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XP system boot Prompt nvcpl error How to do XP system computer boot prompts nvcpl error two ways to solve

Workaround One: If you do not frequently use Nvidia's control center to directly cancel the startup of the file, the following methods are available: 1, in the "Operation" input "msconfig" after the carriage return; 2. Open the System Configuration Utility and look for "RUNDLL32" in "Start". EXE; C:\windows\system32\nvcpl.dll,nvstartup ", remove the check in front of it and click" OK "; 3. When you click OK, you will be prompted to restart your computer, and the window will not appear w

XP connection VPN error prompt: VPN connection error 789: L2TP connection attempt failed, because the security layer encountered a processing error during initialization and remote computer negotiation.

use a ticket, or click your own advertisement to cheat, you must know the usefulness of IP address replacement, because an IP address can only vote for one vote a day, if an IP address is found to be cheating or even blocked after multiple clicks on an advertisement, the IP address is far from our requirement. If we have a multi-server VPN, we can switch the IP address at will, vote multiple times, and click the advertisement multiple times. Naturally, this is just the case. In addition, it is

Setting the shared folder (mounting failed with the error: Protocol Error) in virtualbox virtual Ubuntu under XP)

the name of the previously created shared folder. OK. Now Ubuntu and the host can upload files to each other. If you do not want to manually mount each time, you can add Gongxiang/mnt/shared vboxsf RW, gid = 100, uid = 1000, auto 0 0 This enables automatic mounting. 4. Run the following command to uninstall the SDK: Sudo umount-F/mnt/shared Note: The name of the shared folder must not be the same as that of the mount point. For example, the mount point above is/mnt/shared, if the name of the sh

Workaround for NSIs error error prompt under Windows XP system

Usually we are in the process of using Windows XP system, often encounter some failure problems, this does not, users of the use of Windows XP system said in the process of using the system to show the NSIs error error situation, in fact, this problem is not common, but the solution is also very troublesome, So, how sh

IIS error in XP: Server application error

XP System1. server application errorA control panel-management tools-service, find the DTC service (full name: Distributed Transaction Coordinator)B manually start DTCWhether c msdtc is started (Net start MSDTC)D. Note: Information Service-default website-properties-select Application protection: Select low (IIS process )) 2. server application error Install IIS on XP

[Solution] the last step of MySQL installation in XP prompts the service cocould not be started. Error: 0 Error

1. The last step of MySQL installation in XP prompts the service cocould not be started. Error: 0 error.Solution: Start-run, enter "services. msc" to check whether MySQL service existsIf yes and cannot be started manuallyOpen the registry and go to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services"Delete the service corresponding to MySQL Control Panel-add and deleteProgram-Delete MySQL. Del

Error running error ' 429 ' ActiveX part cannot create object after Excel template is copied from XP to Win7 system

Run-time error ' 429 ' ActiveX part cannot create objectSet Objdialog = CreateObject ("UserAccounts.CommonDialog")SolutionsPutSet Objdialog = CreateObject ("UserAccounts.CommonDialog")Objdialog.filter = "Access file (*.mdb) |*.mdb| All Files (*. *) |*.*"Blnfile = Objdialog.showopenIf Blnfile ThenStrloadfile = Objdialog.filename' MsgBox strloadfileEnd IfSet Objdialog = NothingReplaced byDim Ie:set IE = CreateObject ("Internetexplorer.application")With

XP embedded blue screen error stop 0x0000007b

XP embedded blue screen error stop 0x0000007b Translation: Bill ZhongDate: 2007-8Academic Exchange, copyright owned by the original When developing embedded Windows XP embedded, the most common problem is the blue screen. The specific error code is: "Stop 0x0000007b ". although the "tips and Tips" section in the Window

Why does the "account restriction and logon credential error" message appear when you log on to Windows XP Mode?

