where thunderbird store emails

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Post: how to restore emails deleted by mistake in Thunderbird? Three methods

deleted, but they only hide the mail visually, the email is deleted by modifying the flag of the X-mozilla-status message header. If the waste bin is not cleared, you can recover it from the waste bin. Otherwise, Thunderbird does not provide a proper solution. However, as long as you do not compress the mailbox folder, it is still possible to restore the mail. You have three methods for recovery. Which one is the most suitable? It depends on how many

How to transfer Mozilla emails and settings to Thunderbird

ThunderbirdWith the arrival of the new version 3.1.1, Thunderbird is becoming more and more popular. I will teach you how to transfer Mozilla emails and settings to the whole process of Thunderbird. Thunderbird currently uses an independent profile so that it does not interfere with Mozilla's use. To transfer

How to back up old emails in Thunderbird

I useThunderbirdThe mail client stores a large number of mails. more than 1200 mails are sent and more than 1500 mails are received. The sent mails occupy about 25 MB, and the received mails occupy MB. This allows me to clear it to facilitate mail management. ThinkBackupNo way. I checked the information and found a solution! My idea is to remove all old emails that I don't need from Thunderbird. After think

How can I store emails locally when I use indy to receive emails? It is best to store the emails in the database.

How to store emails locally when indy is used to receive emails, preferably in the database Delphi/Windows SDK/API Http://www.delphi2007.net/DelphiNetwork/html/delphi_20061215094636123.html Now you can use indy to receive emails, but you don't know how to save them, how to save foxmail, or how to save them to the datab

Thunderbird 80 column fix-emails sent also need line break at 80 columns

1. if the email written by Thunderbird is in plain text format (set here: Edit-> account settings-> Composition addressing, you shoshould uncheck compose in HTML format for all accounts ), line wrap will be automatically performed in 72 columns. Note that the line wrap here is only visible when displaying the mail content and writing the mail. When you send an email, the line wrap will disappear. In other words, the content of your email that someone

[Reprint] How to import emails from Foxmail to Thunderbird

There is a tool called "yueying Foxmail mail conversion", which can convert each letter in Foxmail into an independent EML file to complete batch mail export. However, Thunderbird does not provide mail import in batch EML format. It can only import outlook, nescape, or mailbox files. So we need to use Outlook Express for a transfer. Select the EML file to be imported from the resource manager and drag it to Outlook Express to import the EML file to

Send and receive emails from the MSExchange server using thunderbird In Debian

In Debian, use thunderbird to send and receive emails from the MSExchange server-Linux Release Technology-Debian information. The following is a detailed description. Evolution often gets stuck. I found out that MS Exchange supports the IMAP protocol. Thus Installed thunderbird (the alias I gave: fast bird-from thunder, haha) Create an account Protocol s

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