what is subnet mask in networking

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What is a subnet mask?

IP address Structure To understand what a subnet mask is, you must understand the composition of IP addresses. The Internet is composed of many small networks, each of which has many hosts, thus forming a hierarchical structure. When designing an IP address, considering the

What is a subnet mask

What is a subnet mask? The subnet mask, also known as a netmask, address mask, and subnet mask,

Asymmetric network subnet mask causes network impassability is "the culprit" _ Networking Tutorials

The network does not pass, this is the most network problem table image, but if you can access me, but I can not access you, this problem is more troublesome. This article is the author in the actual combat in a subnet mask caused by the fault summary. The network

Determine if the same subnet is owned by IP address, subnet mask

The subnet mask cannot exist alone, it must be used in conjunction with an IP address. The subnet mask has only one function, which is to divide an IP address into two parts: network address and host address.The subnet

IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, what does the DNS server mean?

IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, what does the DNS server mean? IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, what does the DNS server mean?(a) problem analysis001. Q: IP address, subnet

Non-symmetric network failure is caused by subnet mask faults

Non-symmetric network failure is caused by subnet mask faultsNetwork connectivity is a common phenomenon. I believe many people will focus on Network cables, Nic drivers, and nic parameters. When checking Nic parameters, they may also focus on key parameters such as IP addresses, Gateway Addresses, DNS servers, and DHC

Reprinted: determines whether the subnet mask is in the same network segment.

calculated as follows: 2017.hangzhou.hangzhou.00000001, which is converted to a 10-digit system, that is,, indicates the host ID. To be in the same network segment, you must have the same network ID.Let's take a look at the Class B IP address changed to the default subnet mask.For example, IP Address:,, all

The subnet mask partition is handy to remember

networks.4. Class DClass D addresses start at 111 0. This represents a eight-bit group from 2 2 4 ~ 2 3 9. These addresses are not used for standard I P addresses.Instead, a Class D address refers to a set of hosts that are registered as members of the multicast team. Multicast teams and emailThe allocation list is similar. Just as you can use the Assign list to publish a message to some people, you canMulticast addresses send data to some hosts. Mul

[Ubuntu + opencv] Have you been occupied by mask ?? In opencv, for example, cvcopy (* SRC, * DST, * mask), what is the role of mask?

.................................................................................... ........................................................................ Where? Come on !! Copy to the DST array ...... DST (I) = SRC (I) If mask (I )! = 0. That is to say, if the mask is not null, that

PS: What is the difference between the mask and the channel?

PS: What is the difference between the mask and the channel? Here we can use the concept of the mask to help understand the meaning of the channel, the usual masking can be seen as this: when you select a portion of the image on the PS image using the selection tool, the gray-black part of the selection

What is masking (mask) in an image

In image processing, the word mask is often encountered. So what does this word mean? Here's a quick explanation. 1. What is masking First of all, we look at what is the process of

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