Failure phenomenon: The "account restricted, logon credentials error" message pops up when you log on to Windows XP Mode. Solution: Leave the login password for Windows XP mode blank. When you log on, the system pops up an error message: The password is wrong, the account is restricted! What's going on

HTTP Error 403.9-Access prohibited: excessive connections to the xp iis server

In the computer classroom, the host is XP, And it is uncomfortable to use IIS. When the student machine is connected to the home machine to download data or hand in the homework, too many user errors are often prompted (HTTP Error 403.9-Access prohibited: too many connected users). This is because Windows XP is used as an IIS server and the default number of conn

How to solve the INF file txtsetup. sif error prompt when Windows XP is installed on a USB flash disk

How to solve the INF file txtsetup. sif error prompt when Windows XP is installed on a USB flash disk When you use a USB flash drive to install the XP system, the following error occurs: INF file txtsetup. sif is running upt or missing, and status 18. What should we do if we encounter such a problem? The following des

IdeaPad y400&y500 Install Windows XP during the blue screen error 0x000000a5 or automatically power off black screen

Failure phenomenon: IdeaPad Y400 Y500 installation of Windows XP, there will be a blue screen error 0x000000a5 error, or the installation process of black screen, power outages and other issues, installation of Windows 7, Windows 8 normal. Reason Analysis: You need to press F7 to turn off the ACPI features of XP dur

Xp+vista How to fix a dual system boot file error

If you have a Winxp+vista dual system installed on your computer, it is believed that you usually install the WinXP before you install Vista, in the order of "low and high", otherwise it may cause a problem that the high version of the operating system will not start. And today we're going to say how to manually repair the Winxp+vista dual system boot files. Starting with Windows Vista, the boot manager for the operating system is no longer the Ntldr+boot.ini used by Windows 2000/

Windows XP system Boot blue screen 0x00000024 error what to do

Windows XP system Boot blue screen 0x00000024 error what to do? , as follows: 1. One boot on the blue screen 2. Display blue Screen code 0x00000024 3. Use a U disk to enter the XP system, you can see all the letter, but only C drive not to go 4.XP The disk fragmentation Cleanup tool also does not display the C disk

How to turn off XP system send Error reporting feature settings

While the Windows XP system is popular with its powerful capabilities for the vast majority of users, but in the daily work of learning to use XP system process, not all of the functions will be used, we usually will be used to get the basic functions of those more commonly used, for some less commonly used functions, it is better to turn it off, You can speed up the operation of the system. There is a user

Solve the internal server error of IIS "HTTP 500" in XP

should be taken as far as possible. For example, you can use an external program to modify the registry or Sam table information to obtain administrator privileges. Do not delete the file. Through this problem, we can find some seemingly complicated and incredible problems. Just use your brains, carefully check and analyze them, and then find some relevant problems on the Internet.ArticleMake a comparison, but do not choose to stick to it. Find the root cause of your problem and then find the

An error occurred while deleting the mandriva in xp and MANDRIVA systems.

An error occurs after the Windows xp and mandriva systems Delete MANDRIVA. For more information, see Linux general technology-Linux technology and application. The story of XP and mandriva I mentioned before is not complete. This friend cannot give up XP for the moment, but the XP

[Jiasuba] An error occurred while Windows XP was upgraded to Windows 7.

Windows XP upgrades Windows 7 are not always so smooth, sometimes there are still various problems, these problems make users have a headache. According to foreign media reports, many users who want to upgrade Windows 7 encounter problems when installing the new system. This issue mainly involves users who perform the so-called "net installation" (removing all data. Vista users can upgrade Windows 7 locally. This problem does not affect Vista users. O

Is there anything that linux hates like an XP blue screen error?

Is there anything that linux hates like an XP blue screen error? -- Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information. For details, refer to the following section. Opinions posted by some netizens Any operating system cannot avoid crashes. In linux, there will also be crashes, such as kernel-panic, frozen, and the desktop is suspended, but (said) these situations are less than windows

Old computer Notebook installation XP process suddenly error black screen shutdown can not install the solution

Due to the age of the old computer or notebook has arrived, in the installation of XP system will not be able to work due to the video card driver, VGA mode of operation will be all the operating pressure to the CPU, this is why we during the installation process fan sound suddenly become large (CPU temperature rapidly rising), Old computer due to the motherboard CPU and other electronic components aging problems, especially the resistance components,

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