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Use VLC to build a simple Streaming Media Server (UDP and TCP)

During this time, streaming media data transmission was used.TCPAndUDPMethod, feelingVLCYou can do this.Demo, Which is summarized here for my reference later. Introduction VLCHome page:Http://www.videolan.org VLCNot only a player, but also a Streaming Media Server. I will not talk about the relevant information on the Internet. DeclareVLCVersion:2.0.3 U

Use VLC to build a Streaming Media Server

Use VLC to build a Streaming Media Server The VLC open-source project is quite powerful. We can use it as the playback core for secondary development and as a high-performance streaming media server. This blog focuses on using

Build a simple streaming server with VLC media player

VLC can be used as a player, or it can build a server.After the failure of Helix Server and Darwin streaming Server+perl, we finally found a simple and easy way to build streaming media.The content of this URL is already very detailed: http://m.blog.csdn.net/article/details?

Using VLC to build streaming media server

The VLC Kaiyuan project is quite powerful, and we can use it as a playback core for two development and as a high-performance streaming media server. This blog is mainly about using VLC to build a streaming media server.VLC building the

Use VLC to build RTSP streaming server under Mac

Want to build a RTSP streaming media server on their Mac, find out, or think VLC is the simplest and most practical. Download the installation of VLC, after the installation path:/applications/vlc.app The utility command starts the server with the following comm

Use VLC to build a simple Streaming Media Proxy Server

This time involvesRTSPAgent Problems, feelingsVLCIn this regardDemoIt is better. Here we will summarize it for my reference later. Environment:Darwinstreamingserver 6.0.3 + VLC 2.0.3 My previous articleArticle(Http://www.cnblogs.com/MikeZhang/archive/2012/09/09/vlcStreamingServer20120909.html).VLCBuilding a simple Streaming Media ServerSample1.aviReplaceRTSPLink. In this article, onlyRSTP. Interface Op

Mobile Streaming Media Server Setup Guide

files/Darwin Streaming Server> Perl winpasswdassistant. pl # Run the WebAdmin Manager C:/program files/Darwin Streaming Server> Perl streamingadminserver. pl # Now you can open http: // 1220/to manage the DSS server. Modify general settings-> media d

Rtmp and HLS Streaming media Server Setup: an initial discussion on the Nginx erection in Ubuntu and the addition of Rtmp-module

has been marked on it. 6. Enter (/usr/local/nginx/sbin) operation./ngnix 7. Can see the port occupancy, 80,1935 is not listeningNetstat-ltn 8. More Tests 1) send the rtmp stream to the serverRtmp://ip/myapp/testMyApp is set in ngnix.conf application, and stream is test is custom.2) Receive HLS StreamHttp://ip/hls/test.m3u8HLS is the location within the HTTP settings, access to the Linux (/tmp/hls), test is the above rtmp test, if the above is haha, the following is haha.3) Ngnix homepage Htt

Use FFMPEG to setup streaming server on Android

FFmpeg is a powerful media library. It provides ffserver tool that can be used to setup a streaming server.Here is how to compile FFMPEG for Android, using codesourcery's cross compiler. 1. Download and extract FFMPEG source code.2. Use below commands to compile FFMPEG./Configure -- arch = arm -- Cross-Prefix = arm-None-Linux-Gnueabi--- extra-ldflags =-static # -- extra-cflags =-staticMake 3. run file f

VLC Application VII: Use VLC to do unicast, multicast and on-demand server "turn"

. Successful login will show:Welcome, Master. 5. VOD Service set up on demandEnter separately:New VOD1 VOD enabledSetup VOD1 input D:/01.aviexplained below:New has a name called Vod1 of the VOD, set VOD1 input to D:/01.avi. verify: Turn on another VLC and open rtsp:// It should be ready to play. can be replaced by their own IP. 6. Set up a multicast serverContinue typing:New CH1 Broadcast enabledSetup CH1 input D:/02.avi [lo

Application 7 of VLC: Use VLC for unicast, multicast, and On-Demand Server

step 1, replace the output with the unicast address. Others are the same. Do not duplicate the new name. 8. Save the operation.Continue Input Save D:/01.cfgSave the operation to D:/01. cfg, except control. You can view the content in the text editor, such as Notepad.If VLC is enabled again, enterLoad D:/01.cfg Read the saved operation in to continue the operation or control. With this configuration, a

VLC player implements push-flow and streaming methods

VLC Player is a powerful player. Baidu Encyclopedia: VLC Multimedia player (originally named VideoLAN client) is a multimedia player of the VideoLAN program. It supports a wide range of audio and video decoders and file formats, and supports DVD audio-visual discs, VCD audio-visual discs, and various streaming protocols. It can also be used as a unicast or multic

Streaming Media Platform Setup

1 goalsWant to build a streaming platform (similar music platform), through the streaming media platform to maintain the relevant streaming media resources.2 Main Function requirementsKey features can include: Streaming content Maintenance (information maintenance, streaming

PC-side VLC build RTSP server, Android link not on

With VLC built a streaming media server, on the local side to open the network stream and there is no problem, when the Android link is in option when the failure, connection time out, in addition to build VLC RTSP server does not have any problems, On other machines, the sa

Use VLC and live555mediaserver to build an RTSP server

First, use VLC BuildService side 1. Open the Media-stream option:2. Click the "Add" button to select the streaming media file, then click the "Stream" button rtsp , then click the Add button, "Activate transcoding" can be canceled. Set port and path (can default) 4. Then click Next to see the basic information.5, the last click "Stream" can, this is

Streaming media server settings for video streaming

-sensitive programs, obviously using the download method can not meet the requirements of live, therefore, it is necessary to adopt a kind of transmission mode-----stream transmission. The use of streaming audio and video information, the need to use a dedicated streaming media server to the customer end users to send video images, sound, animation and other mult

Build a streaming media server under Linux

http://blog.csdn.net/huangtaishuai/article/details/9836581This article explains how to build a live streaming media server with VLC as the core in the CentOS 6 server (no graphical interface).The first step is to install a third-party yum source. because the official Yum source does not contain

Use nginx to build a Streaming Media Server in ubuntu to implement on-demand video streaming and tung.pdf

Use nginx to build a Streaming Media Server in ubuntu to implement on-demand video streaming and tung.pdf First, let's see how to implement on-demand video. On-demand video streaming supports flv files, H264 encoded videos, and ACC-encoded audio mp4 files:Step 1: create a separate directory (because of the large number

Set up a Streaming Media Server in Ubuntu

/sample_h1__1mbit.mp4Copying streamingloadtool to/usr/local/bin/streamingloadtoolCopying streamingloadtool. conf to/etc/streaming/streamingloadtool. confCopying streamingadminserver. pl into/usr/local/sbin/streamingadminserver. plCopying admin HTML to/var/streaming/adminhtml directoryChown: invalid user: 'qtss'Chown: invalid user: 'qtss'Chown: invalid user: 'qtss' Launching streamingadminserver. plCannot sw

Darwin Streaming Server Installation operation Memo

Darwin Streaming Server Installation operationDarwin streaming Server is Apple's open source, cross-platform, multi-media streaming server that provides music (mp3) and AV (3gp, MP4, MOV) stre

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