL Server 2005 Express tool, only need to modify the registry. Tip Error: An earlier version of

Python Tool Visual Studio simple to use

Because it's been done. NET development, has been using the IDE is the VS series, so want to use vs can also develop Python, just Microsoft provides a plug-in PTVs (Python Tool Visual Studio) specifically for Python development, but unfortunately not available in Chinese version, Only English version of, for the English is very bad for me is a test ah!!!!!!!!!!!S

About Visual Studio tool Plug-ins Rockscroll compatibility issues

About Vistual Studio's tool plug-in Rockscroll, its code line abbreviations and highlighting the content of the function, in our usual coding process, it is very convenient, but in terms of compatibility, there are some of these and vs conflict situations, and currently encounter two situations, Provisional record: A When you use Vistual Studio to develop Windows Form applications, it may cause some contro

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