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Real Cause of LoadRunner Winsock 10053 Error

When LoadRunner was recently used to perform a performance test on the Winsock protocol, the tested webserver was JBoss and often encountered a 10053 error. The phenomenon is as follows: After I used lrs_create_socket to create a connection, when the number of requests for this socket connection reaches 100, this connection is unavailable and must be closed befor

Several different interpretations of WinSock error number: 10053 wsaeconnaborted

Full details of WinSock TCP Error 10053-Wsaeconnaborted: Berkeley description: A connection abort was caused internal to your host machine. The software caused a connection abort because there is no space on the socket's queue and the socket cannot receive further connections. Winsock description: Partly the same as B

A solution for asynchronous socket error 10053 error reported by Delphi Communication

When tclientsocket and tserversocket in Delphi are used for communication programming, the client using tclientsocket uses tclientsocket. when you close the connection and exit the program, the server that uses tserversocket sometimes reports the 'asynchronous socket error 10053 'error. Check the error Description: Sof

Python Question 1: ERROR 10053 ERROR

Python Question 1: ERROR 10053 ERRORWhen you click Delete and the background will jump from the database article to the homepage, HttpResponseRedirect ('/') will be displayed. The deleted article will be displayed on the homepage, but the database has been deleted successfully, python background ERROR: ERROR

Linux Xshell connection server times wrong socket error EVENT:32 error:10053

Problem descriptionWhen connecting to a Linux server with Xshell, there is an error "Socket error event:32 error:10053. Connection closing ... Socket Close. "Analytical ProcessingEnter the command "sudo sshd-t" for the sshd service detection, if there is output content, it is likely that the content of the relevant fil

DELPHI Newsletter Asynchronous socket error 10053 a workaround

When using Tclientsocket and Tserversocket in Delphi for programming communication, When a client using Tclientsocket uses Tclientsocket.close to disconnect and exit the program, the server using Tserversocket will sometimes report ' asynchronous socket error 10053 ' This error, read the error description: Software cau

Loadruner11 Socket Script-10053 error

Background: Socket 10053 Exception: The software is actively abandoning a connection because of a timeout or protocol error. If the LR client reports a 10053 exception, it indicates that LR, when performing a socket operation, has a communication timeout, network interruption, or other exception, and the socket connection is actively disconnected. That is, the

Python problem 1:error 10053 error

when clicked Delete, background from the database article, jump directly to the homepage of the time Httpresponseredirect ('/'),The result page also shows the deleted article, but the database has been deleted successfully,at this point, thepython background error:error 10053Exception happened during processing ofrequest from (' ', 54059)Then refresh the homepage, the deleted article will be gone. What's the reason?sometimes after the jump, the home page did not show the deleted articl

LoadRunner playback of the PIN report error 27780: "[10053] software causes connection abort"

The recorded script in the replay times is wrong, and the error is as follows:VUSER_INIT.C (12): Warning-26627: for "Http://", HTTP status code =404 (not Found) [msgid:mwar-26 627]VUSER_INIT.C: Web_url ("Login") the highest severity level is "warning", 140,318 positive text sections, 2,388 header bytes, 24 block overhead bytes [msgid:mmsg-26387]Vuser_init.c (27): Error -27

Go LoadRunner Error Code 10053 & Tomcat Connector (connector) optimization

loadrunner hint error: Error:socket0-software caused connection abort. Error code:10053.In today's testing process found that the socket request connection always error, code is 10053,google after the problem has been resolved. The key point is the configuration of one of th

Error code 10053,software caused connection abort. Summary

to obtain results, so the number of requests are not fixed. LR Hints Socket exception When I use Lrs_create_socket to create a connection, when this socket connection has reached 100 requests, this connection is not available, you must close and then recreate the create. LoadRunner prompt Error: Error:socket0-software caused connection abort. Error code:10053.

Winsock error code list

Winsock error code listSckOutOfMemory 7 out of memoryThe value of sckInvalidPropertyvalue 380 is invalid.The sckGetNotSupported 394 attribute is not readable.The sckGetNotSupported 383 attribute is read-only.SckBadState 40006 the transaction requested or the error protocol or error connection status of the request itse

Winsock error code list

Winsock error code list 2004-05-27 Sckoutofmemory 7 out of memoryThe value of sckinvalidpropertyvalue 380 is invalid.The sckgetnotsupported 394 attribute is not readable.The sckgetnotsupported 383 attribute is read-only.Sckbadstate 40006 the transaction requested or the error protocol or

Socket: 10038 error {winSock bug: it may cause problems when closesocket is used for multiple errors}, 10038 closesocket

(Reprinted) socket: 10038 error {A winSock bug: it may cause problems when closesocket is used for multiple errors}, 10038 closesocket In the past few days, I want to modify an open source code to develop a product.The program was originally a single-Thread Network Program and needs to be modified to multiple threads. After the modification, there is always a problem. The recv function in the auxiliary thre

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