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BACKTRACK5 (BT5) wireless password hack tutorial WPA/WPA2-PSK type wireless password hack

actual situation.3. Turn on wireless monitoringAirmon-ng Start Wlan0 6Note: Wlan0 for your wireless device name 6 is the channel you want to open (but the 6 here is actually not that important)This step you may be prompted to have xxxx xxxx process impact, never mind, kill xxx xxx xxx for the given process number, and then run the sentence again until no error4. As we have chosen the target, we go straight to the target AP and start monitoring it with BT54 AP ' s MAC mon0At this point you shoul

MySQL Database password hack

Tags: username blank download BAE database connection format Introduction effect numberIt is of great significance to study the encryption and decryption of MySQL database in the course of network attack and defense. Imagine that once you have access to the site's permissions, if you can get the data stored in MySQL, through the decryption, you can access the database through the normal way, on the one hand, the direct operation of data in the databas

Myeclipse10.0 download installation hack and JDK download installation and environment variable configuration based on Windows environment

installation of JDK and configuration of environment variables1. Install the JDK development environmentAttached to the JDK installation package Baidu Cloud linkLink: Password: Jkb6 (of course, go to the official website to download the best, you can download to the latest version)The normal installation of the

Five Windows password settings and hack

entering the following command: _ O 70 16 _ O 71 16 _ Q In addition, users who are unfamiliar with debug can also download a tool software cmospwd that specializes in decoding CMOS passwords. Then start the program in DOS, it will display the user's CMOS password (cmospwd support Acer, AMI, award, COMPAQ, DELL, IBM, PACKARD BELL, PHOENIX, ZENITH AMI and many other bios), Very convenient to use. Method

5 minutes hack WPA2 password (turn)

specify: Ouyang Bingfeng producedThis tutorial is designed to explore non-line security vulnerabilities, prohibited for illegal use, violators law (not my concern)Get down to the chase.First download "cdlinux- ISO wireless hack system"HTTP://U.115.COM/FILE/F7650106DD Cdlinux_- wireless hack system. ISOAnd then get ready for the virtual machine,

WiFi password hack cdlinux

more than the GPU cracked, slightly slower. So add a tool that can be used by the GPU hack in Windows: elcomsoft Wireless Security Auditor ( ewsa attachment with special Edition download You know that). EWSA Other introduction and dictionary download : Here is a modified , close the ad-free pop-up version (the ve

Mac system installation aircrack-ng hack nearby WiFi password (1)

) , the fetch succeeds, the person jumps to the sixth step , to be re-crawled:Seventh step, enter command air-crack start hackThe parameter bc:46:99:df:6c:72 after-B refers to the BSSIDof the NIC, and one of the last file paths is the data that was heard in the previous stepsudo aircrack-ng-w dict.txt-b bc:46:99:df:6c:72/tmp/airportsniffdamcjh.capAs long as the dictionary is big enough, the password break out should be around the corner, the dictionar

China cold Dragon Hack wireless network WEP password latest execution Vulnerability-source China cold Dragon

-traffic data transmission, so that even if you open airodump collected for several hours, you may not get enough packet problems. In addition this series of articles is only to communicate with you, I hope you do not use the method introduced in this article to invade other people's wireless network, the author wrote the purpose of this article is to let everyone understand that WEP encryption is not completely safe, so should try to use WPA security encryption method.China cold Dragon

Pdfpenpro mac Hack Version | Pdfpenpro for Mac cracked version download

Tags: macPdfpenpro for Mac hack version click to downloadPdfpenpro mac Installation Tutorial 1, after downloading the software resource pack from this site, unzip it out, you will get a name called "Pdfpenpro10.0[TNT].DMG] can run the program file, we double-click it to open the runClick to view the original2, then there will be a pop-up window indicating that we dragged "" into the application's folder,Click to view the original3. After

Navicat for MySQL download, install and hack

Tags: icon path mys Windows SQL Pat prompt installation path file copyReference Source: 一:下载Navicat for MySQL Go to Navicat for MySQL download, select the downloaded version as needed, I choose Windows 64bit, choose one of the image address download.        Two: Install Navicat for MySQL Run → next → Click "I agree" → Select the installation path → leave

Unity 4.5.2 for Mac download + install + hack

Because the course needed to install unity, churn, by the way, Mark.Resources to prepare:Unity 4.5.2 Official installation package: HTTP://NETSTORAGE.UNITY3D.COM/UNITY/UNITY-4.5.2.DMGUnity 4.5.2 Hack tool: U3d452f1mac1, download the official installation package, normal installation.When the installation is complete, open to see if we need to register, or use the free version number, or use 30 days.Of cours

Unity 4.5.2 for Mac download + install + hack

Because of the need for the course, unity needs to be installed, and churn a bit, by the way, Mark.Resources to prepare:Unity 4.5.2 Official installation package: HTTP://NETSTORAGE.UNITY3D.COM/UNITY/UNITY-4.5.2.DMGUnity 4.5.2 Hack tool: U3d452f1mac1, download the official installation package, normal installation.When the installation is complete, open to see if we need to register, or use the free version,

Hack the password wpjpg format picture of the "Private album" app on your phone

database, Mobile is the most commonly used lightweight database although I did not use. Add a SQLite Manager tool to the Firefox extension tool to access the contents of this database! Save to download SQLite.After installation, open the SQLite manager interface as followsHave a meal and wait to write. It's a waste of time to write a blog after a few minutes of cracking.···· Come on, simply write the steps:1, put just that filemanage.sqlite file with

Unity3d 2018 Hack Version | Unity3d 2018.1.0 cracked version download (with cracked patch)

Unity3d 2018.1.0 cracked version click to downloadUnity3d 2018 Installation Tutorial1. After downloading the data package, directly unzip with the mouse double-click "Unitydownloadassistant-2018.1.0b11.exe" to open the Installation Wizard, click "Next" to enter the next2. Click "I acceot the terms in the license Agreement" to agree to the relevant agreement, then click "Next"3. Select the installation components, direct program default, no need to make changes4. Select the installation location,

MyEclipse Stable 2.0 installation package and hack tool download

MyEclipse Stable 2.0 installation package and crack file downloadBefore has been used myeclipse10.7, later found that 10.7 version is a bit old, so I changed 2015 stable version of MyEclipse, inside with a cracked tools and documentation, with a very good use, the need for a small partner to download, there is no understanding can leave a message, I can help as far as possible.I saved it to the Baidu Cloud diskClick on the link below to enter the

Matlab2014 Download and hack method

ISO image link: Http:// Password: obo1Separate hack file download link: Password: h98hInstallation and cracking steps1) Run "X:\setup.exe" or Run "X:\bin\win32\setup.exe" (if you want to install 32-bit MATLAB on 64-bit operating system)2) Select "Install manually

D-Link optical cat super Tube password hack tutorial

1, open the login page,, enter the cat user name: useradmin and Password login.2, enter the following address in the Address bar:, download the Backupsettings.txt file to local.3. Open the Backupsettings.txt file with Notepad and look for the following:The user name of the super-pipe is:This article from "It Technology Learning and communication" blog

SQL Prompt7.2 Download and hack tutorial

an invalid database object To adapt an object to alter directly from a query statement Found unused variables and parameters Download, install, hackBaidu Network disk : password: ifeq1. After download, unpack, open Sqlprompt_7.2.0.241.exe follow the prompts to complete the installation.when the install

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